Pathway To Passive Review An Affiliate eBook

In this review we are taking a look at the Pathway To Passive, this is an e-book written by Mark Ling who is the creator, and owner of Affilorama. If you are not familiar with affilorama, it’s an affiliate marketing training website, I have written a detailed review of the website, if you would like to learn more, please click here. Anyway, in this Pathway To Passive review, we are going to dive into this book and see if it’s worth your money and time.

Why should you choose to purchase this book when there are so many resources out there to teach you affiliate marketing? And dare I say most of them are free. Obviously, if you are reading this you are interested in affiliate marketing and you are even considering this book and that is why you are researching. So let me first commend you on doing your research before committing to something.

But What Exactly Is Pathway To Passive?

Let’s get into Pathway to Passive review, this is a book written by Mark Ling, the owner of Affilorama, the book is a guide to help a newbie affiliate marketer build an affiliate marketing website, it covers topics like how to find the perfect niche, SEO, content creation, and how to find products and services to promote on your website.

It goes further to teach you how to write product reviews and, it will also teach you how to write great quality articles that will entice other bloggers to link to your website. The other topics covered in Pathway To Passive are finding out the problems your audiences are struggling with and finding ways to solve those problems.

Because that is what affiliate marketing is all about, you find a problem that people are struggling with and then you find the solution, I think I have mentioned this in some of my previous articles. Email marketing is also covered in the book as well as how to structure your website for maximum revenue generation.

Pathway To Passive At A Glance

Helps you Build A Search Engine Optimized Affiliate marketing Website

Guides you to the most profitable products to promote

It helps you wit niche selection.

Teaches you how to write great content that attracts lots of traffic, and make your readers want to share your content

Helps you build a funnel that will drive sales

Will teach you how to structure your website so it’s user-friendly ( organization)

Who Is Pathway To Passive For?


It’s for beginner affiliate marketers who want to be focused on building an affiliate marketing websites, or seasoned affiliates who want to sharpen their tools so to speak.

So is it worth considering? I think it will help you build a niche website that will produce passive income, especially if you read the book before starting your website, then you will know which steps to take. And for someone who already has a website, it will give nuggets of information to help you up your game.

The book is not expensive it will cost you $37 I don’t think that is too crazy, I mean there are some affiliate marketing courses out there that cost hundreds of dollars, so I think the Pathway To Passive is priced reasonably.

The Good AKA Pros

Solid content strategy to help you build a website that will generate an income passively for many years to come

Easy to follow step by step

Pocket-friendly price, at only $37

Covers all the important topics in Affiliate marketing like niche selection, profitable products to promote, email marketing, content creation and also SEO

Not So Good  AKA Cons

Can’t download the book (it’s only accessible online on your phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection)

There is no physical version of the book

Again Why Should You Purchase Pathway To Passive?


I asked you a question earlier, and I would like to address this question, from my experience, yes there are lots of free resources out there, there are YouTube videos with many tips on how to do affiliate marketing, but when you purchase a course, it’s not the same as relying on free resources.

When I started learning affiliate marketing, I started with videos on YouTube and reading lots of articles online, I learned many things but I had a hard time putting everything together because one guru would give me one formula, and then I would find another guru who gives me a totally different formula that contradicts what I just learned.

In Affiliate Marketing Training, It’s Best To Have A Step By Step System

So when it comes to affiliate marketing it’s best to have a step by step guide, that way you will learn quicker and you will find it easier to implement what you have learned into your business. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time jumping from one piece of training to another, and in the end, you will not accomplish your goals.

Remember that after you read the Pathway To passive, you must take what you learn and implement it into your website, otherwise, it’s pointless.

This is a guide that takes you step by step as you build out your website, I think it’s a good way to learn especially if you don’t want to commit to the training offered at affiliate marketing membership sites like Affilorama, where you will be paying monthly. You can just purchase the book, read it, take notes, and go on to work on your online business.

Rember after reading the book you will need to register a domain for your website and get hosting, Luckily BlueHost has an offer where you only pay for hosting which is $3.95 per month and you get a domain for the first year for free


Mark Ling has created many teaching resources including the famous Affilojetpack, Affilotools, and of course the Affilorama website. And now he has come up with this e-book which I think is a value for money considering his other products are quite expensive.

I think this book is a way to learn affiliate marketing in an affordable, yet effective way. So yes I do recommend you get yourself this book if you are interested in creating passive income with your website.

OK, now it’s your turn, Have you heard of Pathway To Passive before? Have you read it? if so, please share your thoughts on it below.

Thank you for your time.

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