Is The Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge Program A Scam?

Alright here we go, is the wealthy affiliate super affiliate challenge program a scam? This is a question that I was asked just recently by someone because I had participated in the wealthy affiliate super affiliate challenge but I didn’t get to attend the all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas.

Does that mean I was scammed considering I neglected my other websites to concentrate on promoting Wealthy Affiliate so I can get 300 Premium referrals in order for me to qualify as a super affiliate? Is the Wealthy Affiliate super affiliate challenge program a scam? Are they just scamming people over there? And using you to help build their business?

Let’s find out together.

First Of All, What Is the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge Program?

The Super affiliate Challenge is an incentive Challenge that is run within Wealthy Affiliate, where Wealthy Affiliate members are invited to participate in the challenge, in order to win, you need to refer 300 premium Wealthy Affiliate members within the calendar year. If you do, then you earn an invitation to the Super Affiliate Conference which is held in Las Vegas Nevada every year.

Now, Although it sounds very simple, it’s not. lets see what is required of you

What Are The Requirements To Participate In the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge Program?

You will need to be an annual Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, and if you don’t already have an MMO(make money online) website, you need to build one, and you must purchase a .com domain, but before you do that, you must complete the first phase of the Affiliate bootcamp training.

Then from there you can go ahead and start promoting Wealthy Affiliate so you can get those 300 Premium Referrals. Obviously, I did not manage to bring in 300 Premium referrals, otherwise, I would have been here sharing my experience at the Super affiliate Conference lol.

But Is The Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate  Challenge Program A Scam?

No, it’s not a scam, it’s actually a business opportunity, of the highest level when it comes to affiliate marketing, I mean for a period of 12 months, you get to work closely and access one on one mentorship by the head coach at Wealthy affiliate who happens to be also the co-founder of the company.

Kyle Loudon works super closely with all the affiliates that have participated in the super Affiliate challenge, which means even if you don’t make it to Vegas, you are left with tons of knowledge that you can go ahead and use to run your other websites. Each month of the challenge comes with different tasks that you must complete.

You will be given the number of articles that you must write within that month, plus other tasks that you must perform on your website.

And besides whatever number of Premium referrals you manage to bring into Wealthy Affiliate, that is passive income for you, as long as they continue with a Premium membership, you are making money. And if they drop out at some point and then come back, they will still be your referrals.

Can Anyone Join The Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge?

No, it’s not anyone who can join, The Super Affiliate challenge is an invitation-only program you can apply to join but as I mentioned before you apply you must first be an annual member of Wealthy Affiliate.

And then you will receive an email from the head training coach informing you that your application has been accepted and then you will receive the instructions, and also the list of the tasks that you must complete.

As I mentioned, there are many benefits of joining the super affiliate challenge, even if you don’t become the super affiliate, meaning you don’t manage to refer 300 premium members to Wealthy Affiliate you still gain a lot.

You Will Still Make Good Money With Whatever Number You Refer


As you can see on the screenshot above, the commission structure is quite good, especially for premium members. So I think it’s quite easy to create a successful business promoting this program. Also since the product is of great quality, you will feel comfortable referring even your friends, because you know that they will learn everything they need to know about online business.


The Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge is a great opportunity to scale your affiliate marketing business. I haven’t managed to make it to the conference in Las Vegas, but I intended to try the challenge again next year and see if I will make it. Hey, who doesn’t want an all-expense-paid trip to Vegas? I know I do.

I just wanted to talk about this so you can see there are many reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate, it really a great platform, if you join using my link today, you will be my referral which means you will have access to me and I will show you the ropes, but if you don’t join using my link, I will not be able to find you because the platform has over 2 million members.

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Well, I hope to see you soon, lets build our online businesses together.

Thank you for your time


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