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Top 15 Blog Niches That Make Money

Today we are going to discuss blog niches that make money, in this article we are going to look at 15 different niches and we are also going to see if you start a blog focusing on one of these niches if your websites will make you money for many years to come.

When you are thinking of making money online, one of the things you will struggle with is how to choose a niche and the next thing you will struggle with is figuring out if the niche you have chosen will actually create an income for you. Although it’s true that you can make money with any niche, some niches are better than others.

The niches we are going to look at today are niches that are evergreen which means if you break that barrier of traffic then you are set for life, the hardest part of starting a website, is the traffic but once you break that barrier, then you will just keep growing your business, when choosing a niche make sure it’s something you will be able to write lots of articles about because Google will start taking you seriously when you hit about 100 posts.

Just Keep writing those articles

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So just keep writing those articles and reviews until you reach a hundred articles, then you can start examining your website’s performances then. see, the mistake I see many newbie bloggers make and I made the same mistake when I first started, I created my website and instead of looking at how much content I had in there, I was looking at the time I have spent on the website.

Meaning after working on the website for 3 months, I really didn’t have much content but I started getting frustrated when I didn’t see much progress in terms of traffic and income. So don’t do that just work hard on content creation, and just start worrying if after 100 keyword-rich articles you don’t see any progress.

But if you chose one of these blog niches that make money, then you are going to make money online because these are niches that are very profitable and they are topics that people are always interested in.

So Let’s get into top 15 blog niches that make money

1 Travel

People are always traveling so if you pick this niche, you are going to make money, you just need to decide what aspect of travel you want to write about, do you want to write about traveling on a budget? or would you rather cover luxury travel? whatever aspect you choose, travel will always be popular and people will always want to either travel or even just learn things about different destinations in the world.

There are many affiliate programs that you can join when you are in the travel niche, you can join different airline affiliate programs, traveling websites like and sky scanner have their own affiliate programs that you can join, you can also join Airbnb, although you will need to have lots of traffic to join Airbnb.

You can also promote other products that are related to travel, for example, luggage and travel accessories, you can promote hotels and resorts, there are many products that fall into the travel niche, you can even talk about road trips, traveling with children, or even traveling with elderly people.

2 Food and Cooking

People are always looking for ways to learn how to cook or to improve their recipes so cooking websites are always going to be popular no matter what, so if that is your passion and you have recipes to share with the world, why not start a cooking blog and share your recipes with us, I am always looking to try new recipes and actually I don’t like the big websites, I like to try recipes from small websites and blogs because I get something new.

So assuming most readers think like me, a cooking website even the very new one will always get traffic, and cooking is an evergreen niche because people will never stop eating, you just have to keep your content fresh, interesting and engaging and of course, you have to make those recipes mouth-watering.

But how do you make money with a cooking website? I have answered this before in a previous article, a cooking website has lots of ways to make money for you, you can promote all kinds of things from stoves, ovens cooking appliances, things like grills, blenders juicers pots and pans the list is endless. you can even do articles about outdoor cooking and promote outdoor appliances.

and of course, remember that once you have lots of traffic you will also use ads to bring you even more money.

3 Weight loss and fitness

Weightloss and Fitness is one niche that is making people lots of money and especially online, the beauty of this niche is that you have many products to promote including digital products, if you are passionate about this topic and you have useful information that you can share with people, then you need to start a weight loss blog now.

People are always looking for a new away to stay fit and to lose weight so you will always have traffic to your website if you have rich content, the list of products you can promote is really long from workout shoes and clothes to workout equipment that can be used at home to gadgets like calory calculators to Apple watches, you can even promote bicycles. And don’t forget the apps.

When I mention this niche to people, the first thing that comes up is the competition, but if you get into any niche, you will find competition, the trick is to create great content and you will have an audience, look at all the news stations we have on TV, but each station has it’s own audience, or some people even watch all the channels, at different times of course.

Or Let’s talk about YouTube and Instagram how many people are talking about makeup and creating makeup tutorials? yet there are still new ones coming up and they still get followers/subscribers.

Don’t think about competition, just start your blog and run with it.

