is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM scheme

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM Scheme? All You Need To Know


Today I want to answer a question that was raised by a video I watched recently on Youtube Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM scheme? The simple answer to this question is Absolutely Not, Wealthy Affiliate is not a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

But What Is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy where you join a scheme and start promoting a product and recruiting people who will also promote the same product, and you will get commission by recruiting people to join under you and the people who join the program under you, if they recruit people you will also get a percentage of commission too and if those people recruit more people you get a small percentage of commission and so on and so forth.

A lot of multi-level marketing schemes have collapsed due to the fact that you are all promoting the same product, and may I also add that most of those schemes, you have to spend a lot of money before you can even try to make money, I know this because a while back someone tried to recruit me and I was supposed to spend lots of money to buy the product and then I was supposed to start promoting the product after I have bought it first.

A lot of people have lost lots of money to these types of schemes and a lot of these programs have been shut down especially in the US and there are lots of court cases still going on because people are trying to recover their money. That’s why it concerns me a great deal when I hear someone claiming that Wealthy affiliate is a Multi-level marketing Scheme.

This is a detailed answer as to exactly what Wealthy affiliate Is

is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM scheme

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I think I am the right person to tell you exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is because I am right there within the program, the person who claimed that Wealthy Affiliate is A multi-marketing Scheme, they are not a member of the program, I don’t even think they have ever signed up to Wealthy Affiliate.

I think if one is going to claim such a thing and it’s a very serious accusation, I think they should first be sure of what they are talking about. Now I know that there are many Affiliates who defend Wealthy Affiliate with everything they got. I am not one of them, I am just here to state the facts.

As someone who has spent many years trying to learn online business and affiliate marketing, you can read my story here. I can tell you that I have come across many programs, and yes I have fallen in to the cruel hands of scams a few times, and I can also tell you that I am a yearly member of Wealthy Affiliate a decision I made after realizing that this program was the kind of thing I had been searching internet for.

So what is this program all about, Wealthy Affiliate is a training program, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate are successful affiliate marketers who built this program to teach people how to build a word press websites, how to monetize websites and how to grow your own online business. And over the years the program has expanded and has seen an increase in numbers of experienced affiliate marketers from all over the world sharing their expertise.

You can read my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Join Wealthy Affiliate?

is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM scheme

So this program does not consist of just the two guys who created it and a bunch of beginners in Affiliate Marketing, so ask yourself why would an experienced affiliate marketer want to join this program? the answer is simple, this company is reputable and trustworthy, first of all, there are no different levels of membership.

Once you join and upgrade to premium, that’s it, you can choose to pay monthly or do like I did and go yearly it’s completely up to you, when you refer someone to Wealthy affiliate, you will only make commission from that person, and it does not matter whether they choose to promote Wealthy affiliate or not.

If that person refer other people to Wealthy affiliate, you have no gain from the people he or she refers, that’s his/her income and you will not touch any percentage of it

There some programs out there that have different levels of membership and the more you spend the more access you get to the program, some are charging as high as 30 thousand dollars, at Wealthy Affiliate, you upgrade to the same membership and you stay that way no matter how much money you are making with your websites, and you get full access to the program, nothing is locked.

See this is where people get confused about Wealthy Affiliate and they start thinking that it’s a multi-level marketing Scheme. Wealthy affiliate as a company it has it’s own affiliate program, and what this means is that if you want to venture into the make money online niche, you can choose to promote Wealthy affiliate but it’s not mandatory.

You can promote any program of your choice

is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM scheme

You can promote whatever program you want even if you are in the make money online you can choose not to promote Wealthy affiliate and promote another affiliate training program, see your website is your property and you can do whatever you want with it, the owners of Wealthy affiliate are not going to demand that you promote their company.

You can go through the Affiliate marketing Bootcamp training, and then promote another program, it’s really up to you, or you can even choose to promote Wealthy affiliate and then down the line you find another program or product and you can promote that too, you are totally in control of your business.

So how can this company be a multi-level marketing scheme when most of the websites hosted there are actually not even in the make money online niche? When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what my niche would be, because I had created websites in the past with no success.

I knew my first website within Wealthy affiliate will be about skincare because that’s where my heart was, plus I have a lot of experience with that particular niche, so what I did was to go straight for the entrepreneur certificate training, I did not go for the Affiliate Bootcamp training until I decided to venture into work from home niche.

Did I get emails from the founders of Wealthy affiliate demanding that I do the affiliate Bootcamp training and promote their company? absolutely not, Kyle who is the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate was and still is very helpful with my skincare website, and when I run things by him about my skincare niche, he gave me very helpful advice about how best to do skin care products reviews.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and there are people who have been members of Wealthy affiliate for many years, take a look for yourself Below

is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM scheme

is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM scheme

These are people who have built successful businesses using this program and they have stayed with it because they are happy, if they were not, they could have moved their business elsewhere and canceled their memberships, heck they have lasted with the program longer than some relationships last 🙂

Is Their live Chat A PlaceTo Make Friends Like Social Midea?

is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM scheme

No, wealthy affiliate is not a social media site, yes there is a huge community and a live chat but the live chat is there to help you ask questions regarding your website or your niche or other things concerning your online business.

Yes people do talk to each other and they do build connections, I have built connections with lots of people within the community and we have been able to exchange many great business ideas. That been said I don’t think you should go to the live chat thinking of it as a social media type of thing it’s a business tool, created to help you ask questions if you get stuck.


Wealthy Affiliate can not and should not be compared to multi-level marketing because that is misleading as I said it’s a training program that will help you establish a successful online business by providing you with the knowledge and the tools that you need.

I find that the people who have complains about this program or those who claim that it’s not legit or that it’s an MLM scheme are the kind of people who either have never been in Wealthy Affiliate as members or those who create free accounts and then leave without spending time within the program to learn what it’s all about.

Now as I mentioned earlier I am not one of those mighty defenders Of this or any other program, I just gave you my opinion as well as facts about this program what it is and what it’s not.

If you would rather not take my word for it and would like to check it out for yourself, please create a free account and check it out.

Well, I will stop there for today, please leave me a comment about this article, what do you think of this program? have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate before? did you know what it was before reading my article? let me hear your views and I will be more than happy to interact with you.

Thank you for your time


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