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Hi, welcome to letsworkinpjs.com, my name is Rose.


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Rose is a woman who is passionate about life, family, planet earth, and most importantly I am always hungry and thirsty for knowledge, I am always excited to learn something new.

My online journey and my attempts at learning how to make money online

The year was 2012 and that is when Affiliate Marketing was mentioned to me for the very first time. I was intrigued by the idea but I did not fully trust it. But there was something that I was always interested in and that was internet and interacting with people from all over the world, I always dreamt of owning my own website, where I could share my ideas with the world.

But I didn’t know how to go about building a website until I connected with someone who showed me how to buy a domain and how to get hosting for my website, I was on fire, I couldn’t believe that I had my own website.

The only problem is that I didn’t know that there were so many things that need to be done in order for a website to be functional and also for it to be found by search engines, I thought you just buy domain, pay for hosting and you just start writing and people will read and comment and all that good stuff.

Anyway, my website didn’t last long, I lost it to hackers and I was devasted because I didn’t know how to recover my website, so all my hard work was gone. But my dream was not gone.

For the next few years, I become obsessed with learning about websites, reading articles, watching Youtube videos, purchasing online courses and ebooks, I had to learn this venture, as I was learning, the idea of making money with your website was mentioned almost in all the courses and articles that I read. But then it started to appear to me as if I will never learn how to create a website leave alone a money-making website.

And at that point, I gave up, because since 2012 to 2018, I had created blogs on free platforms like Blogger and WordPress, I also tried Wix, and nothing worked out, and I always ended up getting stuck and giving up on the blogs.

How I found myself in Wealthy Affiliate

But one day toward the end of 2018, I was just looking for something to read and I was on Pinterest checking out a board that I had created that collected Affiliate marketing ebook suggestions and other material, while I was on Pinterest a Pin caught my eye, it was a blogger who claimed that she had learned how to make money blogging and the blogger said that the training they took was at a website called Wealthy Affiliate.

My thought at first was yeah right, yet another program that will probably want me to spend money and I will probably learn nothing just like I have done the last few years. But I got curious and I went to Google and typed Wealthy Affiliate. At this point I had started thinking that people were not being truthful about making money online, I actually started thinking its a myth.

I mean, the more people claimed to be making money online, the more distrusting I became, anyway when I typed Wealthy Affiliate on the Google search bar, I found a review of Wealthy Affiliate, the Article was very long, and now that I know a thing or two about word count, I think the article was about 3500 words, I did not skip any word I read the whole article and I did not search any more.

I created my account and used a puppy picture because I just wanted to test the program and see if it was real.

Rose profile photo
My profile at Wealthy Affiliate

I thought to myself, well, at least they don’t ask for a credit card so I can just check it out, and as soon as I created the free account using a picture of a puppy lol ( very cute puppy I might add lol) I was very surprised at the amount of training that was offered and I was given free access to the platform for 7 days, where I could test out everything that the platform offered.

Well, I knew 7 days will be more than enough to decide if I wanted to stay with the program or not, so I started going through the lessons, I was able to build a website with no trouble at all, and because after three days I knew I was going to stay with the program, I purchased my domain and upgraded to premium at a discounted price of $19 for that month.

As the time went by even before the first month was over, I knew this program was it for me and so I decided, I was not gonna go with the monthly subscription because as we know sometimes budget gets squeezed and then you have to make tough decisions as to what to pay that month and what to skip.

I did not want to lose this program or loose access to my website, because once you upgrade to premium, there is no going back to free membership, and if you don’t pay your subscription, you can’t get access to your website unless you move it to a different hosting.

So I said to myself since that month I was in a position to squeeze somethings and spare some money to take up the annual membership, that is exactly what I did, I became an annual member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have never looked back.

I have built several websites In different niches

Since finding wealthy Affiliate, I have built several websites including letsworkinpjs, and I have also tasted the mythical online money, I am not going to throw some numbers out there but I have been able to make money with my websites, which is unbelievable to me because, in the beginning, I did not even think I will get to that point, I just wanted to have a fully functional website and share my ideas with the world and if possible then maybe make some money.


I want to help you because I don’t want you to struggle like I did, if you are passionate about websites or you are really interested in learning how to generate an income from something you love and are passionate about, then I will help you learn how to turn your passion into an income.

Is it easy to start making money online? absolutely not, I remember with my first website at wealthy affiliate I worked 3 months without seeing any kind of results and I was getting frustrated because I just wanted to see results, not necessarily money, but traffic, I wanted to see the number of clicks to my website rise, I wanted proof that I was doing things the right way.

But luckily Wealthy Affiliate has a very large and supportive community that kept encouraging me and telling me to keep writing the articles and working on my website, if it wasn’t for the Community at Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t know how my journey would have turned out.

You need support when you are building your online business, you can’t do it alone, you need someone who has been where you are so they can guide you and help you avoid the mistakes that could cost you lots of time and cause you lots of frustration.

And you also need a team of engineers who are ready to fix any technical problem you might encounter, while working on your website, Wealthy Affiliate offers the best support team in the world, I know this because they have fixed all kinds of problems on my websites including problems that I have created myself like installing a problematic plugin.

I know that everyone would like to have financial freedom, I mean won’t you like to just take that holiday you always wanted to take but you couldn’t because your boss won’t let you have days off or maybe your financial situation won’t let you.

Well, since I found a program that works, I want to help you build your own online business from the ground up, I want to save you from online scams and lead you to a place where you can learn how to grow your business and finally gain your financial freedom.


I created this website to help people skip the part where you spend so much time searching the web trying to find a way to learn how to create your online business, I am going to direct you to a place where you can start training immediately and start your journey to earning income from your own home or from wherever you are and that place is without a doubt Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below or contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I wish you lots of success



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