Clapper vs TikTok My Honest Review

OK, as content creators, we are always on the lookout for the next platform to promote our content, In this Clapper vs TikTok review, we are going to see if Clapper is the next big thing. I was introduced to Clapper by a fellow content creator that I met on TikTok.

Clapper vs Tiktok. I downloaded the Clapper app just to check it out and see if it’s something that I can work with. The first thing I did as soon as I signed up was to check out the community guidelines because you don’t wanna get in trouble, especially when you are still new. I noticed they don’t allow children under the age of 17 to join the app, and I liked that.

Clapper vs Tiktok No Children Under The Age Of 17 On Clapper

One of the challenges I faced on TikTok was having so many children follow me, which means considering my content is about affiliate marketing, I had no way of monetizing my following. Also, my videos did not get lots of engagement, which meant they are not pushed to more people.

This forced me to change things up and just start using TikTok for fun rather than using it for business. But Let’s face it, the reason we join these apps is to promote our content, and affiliate offers, so I started losing interest in Tiktok. I mean don’t get me wrong I am still on Tiktok and I have 20k followers but, the app has changed a lot.

It has become toxic, and there is a lot of bullying especially adult bullying which to me is just mind-blowing. The next thing is Censorship of small creators, community guidelines are used as weapons, and videos are being removed for no apparent reason. I had one of my videos removed for going against community guidelines.

TikTok Has Become Very Difficult To Work With Lately

My video was calling out side hustle gurus for misleading people with their claims of making $5,000 on Clickasnap with just one image. In the video, I showed my Clickasnap account and I showed people that you will not qualify for paid views until you join the monthly paid membership.

Anyway, I appealed and my video was not restored because they insisted that it goes against their community guidelines, they sent me a part of community guidelines that talked about ethics and integrity, I was like are you serious these guys are misleading people and actually straight lying to people and my video gets removed for ethics and integrity?

This led me to believe TikTok does not care about their users anymore, its all business, if someone has a huge following, they can post any kinds of videos but a small creator like myself, cannot call out big creators, because they have a big following and that means more eyeballs on the ads that Tiktok is running.

My TikTok Feed Is Full Of Ads Now


By the way, I have noticed that my feed is full of ads now, like gone are the days when I used to open my TikTok and just enjoy videos made for TikTok users by TikTok users, now it’s just brads pushing their products and services. Also, now when you do live streams on Tiktok, you cannot mention gifts. Which is how most creators monetize their accounts.

You stream live to your audience and if they like your content they reward you with gifts that can then be redeemed in cash via PayPal. Many content creators have been banned from live streaming simply for mentioning gifters on a live stream. I understand that one should not solicit gifts from their followers but to ban creators simply for giving shout-outs to their top gifters is just unfair in my opinion.

Then they introduced what they called Creator fund, but once a creator joined the Creator fund, then your views were suppressed so you don’t make too much of the creator fund money, I saw many big creators who are in Creator fund complaining that their views tanked after joining creator fund, and many actually left the creator fund.

I have only done one live stream since joining TikTok in 2019, I decided I did not want to deal with the drama, so I usually just post my videos and watch videos but I don’t do live streams, I have seen what creators go through because of those live streams and it’s not worth the headache. Besides, as I mentioned, the majority of my followers are 14 and 15-year-olds so, I feel if I do an affiliate marketing live stream, no one will show up.

Monetization Options On Clapper

Then in comes Clapper. They have started on the right path and if they continue this way, I honestly believe Clapper will be the next big video sharing platform. And not only that but I think Clapper will also give Clubhouse a run for their money. With the radio feature, Clapper allows you to host a radio show within the app.

The radio feature gives you the ability to have 20 speakers and up to 2000 listeners. I think this is amazing because even if you don’t want to live stream on video, you can still stream by using the radio feature which is audio-only.

When it comes to monetization, I think you have many ways of monetizing your content on Clapper Number on monetization method being FAM, this is where your followers can become your supporters and donate to you. You can also monetize your content with a link on your bio.

The funny thing with Clapper is that they even let you link your OnlyFans page lol.

Also, you can link your other social media profiles, like tweeter, Instagram, Facebook, including TikTok and YouTube.

So Is Clapper Worth Joining Or Should We Just Stick With TikTok?


I think it’s worth checking out, after joining, within 24 hours I already had 50 followers, now, I know that’s not a lot but considering it took me almost a month to gain 50 subscribers on YouTube, I think its easier to grow on Clapper than on TikTok and YouTube.

Also unlike Tiktok, Clapper gives you up to 3 minutes of video, so you can easily deliver your message without having to rush Tiktok gives you only up to 1 minute, and long videos are actually not very popular so people opt for 15-second videos. Also On Clapper, you don’t need to have 1000 followers to do a live stream, you can live stream no matter the number of followers.

As I said Clapper is worth checking out, of course, these apps start as being good but later change, when TikTok first started it was really good, and the people who joined the app in its early years were able to grow and even establish their brands through TikTok.

But the people who are joining TikTok now, are going to find it very difficult to grow. With Clapper, as I mentioned if they continue on this path, then things will be very good, obviously, they still need to work on the app, and add more features and effects, like it would be so nice if they could add a caption feature, which Tiktok has now Introduced, and also add some fun transition features and effects.


As I said I am still new on Clapper, and so far I like it, I have posted 5 videos and each video has almost 1k views so for a new user with less than 100 followers, that’s good. Anyway, I really would like to hear your opinion on this, are you on Clapper? Do you like it? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for your time


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