The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal Why The Hype?

OK, so the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal is on again this year, and of course, there is lots of hype, and buzz about it, but is it really worth the money, or all this noise you hear is it just affiliates trying to make their commissions? Every year at this time of the year every other post on the Wealthy Affiliate website is about Black Friday.

Every member is trying to outdo the other by talking about the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal, I didn’t post there this year because I just feel like there is enough noise about the offer on the platform so I decided to just talk about it here on my website.

Wealthy Affiliate Deal, Why I Didn’t Write About It

The truth of the matter is, even though the Wealthy Affiliate domain is a powerful domain when every other article on there is about the Black Friday offer, I don’t think people have many chances of ranking on Google and other search engines, but then again that is not the point of those articles. Members are posting there as a way to inform their referrals to grab the Black Friday deal.

Since I was able to communicate the news to my referrals without writing an article, why not take the opportunity to add an article on my own website? Anyway, just click the banner below to to register for this deal, now, all you need is the email addres, then you will be ready to grab it.

Do You Know What Wealthy Affiliate Is?

I know I could be talking to someone who has never heard of Wealthy Affiliate so let me do a quick intro, you can also read my full review of this platform here. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform and a Webhosting company, actually Wealthy affiliate is a one-stop shop for anyone who is interested in establishing an online business.

Wealthy affiliate is able to teach a total beginner how to make money online, either by affiliate marketing, e-commerce, drop shipping, copy writing, social media management, creating and selling your own online courses, book writing, you name it, you can learn it at Wealthy Affiliate. And the beauty of being a member at Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to go anywhere else, you will launch your website right there, and start working on your online empire right there at Wealthy Affiliate.

OK, What Is Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal Offering This Year?

In my opinion, this is the biggest deal yet, I really didn’t even think we were going to have an offer this year, because of the current situation in the world, but Wealthy Affiliate did it again. Kyle Loudon, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate posted an article outlining the deal and all the bonuses included. Read his post here

This year Wealthy Affiliate have done something that I thought they would never do again, and that reintroduces the discounted annual premium membership. This is the discount I grabbed a while back, and I can’t believe that the members who join today are going to get the same offer I got a while back.

This is after the annual premium membership was increased, and I was so glad that my pricing was grandfathered, meaning I will pay the same price as long as I remain a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate. I am kinda jealous actually lol.

Check out the deal

Dates: November 26th, 9:00 AM – November 29th, 11:59 PM

Offer: $299 Premium Yearly ($289 off), $499 Premium Plus+ Yearly ($689 Off)

Who It’s Available to – Everybody

Let’s Dig Deeper, Is Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Worth It?

Even if I wasn’t a member at Wealthy affiliate, and even if I wasn’t affiliated with the site, I would still say it’s more than worth it, I mean the services you get, are far more costly than the price you are being charged at wealthy affiliate. I mean think about it endless courses on any topic you can think of relating to digital marketing.

The keyword research tools you get and the Site support alone are with the money, did I mention web hosting? being able to host 10 websites with the regular premium membership, that alone is enough to set you up in the world of online business. Anyway, lets take a look at the bonuses offered this year with the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal


One member who is very good in math calculated and the cost of everything you are offered with your Premium Plus annual membership came to about $13.000 per year. If you are interested to know how he came up with that figure, you can read his post here


If there is one Black Friday Offer that you must get, then it’s this one. This offer can totally change your life, it changed mine. Try it for free, and see if you like it, the good thing about Wealthy Affiliate, they are so confident in their product that they are willing to let you try before you commit.

All you need is your email address, and that’s it no credit card required.

Well, this was a quick post to let you know about this amazing deal.

If you have questions, please leave them below.

Thank you for your time.


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