You-Cubez Review Can You Really Make Money On This PTC Site?

OK, here we go again, I really don’t like writing these reviews but this morning I received an Email from You-Cubez. In this You-Cubez review, we are going to talk about the site, and we are going to address the issue of making money on You-Cubez. Now back to the email I received this morning, they said that they ”missed me and I had a bonus of 20% if I logged in”.

I first joined the site back in 2016 after I read a very convincing You-Cubez review. To be honest, I don’t even know why one would write a convincing review because the site does not offer much, But we will get into that later. Why did I get this email despite not using the site for years? because once you are in it’s very difficult to get out, again I will get into that later in the post.


You-Cubez Review  What Is You-Cubez?

You-Cubez is a paid to click site, where you can complete different tasks like watching videos, clicking ads, and taking surveys, some times you also get tasks where you have to download and install apps, the apps will also want you to create an account in order to complete the task. So it’s very important that you don’t use your main email address to sign up to sites like You-Cubez because you could compromise your email account.

The thing is, even though You-Cubez is a legit site, the tasks you are going to complete are actually performed in different websites, and the security of those sites is not guaranteed.

 You-Cubez Reveiw Is You-Cubez Safe To Use?

As I mentioned, even though You-Cubez is a legit site, the websites they direct you to in order for you to complete the tasks, some are not even safe looking, and that means you really don’t know what you are exposing yourself to when you click those links that send you to do websites sign up trials, and also some especially the surveys tend to want to collect lots of personal information.

That was actually one of the reasons I quit You-Cubez and other PTC sites, Other reasons included, wasting my time for nothing, most of the tasks you complete on these kinds of sites are not worth your time and your effort. You could be working for hours just to earn $0.0010, actually, I am working on another review of a website I signed up for, to check it out because it had lots of positive reviews on Trustpilot, which I worked for 30 minutes and made a whopping $0.001.

Another big problem with most of these PTC sites is the cashout problem, once you reach the payout threshold, your account either gets banned, or whenever you try to cash out, the page freezes in other words you don’t get paid even if you are lucky to reach the threshold.

Membership On You-Cubez Is It Free To Join?


There are 3 different types of memberships the standard, Premium, and Premium Plus, The Standard membership is free and the other two are the paid ones. although I really don’t know why one would want to upgrade and pay the site if you are joining to work and make extra cash, Here are the plans, check the screenshot above. Why are you paying them? Anyway, As you can see the Premium membership will cost you £2.49 and £3.35 respectively.

To be honest, I really don’t see the point of upgrading, I don’t see the point of joining these kinds of sites, as I said I joined when I didn’t know much about making money online, and I learned the hard way. The kind of reviews and Youtube videos that advertise these kinds of websites, they usually list like ten or more, and tell you to join all of them so you can maximize your earning, when in reality you are just maximizing, their earnings when you click their referral links.

What Is The Pay Out Threshold On You-Cubez?

For standard members, the payout threshold is £8 and £4 for Premium members, and it’s £2 for Premium Plus members. Those figures might not sound high but keep in mind that the tasks you are completing are paying you close to nothing, I don’t even think you will be able to make enough to cover the membership if you decide to go Premium.

Payments are done through either PayPal or Bitcoin, with PayPal deducting a 5% processing fee.

And Now Lets Take A Look At You-Cubez Trust Pilot Reviews


Overall You-Cubez received a rating of 2.7 stars on Trust Pilot, with reviewers leaving very angry comments some directed to the people who recommended the site to them. And that folks is the reason why I don’t recommend these types of sites, because I really could have written a similar comment like the one you see on the screenshot above.

Because I too was very angry at the people who referred me to these sites, especially You-Cubes and YSense(formerly known as ClixSense) The problem is most people who are reviewing these sites, are not even in the sites themselves. They either just check out the home page and take information from the home page and run with it, or they actually sign up to the sites just so they can grab referral links, so they can make commissions when people sign up.

How To Delete Your You-Cubez Account

You-Cubez review, And now lets get to why I am still receiving emails from You-Cubes 5 years down the line. The problem with You-Cubez is that once you sign up, deleting your account is almost impossible. You are supposed to contact support and ask them to delete your account, you will not receive a reply and therefore your account will remain active. the only thing you can do is mark their emails as spam, but somehow you still get occasional emails that somehow don’t go to your spam mail.

Alternatively, you can keep sending emails to the support team and hope one day they will delete your account, that is why I said, you must have a separate email address to join these sites if you want to join them and waste your time and energy that is.

Do You Make Money By Referring People To You-Cubez?

Nope. This is what really puzzles me, so you get £10 in Cube Funds, which you can’t cash out, and you can only use to advertise your website on You-Cubez. Now that would be a great deal for someone like me who owns websites, but, the quality of traffic that you get from these kinds of sites, is the kind of traffic that will mess up your website.

These are people who are not interested in your website whatsoever, their aim is to click through to your website, look at the clock, as soon as it hits 10 seconds, they click to the next ad, because they are just doing it to earn( not that they are earning much) So the bouncing rate of your site will shoot to the roof, and the search engines will penalize you for that. So what is the point? I really have no idea.

I would rather run an ad campaign on Google or Bing, or even Pinterest. I actually had an ad on Pinterest that cost me $10 and brought me lots of quality traffic.

 You-Cubez Review So Do I Recommend You-Cubez?

Well, if you have been paying attention, you know the answer to this question. People who have reviewed this site and recommended it, I don’t know what they were thinking. For me, respecting people’s time is very important, so I would never want to waste anyone’s time the way my time was wasted when I didn’t know how to make money online.

I was just searching as you probably were when you landed on this You-Cubez review, so I joined many useless microtask sites. Thank God now I only join to see which ones are worth people’s time, and which ones are not. You-Cubez is not worth your time, go and check it out if you want, also go to Trust Pilot and read the reviews for yourself.

Alternative To You-Cubez?

make-money-online That is my recommendation, it’s a legit site that pays you for your work, yes you won’t get rich but I have tried it for more than a year actually and they always pay instantly to my PayPal, no funny business. And no, as you can see I have not shared a link because I am not affiliate with Prolific, they don’t even have an affiliate program.

What Is

It’s a survey site that mainly conducts academic research, mainly by universities around the world. the lowest-paying survey that I have taken paid me  £0.20 the survey lasted for 1 minute and it was to check if I qualified for the main survey, so I was just asked demographic questions.

The highest-paying survey paid me £10 and it lasted for 40 minutes That’s about $13.70 for 40 minutes of work, and I was not asked to give any personal or identifying information. If you want to make good money on Prolific, you need to accept video surveys as well.  I did not accept video surveys because I am not interested in being interviewed by the researchers, but if you want to get high-paying surveys, the video surveys pay really well.


Many of these microtask sites are just a waste of time in my opinion, and especially if you come from developing countries. Most fair-paying surveys and by fair I mean the kinds that pay $0.50 to maybe $3.00 are requesting people from the US, the UK, and Canada. I live in Greece and even I couldn’t find good surveys or tasks, and the process of determining whether you qualify for the survey is so frustrating, you could be answering questions for 30 minutes, just to be told you don’t qualify.

And that is why I like Prolific, you will never answer questions without getting paid even if the questions are to check if you qualify for a survey, you will get paid, as long as you don’t fail the attention check questions, you will get paid. Once you reach £5.00 you just click the cashout button, and your money is in your PayPal account instantly.

Well, thank you so much for reading my article today, I appreciate your time. I hope you have found my You-Cubez review helpful.

Thank you for your time.


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