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Affilorama Review Is It Legit?


Today we are going to discuss Affilorama. In this review we are going to see what Affillorama is all about, we are going to see if it’s legit and if it’s worth considering when you are looking for an affiliate marketing training program. As more and more people get into Affiliate marketing, there are many training programs and courses being promoted online and it can get confusing.

Especially for someone who is just starting out and trying to find a training program that will teach them how to make money online, the first criteria to look for when searching for an affiliate training program is whether they are letting you do a test drive before you commit to the product, this is very important because you don’t want to commit to a program then later find out it’s not what you were looking for.

When searching for affiliate marketing training program make sure you can test drive first

I mean how can you be sure if the product is really what you are looking for if you can’t try it out first? the next thing you need to look for is if the program teaches you how to build your own website, and if they teach SEO (search engine optimization), this is very important for your online business. Search engine optimization is what will help your business grow naturally by bringing you organic traffic for free.

I know there are many training programs out there that are teaching how to make money online by using copy and paste method using paid traffic, they teach how to run ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, and other places but this kind of traffic will not grow your business because if for some reason your campaigns don’t drive sales, then what?

An Affiliate training program needs to have SEO training as it’s one of the most important parts of the training, then you of course also need to learn about paid traffic and email marketing so you can scale your online business to the highest level possible.

So with that in mind, let’s get into our Affilorama Review, what is Affiliorama?

Name- Affilorama


Founder- Mark Ling and Simon Slade

Year launched- 2006

Country- New Zealand

Category- Affiliate Marketing Training

Products- Affilojetpack, AffiloBlueprint,Affilotools.

Cost- $0 for free membership-premium membership $67 per month

Affilorama is a training program that teaches you how to build a website, how to create content for your websites, how to optimize your website for search engines to bring you free organic traffic, and how to monetize your website with affiliate marketing, there are other courses too like email marketing, social media marketing, content outsourcing, and many more.

What do you get with a free membership?

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Affilorama offers you a lot even with your free membership you are able to access over 100 lessons that cover anything from picking your niche, to building your website and creating great content for your website you will also get access to the forum, where you will be able to interact with the members which include successful affiliate marketers who will answer your questions and you can also read lots of posts that are posted all through the day and night.

Because affiloram has members from all over the world their community is just shy of 1 million members and the number is rising I think before the end of 2019 they would have reached one million because every time I check their member count at the top of my screen, I can see the number keeps changing.

Who is Affilorama Best For?

Affilorama is best for someone who is interested in learning affiliate marketing, someone who wants financial freedom, the fact that they offer so much even with free membership makes it easy for anyone to check it out, and you are able to get valuable lessons that will kick start your online business.

You will also find it useful if you are looking to build a WordPress website, they do have a website builder and they do offer web hosting for up to 15 websites but that is if you take the premium membership.

Affilorama is also good for someone who has basic knowledge in affiliate marketing and wants the next level of training.

Products offered

affilorama has a few products that are available if you want to scale your business, one being the Affilojetpack, now this is a product that will cost you $997, it’s a costly product and I would say that you need to familiarize yourself with the online business world first before purchasing such a product.

OK, basically what Affilojetpack is, it’s a package of 5 websites that are  already set up and built out up to 80% with content and everything but, in order for you to work on that business you need knowledge because there is still the 20% that you need to complete to make the websites 100% so I’d say just learn affiliate marketing and maybe build your own website from the ground, then later if you want to scale your business, you can move forward with those costly products.

Some of the complaints I have seen on the forum are people complaining that they purchased the Affilojetpack and spent money on Facebook ads and outsourcing content yet they had not made any sales. This is why I am saying, work on your own website and create your own content so you can gain experience.

Plus making money online takes time and hard work, those short cuts don’t necessarily work especially for beginners so please, take time and learn and do things the right way and do it step by step.

I like taking care of my readers because I don’t want you to burn and I know most of you are just starting out, so just go through the training first, and then you can decide how far you want to go with your online business.

Why you should consider Affilorama ( pros)

affilorama review image of laptop, tablet and cell phone with content from affilorama website

Free membership

Beginner friendly and easy to navigate where you will have a choice to either go to lessons, blog, or forum

Over 100 lessons, covering different subjects in Affiliate marketing

Access to a large forum where you can interact with people and ask questions, and get answers.

The not so good (cons)

Support consists of either a phone call, email or ask the members on the forum, which sometimes can be frustrating if you don’t get the answers quickly.

I think there should be a way like live chat where you should be able to talk to the support team in real-time.

The forum needs to be monitored because there are many promotional posts and that makes it look spammy

The owner is not active in the forum.

Verdict, is Affilorama legit?

image of a hand showing the thumbs up its to show affilorama is recommended in this affilorama review

I think Affilorama is a legit affiliate  marketing training program site that can add value to anyone who is looking to learn affiliate marketing and I have interacted with successful bloggers who credit their success to the training they received at affilorama, one blogger is Erica of she highly recommends Affilorama in one of her YouTube videos, saying that Affilorama made it possible for her to become a successful blogger.

And based on what I have seen in the time that I have been in Affilorama researching for this review, I can confidently say that this is a platform that is offering great training, and I like that they focus on SEO, and they teach you how to build your own website and how to make money with your website.

Which as you know is the only way to have an online business, having your own website and your own domain, guarantees that your business is indeed 100% yours, so I am happy that Afflorama teaches you how to start your own online business.

I think it would have added more value if the owner Mark Ling had been interactive with the members, it helps a lot when you are able to talk to the creators and owners of such platforms, it also builds more trust and confidence of the members.

Anyway, that is my opinion about this program if you would like to check it out, please click here and then once you check it out, I would like to hear your opinion so please share your comments because it will also be helpful to other readers.


There are many websites that provide affiliate marketing training and some of them are quite expensive, but here at I try to find programs that are beginner-friendly and the kind of programs that offer free memberships so you can try them out and have time to decide if it’s something that could work for you.

If indeed you decide Affilorama is for you, I would suggest you just pay for the premium membership and then the other products you can think about those much later, the AffiloBlueprint is something that if you do your own research online you are able to find all the material covered in the blueprint, it’s gonna take you time and lots of research but you will be able to save $197

As I mentioned earlier I would like to hear what you think, have you tried Affilorama before and did you like it? leave your comments below.

Thank you for your time


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