. ShareASale vs Commission Junction review

Shareasale vs commission junction Review


Today we are going to review two Affiliate programs that I am involved in. We are going to make Shareasale and Commission Junction go head-to-head and see who will come out on top. So in this ShareASale vs Commission Junction review, we are going to compare the services of the two companies so you can make a wise decision as to which one you would prefer. ShareASale vs Commission Junction review

Affiliate Marketing What Is It?

 ShareASale vs Commission Junction review

Before we get started, I would like to mention what Affiliate marketing is just in case you are just starting in this business and learning. I will just say in a few words that Affiliate marketing is more or less like being a salesperson but not being pushy and annoying lol.

You as a publisher, you drive customers to the Merchant by using unique links that will be provided to you by the Affiliate network. in this case Commission Junction or Shareasale. You will place those links on your website.

If someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and makes a purchase, then you will get a commission. And commissions vary depending on the kind of product you are promoting. There are some high ticket products and some Publishes do go for those products. but in each niche, you will find a product that will give you a good commission.

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I should also mention that there are people who are doing affiliate marketing using social media. Pinterest is one of the sites that people like using to promote products and make commissions. By joining a program like CJAffiliates or Shareasale, you have a big selection of products that you can promote and make money.

And so what people do, is get on Pinterest, create a business account, and then find a product and create a pin. And place their affiliate link on the pin. So if someone clicks on the pin, it will take them to let’s say Bohoo.com and they can buy the product and you get the commission.

The downside of doing business this way, is that you have to be careful because there are some advertisers who are very strict and they don’t want you to use your links in this manner. So you need to read each agreement carefully, otherwise, you could be doing a lot of work creating pins for nothing. Also, sites like Pinterest might deactivate your account for always posting affiliate pins. Your account could be flagged as spammy account.

It’s always wise to have your own website if indeed you are serious about Affiliate Marketing, that way you are in control of your business and you can join and promote any product you desire to promote.

How Does An Affiliate Program Work?

 ShareASale vs Commission Junction review

An Affiliate Program like the ones we are reviewing today, work as A partnership. By bringing Publishers and Merchant together, I choose to think of it as the affiliate program being a middle man who introduces the publisher ( you) to the Merchant (the product owner)

They also do all the tracking and in the case of Commission Junction, they make the payments also which means, your income is centralized within the program no matter how many products or companies you are involved in. For example, let’s say you are running 3 different niches, let’s say you are in the travel niche, weight loss niche, and jewelry niche.

You will have all your websites within the Commission Junction, and you will promote products within all those niches, and then commission Junction will track all your income and they will pay you, which I think works very well.

Cases when you might not get paid

Well, there some cases where your payment might get delayed or you might not get paid despite making commissions, one scenario is when the advertiser holds your commission because of cancellations or refunds. Another scenario would be if you have not made enough to meet the minimum requirement.

Commission Junction Or CJ Affiliate

Company Name- Commission Junction or CJ.com or CJ Affiliate

Website- www.cj.com

Category- Affiliate Marketing

Country- United States

Period in business- since 1998

company President- Waleed Al-Atraqchi

Company vice President- Paul Tibbitt

This is one of the oldest Affiliate networks in the world it comes in at number two after Rakuten which was launched in 1996 and it’s one of the favorites of many Affiliates, although you might come across a few negatives reviews especially from the old websites who started with the program over 20 years ago.

When the program first started, there was not much competition and according to the negative reviews I have read and I am quoting one of them, “what this meant was that they used to operate in a not so friendly manner

They could close an account just like that especially if the account was not making many sales” I have to say I have not had any problem with this Network so maybe in recent years things have improved a lot and publishers are making good money from this program.

There are of course some rare cases where accounts have been closed but, it’s not as common and if you contact their customer support team which can be reached either by email or even by phone from Monday to Friday, things will be smoothed out in a timely manner unless of course, you have committed a big offense.

Commission Junction has the trust of many big brands, and they have a huge list of advertisers to choose from depending on your niche and that’s why many Publishers prefer this program because no matter what your website is about, you will find a product to promote and make money.

How to sign up with Commission Junction.

The sign-up process for a publisher is very easy and it’s free, you just need to fill the form with your information and then once approved you will need to choose the category of your business, describe your website and of course submit your websites URL That’s it.

There are many categories to choose from as you can see below

 ShareASale vs Commission Junction review


A few Things to Consider before joining Commission Junction.

Even though it’s very easy to join CJ, there are chances that most of the advertises will not accept your application to promote their products, that’s because some advertisers prefer websites that have a huge audience and what this means is that the new websites don’t get to be accepted by the brands that they would like to promote.

This does not mean that you give up, it just means that you just promote the ones that will accept you and then as your website grows and gains authority and traffic, you can apply again to those that refused to accept you and they will accept you.

