Clickasnap Review, Can You Make $5000 With One Image?

I have watched countless videos on TikTok About This site so, in this Clickasnap review, we are going to see if the claims that you can make up to $5.000 by just uploading one image on Clickasnap are legit. The problem with some make money online gurus on TikTok, and YouTube, they over sensationalize their videos with outrageous claims and click baits that are just plain lies.

And for people who don’t know that those are just tactics to get you to click their links, it gets very frustrating, and that is why I decided to do a Clickasnap review. Actually, this is just one of the websites that are being mentioned, I have also started working on other reviews which I will be published shortly.

Clickasnap Review Did I Make $5.000 After 3 Weeks Of Signing Up?

Well, I decided since they said it only takes one photo to make $5k I am gonna post the best photo I can take. I have a good camera because I do like taking photos on my free time. So first I went through my images on my computer to see if I can find an image that I could upload to Clickasnap.

I had quite a few actually so I uploaded 2 images to start with. I then proceeded to upload some more, my aim was to upload 10 images and then see how much money I will make in 2 weeks. But when I reached 7 images, I was informed that I cannot upload any more photos unless I upgrade to the paid membership.

That shocked me because the videos on TikTok claimed its 100% free. They also claimed that you make $0.25 per view which is not true.

But What Is Clickasnap? The Home Page Is Misleading


Clickasnap is a still image hosting site, where photographers can upload their images and either sell them or get paid per view, the site was launched in 2016 and it has millions of images uploaded by photographers from all over the world. To qualify as a paid view user must stay on your image for a minimum of 5 seconds.

It might have been a great site when they first started but as it is now their home page is misleading because they claim to pay 25cents per view but when you sign up you find out that is not the case at all. Also, most of their content is old and hasn’t been updated for years.

Clickasnap Review How Much Do I Make As A Free Member?


I think the question should be, will I make any money as a free member? The minimum withdrawal is $15 and they pay via Paypal. Now first of all you need to know that in order for you to start making something with your images, you need to upgrade to the paid membership. Meaning pay them first before you even make anything. There are 3 paid membership plans to choose from the Free plan gives you nothing you will just get to upload 7 images per week, you will not get paid no matter how many views your images generate.

Basically, you just give them your images. The next option is to give them your images, then pay them for a chance to make, well take a look at the screenshot for yourself, to see how much you will make.


 There is the Free Membership, Then comes the Ad-Free Membership £2.00 Per month(about $2.76) then the Seller membership is £4.00  Then you have the Pro Seller Membership Which will cost you £6.00 per month.

OK, although the memberships are not that costly, I really don’t think that people who are claiming it’s free to join and make money on Clickasnap are telling the truth. What they do is visit the homepage of the website and then start spreading fake news. There so much more to it. As I said even the payment is a lie you don’t get paid 25 cents you get paid $0.0025 per view.

So you will need about 6k views to make the minimum withdrawal which is $15 and only God knows how many months it would take to get those views which means you will continue paying Clickasnap for the membership while you are making nothing.

Clickasnap Review How Many Views Do You Need To Make $5k?

You will need to have more than 2 million views to make $5k and remember you must be a paying Clickasnap member, in order for you to qualify for $0.0025 per view.

To be honest with you, I don’t know how some people can look straight into the camera and make a video claiming that you can make $5k per image on Clickasnap. I have friends and even neighbors who watch my videos and read my blog posts, heck my cousins watch my videos too so I cannot afford to lie to people online or in real life.

It makes me wonder these people who are making that kind of content do they care about wasting other people’s time at all, do they even care about their own reputation? or is it about making sales at all costs?

Recently I talked about ethics in Affiliate Marketing, And I think there are some rotten apples in this industry and they are spoiling things for everybody. Nowadays when you mention make money online people are quick to call you a scammer and that is because some people have decided to do whatever it takes to make a sale including using false information.

So Is Clickasnap A Legit Way Of Making Money Online?

Well, if you are a photographer looking to sell your work, then maybe you can sell some images which have to be of super high quality because let’s face it, websites like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels, have many high-quality free images for people to use in their projects.

As far as joining Clickasnap to make money by uploading images and being paid per views, that in my opinion is a waste of time and energy not to mention money because as I said you have to be a paying member to qualify for paid views, and as we said you will have to accumulate more than 6k views just to reach the cash out threshold of $15.

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I am going to share with you, how you can set up a legit online business that will generate revenue for you and your family for years to come. Is it a get-rich-quick scheme? no, it’s not. Is it gonna make you rich without effort at all? nope. You will have to put in the work and watch it grow.

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If you have been reading and watching my content, then you know that I choose to share only helpful content. I don’t like misleading people, and as you can see I had to sign up for Clickasnap just like I have done with other websites, so I can tell you if you can make money online or not with Clickasnap.

My opinion on this site is that no you will not be able to make money with it especially if you don’t upgrade, and even if you do upgrade to the paid membership, you will not be able to break even, in other words, you will not be able to make enough to cover the membership.

I intend to upgrade to the Ad-Free membership and stay for a couple of months and then I will update this review. As it is, I have uploaded a total of 12 images, and I have made nothing because I am a free member. I hope you have found this Clickasnap review helpful.

Thank you for your time


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4 comments on “Clickasnap Review, Can You Make $5000 With One Image?

  1. Hi, a few thoughts on your “review”

    There are plenty of people on Clickasnap that are on there for more than just the money.
    Clickasnap pays more for views than Instagram and Flickr does.
    I think the main issue is that people don’t understand the payment per view and scammers take advantage of peoples ignorance or need for get rich quick schemes for their own benefit.
    I know plenty of people on Clickasnap that are making money with good quality content.
    Clickasnap has not made these claims themselves so think your review needs to reflect this more.

    1. Hi, Ben thank you for your comment, yes indeed there are people who are making crazy claims about Clickasnap especially on TikTok, and yes in my opinion they are scammers because they don’t even mention that you have to upgrade to the ad-free membership in order for you to qualify for paid views. Now on the issues of Clickasnap not making these claims themselves, that is true and I never said that Clickasnap is making these claims. That being said, I think the homepage of Clickasnap needs to be updated and made clear that you don’t actually get paid 25cents per view, and perhaps indicate that you do have to upgrade to the ad-free membership to qualify for paid views because as it is now, it’s misleading.
      I understand that they have to entice creators to join their website but scammers are using the info on the homepage to mislead people which in my opinion reflects badly on Clickasnap as a brand.

  2. So you are telling me it pays 0.0025$ per view and you need 40k view so you can reach the min 15$ cashout? 40 000 x 0.0025 = 100$… Can you explain why my math does not match yours?

    1. Hi, thank you for reading and commenting on my post. To make $15 you will need 6k paid views, just an error which I fixed already but the updated version of the post took longer to be indexed.

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