How To Make Money On The Likee App TikTok Competitor

It seems like everyone is out to get Tiktok in terms of giving competition, today we are going to talk about how to make money on the Likee app. If we were to make a list of Tiktok competitors, it would be a long list, I mean we have Likee, Clapper, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, Triller, Pinterest Idea pins.

Everyone is trying to get a piece of that pie, so lets see how to make money on the Likee app, but before we do that, first lets see what Likee is, and how it works.

 How To Make Money On The Likee App What Is Likee, And How Does It Work?

Likee is very much similar to TikTok, it’s a short video sharing platform where people post short videos, mainly funny videos. Because Likee wants to give serious competition to Tiktok, they have come up with creative ways to get people to sign up to the app, and those ways include opportunities to make money, and those are the opportunities we are going to focus on in this article.

Likee was launched in 2017, but back then it was known as Like, in 2019 it was rebranded and it’s now known as Likee, with over 600M downloads currently, Likee is within the top 5 most downloaded apps in the world.

The app Itself is easy to use, you just go to your AppStore or Google Play Store and search for Likee App, then you download the app to your device, and then you create an account, and you are ready to start sharing your videos. You can either use the app’s inbuilt camera to record and edit your videos, or you can upload videos from your camera roll, it’s really up to you.

When you record or upload your videos, you have access to the Likee audio library where you can add sounds to your videos, just like TikTok, you need to use the trending sounds and the trending hashtags.

I Actually Heard About Likee On TikTok

The funny thing is, I found out about Likee through TikTok, the same way I found out about Clapper, and Triller. A content creator friend of mine mentioned it to me when I was telling him about Clapper, he asked if I had tried Likee, I asked him what Likee was, and that’s when he talked to me about it.

He said he was being paid $400 to create content on Likee, I was like wow! really? And He said “yes I am being paid to create content on Likee” furthermore, he mentioned that he would make even more money on the app if he had more time to spend on it.

So Let’s See Different Ways Of Making Money On The Likee App

The first way of making money on Likee is by becoming an official content creator for the app, and what this means is that Likee will pay you, to create content for them. So you have to follow the requirements, for you to get paid by Likee.

Content guidelines for the official Likee Creators include 15 qualified videos and they also used to require 5 live streams of one hour each within a period of 30 days, but it seems like that requirement has been removed now. Of course, there are rules that you need to follow in order for your videos to qualify, for example, the videos must be original, and your face must be showing at all times.

Videos shorter than 7 seconds will not qualify, (the minimum length is 15 seconds) and horizontal videos are not acceptable either. The videos must be clear and in full-screen mode. The list is quite long, so please check it out on the Likee app or website, and use their contact us page to request more info.

How To Become A Paid Creator On Likee App


There doesn’t seem to be a way of applying to become an official Likee creator. As you can see on the screenshot above, They are the ones who choose who to invite for auditions. the audition process is simple you are going, to be invited to take part, and you will be given a specific time when you should live stream for a period of not less than 30 minutes.

Likee Admin team will take a look at your broadcast, and then they will decide whether you can be one of their official Likee creators, if you qualify, then you will get a notification with the list of content guidelines, and of course a crown on your profile. What they will be looking for is a bubbly happy personality, the quality of your internet connection, and the overall quality of your broadcast.

Can I Post TikTok Videos On Likee App?

Well, obviously as a paid creator Likee wants you to record videos specifically for the platform not recycled content from Tiktok or Clapper, so, in my opinion, it’s better to just record videos for Likee, that way you will have the number of qualifying videos at the end of the month. Of course, you can download your TikTok videos and then upload them to Likee, but you must remove the TikTok watermark, and also you mustn’t post videos that contain sounds or effects from TikTok.

To Be safe, I think it’s better to post the video on Likee first, and then if you like, you can proceed to post it on Tiktok.

How And When Will I Get Paid By Likee?

Likee pays its official creators in the beginning of the month and they will pay via Payoneer. currently, they are paying $200 per 15 qualifying videos, but you will also get bonuses, depending on how popular you are on the app. there are some creators who are making $1500 plus a month on Likee.

Are There Other Ways To Make Money On Likee Without Being An Official Creator?


Of course, just like any other social media platform, there are other ways of making money on Likee, you are given an opportunity to link your Instagram and your Youtube Channel, which means you can use Likee to drive traffic to your offers on either Instagram or Youtube.

Alternatively, you can rise like to promote your own products. Furthermore, you can make money by getting gifts from your fans, which you can then convert into cash, just Likee we have on TikTok.


Just like Tiktok, Likee is gaining recognition, thanks to their efforts to grow the app. Now even though the opportunity to become an official Likee creator is available, I don’t think it’s gonna be available for long. I think once the app gains popularity and they reach the target of downloads, they will stop paying creators, or maybe stop accepting new official creators.

When they first started the program, they were paying Creators $400 per month, then it went down to $300 and now it stands at $200. So do I think this is a great way of making money online? Well, it’s not stable obviously, so you can use it as one stream of income. But as they say, don’t build your house on someone else’s land, so my suggestion is you have other streams of income.

For example, you can start your own affiliate marketing business. Click Here To Learn How To Start.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my post today, please leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

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