How To Back Up Your WordPress Site

As you know WordPress has released a new version, WordPress 5.4 comes with many added features, and website owners including myself are updating to the new version. But did you know that by updating your WordPress, things could go wrong with your website? In today’s article, I am going to share with you, how to back up your WordPress site.

Why Do You Need To Back Up Your WordPress Site?

Before we get into how to back up your WordPress site, lets first find out why you need to back up your website. By updating your website to the new WordPress version, it means you are adding features that were not there before, and that means maybe your theme might not be able to handle the new additions, or your plugins might not work properly with the new update.

When you update to the new version of WordPress, you will also have to update your plugins, because usually, the plugin creators do make alterations to accommodate the new version of WordPress, and the same goes for the themes.

So it’s very wise to always back up your website and keep a copy of your website in a folder on your compute or better yet store it on a memory stick just in case you need it later. Although, I am lucky to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate, where they back up my website on a daily basis, I still want to have my own copy of my website.

Your Website is your Business, And You Need To Be On Top Of Things At All Times


That is because, this is my business and my website is my most treasured asset, so I must be in control of my own business. And I think you should be too. Regardless of whether your hosting company is backing up your website, it’s always wise to do your own back-ups.

Its actually very easy to back up your website using the export feature within WordPress, Once you export your website, You can then download the file, which will go to your downloads on your computer, from there you can create a folder, maybe call it website back up, and then you can save your website file in the folder for easy access if you ever need it.

Of course this is a manual process, which means you will have to keep doing this depending on how often you want to back up your website, some people do it weekly and some do it monthly. Its wise to always have the latest copy of your website saved, because you don’t want to lose your work, by not having the latest version of your website.

There are other ways to automatically back up your website, but you will still need to save the file to your computer, or to your memory stick. If you would like to learn how to Back Up Your WordPress site using a plugin, then I highly recommend this Tutorial By Marion Black One Of Our WordPress Experts At Wealthy Affiliate

OK, So Lets Get Into How To Back Up Your WordPress Site

Alright, now I am going to walk you through the process that I use to back up my website.

Step one on dashboard of your WordPress site, go to tools, when you hover you will see a drop menu.

Step two Click on the Export, you need to make sure the all content is checked, then just export and download.

Step Three save the file to a folder so you can access it easily



That’s it, it’s very easy.

When Importing The file To Install

You will need to just go to tools again and this time instead of export you will click on import, then you are going to install and activate the importer plugin, and then you will be able to install your WordPress site. And there you have it, that is how to back up your WordPress site.

Nice, quick, and easy.

As we know with any WordPress update, there could be some complications so it’s wise to be prepared for anything. The new WordPress 5.4 has many cool features including the ability to share your TikTok account. OK, if you haven’t read my post about TikTok, I will mention that I have become very active on TikTok lately.

I am Becoming Famous On TiKTok Lol

I am making content there, and even though I was not able to stick to my niche which is affiliate marketing and blog tips, I still do share some blogging tips, although I must admit those videos don’t receive so many views in comparison to my Greek videos. I think TikTok Shows your content to the people in your location and since I live in Greece, My content is showed to Greek Audience first.

And that means when I make a video in English it will not perform so well, because The Greeks who don’t speak English will not engage with the video. Which for me it’s a bummer, because I wanted to promote my blog on TikTok, but oh well, I will get to practice my Greek, of course, don’t speak Greek well enough to be able to share blogging tips or Affiliate marketing tips in Greek, plus my site and my YouTube channel are in English so..


Backing up your website is very important and I think you should get into the habit of backing up your website so you can safeguard your asset. And don’t forget you always check on your links, to make sure they are working properly so you don’t lose revenue. You can do that very easly by installing the broken link checker plugin.

I think you might be interested in my article about plugins, so you can see which plugins you should have on your website.

Well, I will leave it there for now. Please share your thoughts below, have you updated to the new WordPress Version, if so how is it working out for you? Do you like the new features?

Thank you so much for your time, and your comments.


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