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Today I want us to do a Rumble vs YouTube review, I want us to compare these two video platforms and decide whether Rumble could be the next big thing when it comes to video platforms. YouTube has dominated the market for many years, and many content creators have benefited over the years by sharing their content on YouTube.

But as rules keep changing on YouTube, creators are trying to find alternatives and incomes Rumble. Rumble vs YouTube review, will creators start flooding Rumble, and is Rumble ready and prepared to handle the mass migration? Let’s find out but before we do that let’s first find out what Rumble is.

Rumble vs YouTube Review What Is Rumble Can It Be An Alternative?

Rumble is a video hosting website similar to YouTube or Vimeo. As someone who spends most of my time online, I come across all kinds of things, and during my research for a blog post, I came across a video that was talking about making money by uploading just one video. The person in the video sounded very convincing so I decided to check it out.

I wanted to see if this was just another one of those misleading videos that I keep seeing on YouTube and TikTok. Anyway I went on my search bar and typed and it came up, I created an account and submitted a video, I didn’t know that in order for your videos to appear on the platform for people to watch, you need to create a channel and then share that video to your channel.

OK, I then Learned and created a channel, see Rumble is not the same as YouTube.

Rumble is Very Different From YouTube

The website can be a bit confusing because as I said when you create an account, you can upload videos but unless you create a channel and add those videos to your channel, no one will be able to see your videos.

Another thing that is very different, is that when you upload a video, in order for your videos to be monetized, you must choose what kind of license you want. There are four options,


Once you upload your video, you of course give it a title and description, then you choose a thumbnail or upload a custom thumbnail if you have created one, then choose a channel that you want to share the video if you have more than one channel. Then you can either schedule or just upload your video.

Rumble vs YouTube How To Upload A Video

Once you hit upload, you will be taken to the page in the screenshot below where you should choose the license for your video. This is where things get confusing because I don’t think the description on each license is very clear for beginners. Anyway, the first license is the one you give your video to Rumble meaning you surrender your rights to rumble and they can do as they please with your video.


The second license you give rights to Rumble but you exclude YouTube, meaning you can make money with the video on YouTube and Rumble will not take a cut. But they control all the other platforms meaning they own the rights to the video on all other platforms.

The third license is the best in my opinion because it’s similar to YouTube meaning you own your video, and a free to share it wherever you want and make money with it. Of course, as you can imagine, the first license is the one that gives you the most money but keeps in mind that you have no rights to the video whatsoever.

And then the fourth license is the personal use one which means only your subscribers will watch your videos also your videos are not searchable nor monetized.

Anyway, once you choose the license, then you have to add more information about the video, for example, where and who recorded the video, then you must agree to terms of use and then submit your video. then you will get a message that says your video is ready to share monetization pending.

Rumble vs YouTube Review What Does Monetization Pending Mean?

Basically what this means is that your video is being reviewed to see if it’s suitable for advertisers. Apart from the video I have posted today so I could obtain the screenshots that I have used in this post, I had only posted 3 videos out of those only one has been monetized after almost a month of being in pending mode.

But I am happy because it’s only on Rumble that you can be monetized with zero subscribers. I mean I only had 3 videos, no subscribers whatsoever yet one of my videos is monetized.

Of course, Rumble has a lot of work ahead of them because most people are used to YouTube, and YouTube as I mentioned earlier, has been in business for many years. When I was researching for this post came across lots of content of people complaining about Rumble and the main complaint was lack of analytics.

Rumble Needs To Work On Analytics We Need More


Unlike YouTube where you have access to lots of data, on Rumble, you are just shooting in the dark and hoping for the best because, you have no analytics to see how your videos are performing, which videos are generating the most views, basically you have nothing.

But I am sure Rumble will pull themselves together and improve things. The thing is Rumble received lots of traffic when YouTube started censoring some types of content, political content was censored and other kinds of content so creators flooded Rumble and created lots of content and I think Rumble was not prepared for that kind of traffic is such short time.

The last 6 months have seen Rumble grow at a very high rate. I mean before 6 months I didn’t even know that such a thing as Rumble existed and now I am hearing about it on TikTok almost every day.

So Should I Join Rumble?

Absolutely, I think you should join Rumble, being so early in the game, you will be able to grow quickly and by the time people start leaving YouTube and joining Rumble, you will be far ahead. Besides it’s easier to grow on Rumble sing the competition is not so high like it is on YouTube.

You don’t have to compete with big accounts, I mean I just created a Rumble channel where I intend to share the same content that I am sharing here on this website. I still have to learn how the algorithm works so I can be on top of my keyword game but I can’t do that until they(Rumble) improve the analytics.

When And How Do I Get Paid By Rumble?

As soon as you hit the threshold which is $50.00 you will be paid via PayPal. Although some people seem not to be happy with this payment method, I think it’s great because it makes it easy for people from different parts of the world to make money with their videos and get paid, since PayPal makes things simple.

Are There Other Ways To Make Money On Rumble?

Yes, you can also make money by referring people to Rumble. I think this is so cool because it gives you another opportunity to make some money when people click on your link and join Rumble. By the way, please Click Here To Join Rumble with my link. Of course, you can also use Rumble to promote your affiliate offers as we do on YouTube.

That way you can generate income with ad revenue as well as affiliate commissions. I think if they work on the website and improve it, and also improve their app, Rumble could be the next big thing after YouTube.

I am glad I caught it early, so I will not miss out if it becomes big, I am creating content, at least one video a week, I am more motivated now after my video got monetized.


Rumble is a great platform and it’s growing rapidly. Of course, people will compare it to YouTube but this is a different platform, also it’s still new and experiencing growing pains. But I am sure with time things will improve, I am sure they will hire more experts to work on analytics and other issues that creators are not happy with.

In the meantime, we small people need to get there now before the big creators start taking it over. We need to establish ourselves there and build a good following, that way even when the big gurus get there we will be the ones telling them where to seat lol.

Anyway, thank you for reading my post. Please leave me a comment below, tell me are you on Rumble? If not now what are you waiting for?

Oh, and please subscribe to my Rumble channel, I will also subscribe to yours( if you have cool content lol)

Thank you, For Your Time

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