How To Join The Shein Affiliate Program

How to join the Shein Affiliate program, OK, if you haven’t heard of Shein, then you must not be on social media because Shein is the trending topic at the moment especially on TikTok and Instagram. Because I have seen many people trying the clothes and accessories they got from Shein, I decided to check out the website.

I was more interested in the affiliate side of things because each creator that tries on their Shein haul, always says “check out the goods using the link on my bio” This led me to believe that they are sending people to their affiliate links. So I wanted to find out how to join the Shein affiliate program.

This Is How To Join The Shein Affiliate Program

To Join The Shein Affiliate program, you need to create an account with either of these affiliate networks, ShareASale, CJaffiliates, Awin, Or Admitad. Personally, I have worked with ShareASale and CJ affiliates.

Applying to join an affiliate program within CJ Affiliate Or ShareASale is straightforward, you just search for the company and then click the join button. Some companies will approve your application instantly, while others will review your application, and then let you know within 24 or 48 hours whether you have been approved or denied.

In my opinion, your best chance is ShareASale because they have many other brands just like Shein, that you can promote.

But What Exactly Is Shein?

Shein is a website that sells the latest and trendy fashion items like clothes shoes and other accessories like bags, belts jewelry, and even makeup, all at an affordable price. I must say the website is quite addictive because products are so low cost it’s easy to pile up on all kinds of things.

They also offer free shipping on orders above $20.00. The website is very well organized and you are able to just hover over an image and see how the item would look in different colors, you just need to point your mouse on the color at the bottom of the item.

As an affiliate, you will earn a commission each time you refer a customer to the Shein website through your affiliate link and they make a purchase. Their commission rates are between 10 to 20% with a possibility of bonus cash prizes.

After Getting My Affiliate Link, Then What?

OK, if you are not familiar with how affiliate marketing works, then I would recommend you click here and take this free course which contains 10 free lessons on Affiliate marketing. But basically, once you are approved, you will get your Shein affiliate link, all you need to do is start promoting your link on your social media, and on Tiktok, or even Youtube.

And each time someone clicks on your link, they will be taken to the Shein website, and since your affiliate link contains a special id the sales will be recorded, and you will earn your commission from those sales.

The Shein Affiliate Program Is A Good Way To Make Money Online


For those of you who are in the fashion niche, I think it’s worth joining the Shein Affiliate program. The good thing about Shein, the customer will never just buy one item because their offers are so enticing, and their prices are super reasonable.

Despite the prices being low, the quality of their items is quite good, I have seen comparisons, and the products are very much as shown on the website. If your targeted audience is young people then I think you will be happy with being a Shein affiliate.


If you love fashion and like talking about the latest trends, then I think you should not waste time, you need to start making money with your content by monetizing it with affiliate marketing. As we said, it’s super easy, you just need to get your link and start promoting it on your social media.

OK, it’s your turn now to share your views. Have you ordered products from Shein before? How did it go? after reading my post today, are you interested in joining the Shein affiliate program? Please leave your comments below. To be honest with you, if I was in the fashion niche, I would have joined this program, it seems cool.

Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog today, hope to see you again soon.

Thank you for your time.


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  1. I would like to start a fashion and beauty blog and would like to sign up as a SHEIN Affiliate, thanks for giving me info on the subject.

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