I will give you an example, I really wanted to promote Airbnb, and when I thought of applying, I checked their requirements and decided to wait a little bit longer until I reach their traffic requirement which stands at a staggering figure of one million visitors a month. I am not there yet but I will get there.

Definitely, CJ is a great Network because they have many advertisers and they have many household names which means your audience will be familiar with the products you are promoting which will make your job easier as well as increasing your number of sales which means more commissions and more growth to your business.

So those are my thoughts on Commission Junction, lets now take a look at Shareasale

ShareASale Lets Compare

Company Name- ShareASale

Website- www.shareasale.com

Owner- Awin-

Period In Business– since 2000


Country- United States

How Does ShareASale Work?

Shareasale is a big affiliate network coming second behind Commission Junction, and so when I was searching for affiliate networks to join, I decided to Join the two biggest ones, I will advise to join as many networks as you can depending on the time you have to create content and reviews.

You really don’t want to just put all your eggs in one basket so to speak, so what is ShareASale and what makes it so popular with affiliates? ShareASale has been in business for a long time and they have built a reputable brand that many affiliates and advertisers are happy to work with.

Over the years they have worked tirelessly to improve the network and to make sure that their name is known for being an honest and transparent company that works toward delivering efficient and accurate customer service. In 2017 ShareASale was bought by an international network known as Awin which made it a favorite affiliate network for many international affiliates.

Very Beginner Friendly

 ShareASale vs Commission Junction review

ShareASale is very beginner friendly, their sign up is super easy, and also they make it very easy for you to organize your websites if you have more than one, there are many affiliate networks that require you to sign up separately for each website you own, this is where ShareASale becomes the favorite of many because you only need to sign up once and you can just add your websites.

Another thing that I like about ShareASale is the fact that they will notify you when a merchant has deleted their account, this used to be a problem before and I have seen some reviews of people complaining that they were not notified when one of their merchants pulled out.

This can be very frustrating for an affiliate because you could be spending time creating content and reviewing products that are not going to give you any commission.

So I am glad to see that ShareASale has taken care of this problem, the reason I know this is that I just received a notification the other day that one of my merchants has pulled out, it’s sad because I had done some reviews of products from that merchant and it means my links are not going to earn me any commission, but it’s good to know so I can search for another merchant.

A Few Things to Consider Before Joining ShareASale


The minimum requirement for a payout with ShareASale stands at $50, now for a new website that’s not getting a lot of traffic, it can take a while to meet this requirement and this is disheartening for beginners but we have to start somewhere so don’t let the threshold discourage you, besides who knows by creating Keyword rich content by using A keyword research tool that will help you target the best keyword within your niche, you will get traffic.

Also by promoting your website on social media, your traffic will rise very quickly and you could make many sales, so great content, detailed reviews and sharing your content on your social networks.

No Paypal Makes Things Frustrating For Affiliates

Another thing to think about when joining ShareASale, Despite many affiliates networks having Pay Pal as a method of paying their affiliates, ShareASale does not pay by pay pal which makes it frustrating, because many affiliates prefer payments going into their PayPal because dealing with checks takes a lot of work and time.

If you are considering joining ShareASale, I would highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the network and when you decide to choose merchants to work with, take full advantage of their top quality search functions so you can find the best products to promote. By using their Feature rank tool, you will be able to find the top 100 merchants and you can decide which ones you want to join.

You even have a choice to either search by commission or search by how long the merchant has been with ShareASale, You want to go with the ones who have been around for a while because they are probably the best. Shareasale has many brands and big brands too so you will definitely find products to promote and earn commissions.


My Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing is the best and the easier ways to start making money online, and if you know how to utilize this form of marketing, you can earn a very lucrative income right from your home, Affiliate marketing is especially ideal for stay at home Mom or Dad because you can structure your working hours the way you want.

So by starting a blog and joining a few affiliates networks you could easily start earning money, if you are thinking about venturing into the world of blogging and affiliate marketing, and you are not sure how to go about it, then I suggest you check out my number one recommendation for Affiliate Marketing training and community support and learn more on how you can get the training and the tools you need to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

You should join both networks so you can maximize your income

Those are my opinions about these two networks, I think each one has it’s best features as well as the not so good features, so it’s really up to you to choose which one you like better or join both of them, I will say for someone who is in the travel Niche I think CJ would be the best because they have many of the big brands within their network.

Companies like booking.com, sky scanner and many more.

Well, I want to thank you so much for reading this review, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will be very happy to respond.

Thank you for your time


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12 comments on “Shareasale vs commission junction Review

  1. Great showdown here with Shareasale vs. Commission Junction. I’ve been using Commission Junction for a little while now but I haven’t had much experience with Shareasale, so I will definitely be checking it out further through your post. Commission Junction is a decent platform, pretty easy to use, but I find that their banners could be a little more aesthetically appealing, as this is something that plays well into my current project. Honestly I feel that Rakuten has more appealing banners, so I pretty much have been using them of late. Like a said though, I will be checking out Shareasale out further here and I appreciate your comparison, well done!

