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Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama 2020 Who Is King?


After doing a review of Affilorama, I couldn’t help but compare it to Wealthy Affiliate and I could not rest or have peace until I did a comparison review, and so I have decided to put this two companies in the ring and let them battle it out so I can have peace of mind lol. So this is how we are going to do this, we are going to put these two giants in the ring and let them go at it head to head and then you are going to be the judge.

2020 is around the corner and affiliate marketing is growing at an accelerated rate, and this means that the affiliate training programs are upping their game to serve as many members as possible the main leading companies in the industry are Wealthy Affiliate with a member count of 1.5 million members as of  August 2019 and the number keeps growing day and night.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Who Has More Members?

Coming in just behind with close to 1 million members is Affilorama, so I want us to see who will prove to be king of affiliate marketing training in 2020 will it be Wealthy Affiliate, or will Affiloramam knock Wealthy Affiliate off the throne in 2020? because as far as members go clearly Wealthy Affiliate has the lead in 2019.

I will not give my opinion at the end of this article, I am just the ref, I will let them show us what they got, and then I will leave it up to you to decide who you think is the winner, sounds fair? OK, let’s do this.

So what are we going to compare? We are going to look at the training offered, how much it costs and we are also going to look at services and the quality of what is offered. if you would rather read the individual review of each company, I will link them within the article.

We will start with Affilorama.

Founded in 2006 in New Zeland by  Mark Ling who is a very successful affiliate marketer, Affilorama was created as a training program that teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing, the company offers services like Webhosting, website builder and lots of courses that cover every aspect of affiliate marketing like SEO, Email Marketing, Content creation and outsourcing as well as PPC.

They also offer other products like their affilojetpack, AffiloBlueprint, and the AffiloTools, these are products that are designed to help you scale your online business and speed up your success online at this point I would highly recommend that you read my full review of Affilorama to get the full picture of these products.

With a statement like that, let’s see what you are bringing Affilorama bring it on 🙂

And now let’s get into the list of services offered in Affilorama

Over 100 easy to follow lessons in the form of videos

A forum where you are able to connect with other members

a blog that contains a wealth of information about various topics relating to affiliate marketing and online business

Easy to use website builder

Web hosting for up to 15 domains

Affiloramatools which will help you with analysis of your keywords, rankings and also helps you take a look at your competitors, so you can up your game.

Support, in the form of a Phone call, Email or ask the members in the forum

Extra products

These are products that you have to pay extra for, even after you have paid for your premium membership

They include AffiloBlueprint, this is a package to help you find the most profitable niches

AffiloJetpack, this is a package of 5 websites that are built up to 80% level of completion

How much does Affilorama Cost?

The starter account is free

and the premium membership will cost you $67 per month

The AffiloJetpack will cost you $997

And the AffiloBlueprint will cost you $197

This is wealthy affiliate vs affilorama 2020 image of a man sitting in front of a computer

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So we have seen what Affilorama is all about and now we are going to move to Wealthy Affiliate and check them out and see what they bring to the ring, hold on tight as we dive into Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate what are they all about?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by two affiliate marketers from Canada, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim they saw the need for an affiliate training program and they forged a plan to create a platform where people could join and learn how to make money online, their approach was different to many other programs that were in the market at that time.

They took the pay it forward approach where members were encouraged to interact with each other and help each other in their businesses. The founders led by example by being very active in the community. At first, people found this approach strange and actually even today there are some competitors who argue that being in an affiliate training platform is not about connecting people or creating friendships, its about building business.

Helping One Another Approach

Most competitors of Wealthy Affiliate arguer that being in a platform where you are learning the same thing as your fellow member, there is no way you want them to succeed because they are your rival, now that would only be true if all the members of Wealthy Affiliate were promoting the same product which is not the case.

At Wealthy Affiliate, they teach you how to start an online business by building a website, how to monetize your website with ads and affiliate marketing and they also teach you how to sell your own products on your website by building an E-commerce website. They teach you how to grow your business regardless of the niche you choose.

But as it’s evident, the power of the community interaction is what sets this program apart from the rest and makes it the leading affiliate training program as of 2019, and actually other training programs have adopted the community approach because they can see how it’s working for Wealthy Affiliate their member count speaks for itself. But what do they offer is it all talk or do they have valuable training to offer? Let’s find out.

Services offered in Wealthy Affiliate For Premium Members

image show brands like amazon, ebay and wealthy affiliate, this is wealthy affiliate vs affilorama 2020

Entreprunuier certificate 5 courses that consist of 50 lessons in the form of videos and written lessons, designed to teach you how to make money online no matter what niche you choose. And its work as you learn, you build your website as you learn.

Affiliate Bootcamp 7 courses consisting of 70 lessons, in the form of videos and written word, designed to teach you how to make money online within the make money online niche. Build your website as you learn method.

Easy to use website builder build your website in 30 seconds

Over 3000 WordPress themes to choose from

Over 1 million free images to use on your website

Grammar and spell-checker

Pre-designed writing templates, to help you create great articles

Webhosting for up to 25  domains, for example, .com SSL certificates included, you will also get 25 free domains ( these are subdomains and are yours as long as you stay as a member of Wealthy Affiliate)

Jaaxy Lite this is a keyword research tool, to help you find keywords and also track your rankings as well as check out the competition.

Access to live weekly webinars these are sessions that are held once a week where you are able to learn something new every week and ask questions to the live class coach. also some weeks he ( the coach) does website reviews where he takes a look at websites submitted by members and gives feedback.

Thousands of courses submitted by world-class affiliate marketers covering any topic you can think of in Affiliate marketing, from choosing a niche to the best plugins to best WordPress themes you name it its there.

Wealthy Affiliate Blogs endless list of blog posts that are added every minute by members, covering various topics relating to making money online and websites.

Live Chat  this is a chat section where members and coaches can interact and discuss different things and if you have a problem you can post it there and get answers straight away.

Affiliate programs A menu that contains thousands of affiliate programs and products to promote

Support 24/7 support team reachable by chat or by submitting a ticket through the help center, you can also send a private message to Kyle or Carson ( The co-founders) or other coaches like Jay and also the person who referred you to Wealthy Affiliate, you can also get answers by asking the community.

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here

Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate What Do You Get?

7-day full access to the platform

2 websites hosted at wealthy Affiliate ( those are siterubix websites) you can work on them for up to 6 months but then you will have to upgrade to premium otherwise you will not be able to keep them any longer

10 entrepreneur certificate lessons

10 Affiliate Bootcamp lessons

30 searches on Jaaxy ( the keyword research too)

Access to the media library ( free images)

Grammar and spell-checker

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Stater account- Free no credit card required

Premium – The first month you will get a discount so it will cost you $19 then its going to be $49 per month going forward, they do also provide options going annual or you can even choose the six month option where you will pay much less. if you choose the annual membership it comes to $29 a month and the 6 month comes to $39image of an offer to join wealthy affiliate, this is wealthy affiliate vs affilorama 2020


As promised, I will not offer any opinions, I want you to judge for yourself which one is better, Wealthy Affiliate, or Affilorama? let me know in the comment section.

OK, my work is done here, I wait to hear from you.

Thank you for your time and for your comments


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