4 Dating and relationships

This is one of the niches that you can build a very big website around and have many sub-niches within it and promote all kinds of things, I actually gave someone some ideas on what they could do with a dating website because they couldn’t see how they can make lots of money with it and I saw lots of opportunities to make money with a dating site.

So Let’s start with the initial dating niche, you have so many online dating sites to promote and you can even start by focusing on a certain group of people like Let’s say dating for seniors, or dating for widowers and widows, dating for single moms, how about dating for divorcees, there are many ideas, once you build the website and you have written like Let’s say 100 articles, then it’s time to branch off to other sub-niches like.

Travel destinations for couples, you see you have already added the travel sub-niche, once you cover a few of that, then you could add other topics like jewelry and even fashion by advising people how to dress on dates which gives you an opportunity to promote fashion-related products and jewelry.

I actually think that a dating site is one of the sites that can cover many topics, you can cover makeup and beauty products for women, and grooming products for men, you can even cover another niche that I am going to share below, gadget and accessories, for example, Let’s say you are doing an article about online dating you can feature a review of the best laptops, best phones, the best accessories for phones tablets and laptops.

5 Gadgets and Accessories

 blog niches that make money image of gadgets like phones laptops and tablets

This is another niche that is very profitable and it’s evergreen because gadgets and accessories are not going anywhere, you just need to keep up with the latest gadget and add it your website, there are always new products to review, so you will not run out of ideas or article to write.

There are many affiliate programs that you can join including Apple, and actually Apple offers you opportunity to make money even from their iTunes and other products but you can also just build your website around Amazon and just promote gadgets and accessories from Amazon, there are many affiliates who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars just with Amazon niche websites.

6 Beauty And Skincare

This niche is not going anywhere and actually the trending aspect of this niche is skincare for men, for many years men were not very particular about their skin but now things have changed and there are many skincare brands that are strictly for men, so if you are guy, don’t look at this niche and think it’s a woman niche.

I actually think being a man that has a skincare website, you will attract many male readers because you will be able to cover many skincare issues that men face and you will have experience, because as a woman even though I know a lot about skincare and I have done a few courses on beauty and skincare, I really can’t confidently cover men issue properly, because I have not experienced irritation caused by beard shaving lol.

So yeah I think this is a very profitable niche for both men and women. Of course, if you would rather just do beauty, that is fine too, I put beauty and skincare because those two go hand in hand.

7 CBD Oil Products

 blog niches that make money, image of a hand holding hemp product

CBD Oil and medical marijuana, this is a niche that can be incorporated into health and wellness, the CBD products are not going anywhere any time soon, as a matter of fact the industry is growing rapidly, and more and more people are searching for information about these products so if you know a thing or two about CBD, it’s time to dive into this niche.

There are many affiliate programs, if you type CBD affiliate programs on Google, you will see what I am talking about, and also there are CBD oil products on Amazon that you can review. you can write about a different aspect of CBD, I actually just wrote an article about CBD Oil skincare and I was talking about the benefits, I created a pin on Pinterest and it’s heating up as we speak. Which shows that people are very interested in learning about CBD oil products.

8 Babies

Did you know that there is lots of money to be made in the baby niche? whether we like it or not people are having babies day and night, despite the fact that scientists raising concerns about the rate of population growth, although some people have vowed not to have many babies as their part of saving the planet, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who announced that they will only have two babies.

People are not going to stop having babies which means a baby blog will continue to create revenue for many years to come, I mean think about it, toys, strollers, clothes cradles, you name it. There are many products to promote in the baby niche and lots of money to make, and actually, if you don’t want to narrow it that much, you can have it as a sub-niche on a parenting website.

9 Pets

 blog niches that make money, image of a dog

This is a very huge niche, and pets these days can be anything I actually just watched a movie star who has a chicken as a pet and she dresses the chicken up and paints the chicken’s nails lol does a chicken have nails 🙂 I am sorry these movies stars crack me up I swear. OK, I am not going to tell you to start a blog for chicken fashion and accessories lol.

But I will tell you what is trending right now dog fashion, that is what is trending, you can start a blog about dog toys and accessories, you can even cover dog houses, dog food and treats, dog grooming, there are many directions you can take with this niche and especially if it’s just a pet website that means you could include cats as well.