    1. Hi Pentrental, you raise very good points, Yes, I think Commission Junction need to work on their Banners for sure. as for Rakuten, I actually joined Rakuten a while back because for my skincare website, I had bought some products from Sephora and I like them and I wanted to promote them by doing reviews, well I checked Sephora and found that they were in Rakuten so I applied. But when I got into the site, I was disappointed because it was very complicated for me.

      And not only that, when I searched for Sephora, I was directed to Sephora in the Middle East to which they told me I don’t qualify to join. So no my experience with Rakuten was not a good one.
      Plus I did not understand where I was supposed to add network, I only wanted to add English speaking Countries and somehow I had countries that spoke other languages and I did not know how to change that, I contacted the support and I got a guy on live chat and I still was not able to remove the non English speaking countries.

      I still have my account with Rakuten I might check it out again and I even might do a review about them depending on how my experience is this time around.

  2. Hi Rose, this is a nice side-by-side look at two of the main affiliate groups. How do you the interfaces between them compare? 

    Once you are in both programs, and if they both are affiliates for a merchant that you want to promote, how do you choose which one to use? Do you have a favorite between Commission Junction and ShareASale?

    Many thanks for this informative post on a complex subject!

    1. HaHaHa, what a comment, well, I have never found myself in a situation where I have to choose between the two, I think for some niches like travel and online dating, Commission Junction is the best because they have all the big brands within the network, so if your website is doing well, you can apply to promote the big brands.
      I do have to say that the big brands are very picky and they have some requirements that are not easy to meet for a new website.
      I think each network has its pluses and minuses depending on your niche, and that’s why I recommend joining more than one.

  3. Hello Rose, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am a full-time blogger and these networks are definitely one of the best ones. I use both and I am very satisfied, their commissions are great compared to the Amazon affiliate program which is very poor. Thank you for sharing great info about these two networks, it will definitely help many affiliate marketers who are just starting.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Daniel, Yes these two networks are really good, well I know that there are many affiliates who also like Rakuten and its good too But I found the site a bit difficult to navigate, I didn’t know how to find products to promote, I like ShareASale and Commission Junction because they are very easy to navigate. I find they are beginner friendly and the signup process is very easy.

  4. Hi Rose,

    This information is very useful.  I normally only join digital affiliate programs and networks.  However, there are some physical products I need to promote from my site. And like you said – Do not put eggs all in one basket.  

    I will consider using their services and will bookmark your site for more information.

    Thank you so much for sharing.  More grease to your elbows!

    1. Hi Stella, yes, its always wise not to put all your eggs in one basket, I am glad that you found this article helpful, thank you so much for stopping by I like the more grease to my elbows part lol that’s funny, thanks

  5. You have chosen two of the biggest and well-known examples of affiliate platforms to review and they provide a wealth of insight on how affiliate marketing can work. Since both have been around for so long, obviously they are doing something right.

    The Share-A-Sale and Commission Junction platforms can provide some insight on how such affiliate programs work in general, and although each platform varies somewhat, there are things to watch out for as you select either one or other platforms to work with as you build your affiliate marketing business. 

    There are some lessons I picked up from your analysis that I will use going forward too. I use neither of the two for the affiliate marketing that I am involved in, but I do work with several other big-name networks in the MMO (make money online) market segment…Reading the fine print is very important when you prepare to promote offers…

    When I started, I really was feeling my way through the whole process, and it would have been helpful to have some guidance on which platforms and which programs even were ones to select. Now that I have been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time, I know what to look for. This post is going to help people stay out of trouble.

    Looking through requirements on where you are allowed to place links is important as you can get into hot water if they are not placed in accordance with the company or brand guidance. You could lose commissions earned and even get banned from a program on the platform.

    Your final analysis is spot on. Most of the platforms have their positive and negative points, and it is up to the marketer to look carefully at these and decide if they can work within the requirements to satisfy the companies and the platforms plus address their needs for their own business.




    1. Hi Dave, thank you for your comment, yes its very important to read the fine print before joining any program and before you start promoting any product because its very frustrating when you work so hard promoting a product and then you find out that you are not going to get your commission because you did not follow the rules.
      there are some companies who don’t want you to use their links on social media, they prefer you place the links on your website so the sales are generated from your website.
      So if you use the links on let’s say Pinterest, and make sales, you will not get any commission because the customer did not come from your website.

  6. Hi, Rose.
    Thanks for your review on Share a sale Vs Commission Junction. This research has been a long pending work on my to do list. Thanks for making the things simple.
    What I learned is that both the affiliate programs prefer websites that have good amount of visitors.
    My website is quite new. Should I wait or join them both.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav Gaur, the networks themselves are not so picky I was able to join both when my skincare website was very young. It’s the advertisers that are picky so I say join and then try joining few advertisers within your niche, the big brands might not accept you at first but you will find products to promote and as your website grows, you can apply again to the big brands.

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