Is Scribie Legit? Can You Make $25 Per Hour?

OK, so today we are going to answer the question is Scribie legit? But before we get into it, what exactly is Scribie? Well, I came across this website through a video on YouTube. Where someone was talking about how you can make $25 per hour turning audio files into text. The guy said it’s very easy, and all you have to do is sign up, choose an audio file, and start typing what you hear, sounds easy right?

After watching the video I, of course, went to Google and Typed Scribie. And that is when I decided to give it a try and then come and write a review on it. Of course, I had to do some research to try and find out is Scribie legit or not before signing up. Just like you are doing right now. my plan was to sign up, transcribe two files, wait until I get paid so I can come and talk about it with income proof. I was aiming for just $50 so that should have been a 2-hour work right?

So I went ahead and signed up to Scribie with my Pay Pal account. You have to sign up as a transcriber and you have to provide a verified Pay Pal account. This means your Pay Pal account is linked to a bank account. Of Course, that was not a problem for me, because I work with many brands that require a verified Pay Pal account.

In my application, I mentioned that I am a blogger, and I love writing, and even though I had not done transcription work officially before, it was not going to be a problem for me. Because I am familiar with many accents and I am able to type what I hear.

Is Scribie Legit ? The Sign Up Process Wasn’t So Bad

Then I was told to go ahead and verify my email address by clicking the link they sent me. I did so immediately, and then I was informed that I will be contacted to be informed whether I will be accepted or not. If accepted I will be directed to the Scribie website where I can create my account.

A few hours later I received an email informing me that I could now head over to the create account page on, and proceed to create my account.


Once I proceeded to provide a few details about myself like first and last name, I was able to complete the account creation process. And now I was all set. So, I thought all that remained is for me to find an audio file and start typing. Well, not that fast, I was informed that I have to wait to be invited to take a test. I was given a number(20) and I was told that when it’s my turn, then I can go ahead and grab the available test.

If I pass the test, then I will be paid for the test and I can proceed to find an audio file, and start transcribing immediately. But if I fail the test, I can retake the test up to 10 times, if after ten times I still don’t get it right, then I will be kicked out of the program! Also, I should keep in mind that the files are on the first come first served basis, and actually the same goes for the tests. Well, I kept my email tab open, and the open as well. So I can grab the test as soon as it gets in, it never came, meanwhile, I decided to do some practice while I waited for the test.

While You Wait For The Test, You Can Use Sample Files To Practice


They have sample files that you can use to practice and you can choose between the level of difficulties. Especially in accents, so I went ahead and chose the easiest, which was  American. I don’t have a problem with any kind of American accents because I did live in the US, for a while, I also don’t have a problem with Canadian, British or even Indian accents.

So I went ahead and started transcribing the audio file, the file was only 6 minutes long. Well, I must say it did not go as easy as I expected, the audio had different people speaking, and you must differentiate when it’s a different person speaking. I had scanned through the instruction on how to format the text. When the speaker has changed when there is applause, cheer, and when there are poses in the conversation.

I had To Read The Instructions Carefully

At that point, I abandoned the practice and went back to read the instructions again and take notes. After completing the instruction I started on the audio from where I had left when I finished I went back and tried to edit, as much as I could, based on what I had read on the instruction page.

When I was happy with my work, I submitted the file so it can be compared to the file they had in their database. May I mention that the file at this time had taken me about an hour. When the results came back I was shocked, the file did not match their copy. As a matter of fact, it was very far from what they had in their records.

I stared at the two files and I couldn’t believe my own eyes lol I had typed phrases that were not even in the audio.

And Now Lets See, Is Scribie Legit? And Is It Worth Your Time?

Yes, Scribie is a legit website where many transcribers have been making money online by converting audio files into text. Now is it an easy job? No, you will need to learn and practice in order for you to start earning a good income from Scribie. Scribie was founded by Rajiv Poddar in 2008, their headquarters are based in San Francisco California.

They have been serving customers by providing high-quality transcription services(with an accuracy of up to 99%) by connecting Transcribers to the customers.


Don’t Be deceived By Those YouTube Thumbnails, Its Not That Easy

As far as the YouTube videos making it sound as if it’s just a case of signing up and earning $25 per hour, that is misleading.

The $25 per hour is based on audio file hour. This means even though the audio file I chose took me an hour to complete, it was actually only 6 minutes file. so I would have been paid for the six minutes, and not the hour that I spent. You are given 2 hours plus a one-hour extension to submit the work. so in total, you have 3 hours to work on the file, so I suggest if you just starting out, start with small files because as I mentioned, I chose a 6-minute file and it took me an hour to work on it.

Of course, if you are an experienced transcriber, you will work faster than me I guess lol. You can cancel any project at any time and you will not be penalized for it.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind Before Signing Up To Scribie

Requirements To Be A Transcriber

You will need a computer and an internet connection of course.

A good headset so you can clearly hear the audio.

You will also need the latest version of your browser, for example, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Etc

The per-hour payment is based on the audio file.

You must work toward the highest grade which is A+.

There is a bonus of $5 per every 3 hours Audio files completed in a month.

Having a D grade is bad news, a low grade can cause you to be kicked out of transcribing.

You can also get a referral link and refer your friends to join. If they join as customers, you will earn 5% of the orders they place, and if you refer friends to join as transcribers, you will earn 2/5% of their earnings.

Benefits of having a high grading

You can be promoted to a reviewer,

Also, you have a chance of being promoted to the position of proofreader which means your earnings will be higher.

What About The Payment Process?


Obviously as stated, I did not get to the payment process. But based on my research, the payment process is quite straight forward. Once your work is approved, then it’s delivered to the client, and your Scribie account is credited with the amount that you have earned. You can then go ahead and cash out your earnings, it will take one business day for the amount to show up on your Pay Pal account.

You can only cash out once a day, and if you cash-out amount that is less than $30, you will be charged 2%.


Yes, Scribie is legit, but transcribing is a skill that you have to acquire, and master also it will take lots of time to be able to earn good money especially if you are a beginner in the transcription world. there are many complaints by transcribers who claimed that the reviewers are rejecting their files unfairly.

Of course, you have the option of submitting your disputes to the team that handles disputes. And that does not guarantee that you will win the case and your work will be reinstated. If you don’t want to deal with such issues you can always do transcription jobs privately by using websites like Fiverr, or Upwork.

Anyway, I hope you have found some value in my article. Have you worked as a Transcriber? If yes which website do you use and what can you share with us? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

Thank you for your time.


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