10 Make money online

This niche although it’s quite competitive, it’s a great niche and there are many products to promote within this niche, and most are digital products, I mentioned competition here because new websites do take time before they can make money but once you start making money, things can only get better.

The secret of succeeding in this niche or any other niche, and this is something I mentioned in one of my previous articles, is to target low competition keywords and theses are long tail keywords that have 3 or four words, that way you will be able to create a little space for yourself on the internet, yes your keyword might not be very popular but the small number of searches it will get, the results will direct to your website.

11 Woodwork

This niche has become very popular, and people seem to be very intrigued by woodwork, I mean get on Facebook and Instagram and you will see what I mean, the good thing about this particular niche, is that you are able to sell your own products so if you open your own online store, you will be able to make money and also you can promote products like tools, books and you can even create your own woodwork course which you can sell and it will make you money for years.

There are affiliate programs like Ted Woodworking Affiliate program that pays commissions of up to 75%, Wood Profits, and many others, if you search woodwork affiliate programs on Google you will find a list o affiliate programs in this niche.

12 Self-help

 blog niches that make money, image shows words on the ground that say you got this

This niche is very popular because people are always looking for ways to improve themselves, and also looking for tips on how to solve personal problems without going to a therapist, so if you can create content that help people be a better version of themselves by showing them how to overcome fears and how to build self-confidence, then you need to go for this niche.

13 Photography

Photography is a very profitable niche and for people who enjoy photography, it can be a lot of fun, there are many ways that you can make money with a photography website, you can sell your work(we need photos to use on our websites)Photos are very much in demand because websites do need images to use.

You are also able to offer your Services( people still do have pictures taken) I know in this era of selfies, people think that you can’t make money with photography but there are still people who like to have their photos taken the old fashion way and have hard copies of the photos lol

You can promote products like cameras, storage gadgets like discs and other equipment that is required in order to take beautiful pictures, you can also promote things like camera bags and other carrier necessities.

And you can also create a course and sell it online, for new photographers to learn how to take pictures and other things that a photographer should know. If you are into photography then go ahead and start a photography blog, showcase your work and make money.

14 Home Decor

 blog niches that make money, image of a nice living room, there is a table with flowers and a nice flat screen TV

This is a very profitable niche for people who are passionate about home improvement and design, there are many products to promote in this niche and if you choose to cover interesting topics, you will be able to attract traffic especially if you get on Pinterest because this niche is very popular.

once you get lots of traffic you can also make money by putting ads on your websites which is how many blogs of this kind are making tones of money.

15 Weddings

While we are talking about Pinterest, There are some niches that do very well on Pinterest and this one is always popular on Pinterest, I am getting notification every month from Pinterest about this Niche, whenever they mention trending topics for that month, this niche is always included, I guess that’s because people are always getting marriage.

There are many topics you can cover on a wedding blog, like planning, wedding on a budget idea, how to pick a venue, flower arrangement idea, how to not let people influence your choice of wedding dress lol, how to prevent fights at your wedding 🙂

Fashion like bridesmaids dresses idea, 9 how not to pick the ugliest lol) groom men fashion idea, rings Jewelry, there are many topics you can cover, mother of the bride/groom fashion, honeymoon case what to take with you, honeymoon destinations which give you opportunity to target big commissions from airlines, cruise ship lines, hotels and travel websites.


As I always say, there is lots of money to be made online, and many services are being moved to the internet which means that there are many opportunities for affiliate marketers to make money if you don’t have a website, now is the time to create one. If you want financial freedom owning your own website could actually be the thing that will help you make that extra cash.

We know that these days it’s very easy to start a blog, so go ahead and start one, Let’s do this together, there is room for everyone who is willing to work hard and make their dreams come true by pursuing their passion. If you are not sure about building a website, click here to learn how and where to start.

Anyway, that is my niche list, do you agree with it or do you have other suggestions? please share your thoughts with us, you will also help other readers by sharing your ideas so leave your comments below, thank you so much for reading my article, I look forward to interacting with you.

Thank you for your time


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