how to write your first blog post

How To Write Your First Blog Post


Today I want us to talk about how to write your first blog post. As I was deciding what I should write about today, a thought came to mind. I thought of my very first blog post that I ever wrote. The word count was only 500 words but I was very proud of myself.

When you are building your first website, it’s a very exciting process. First, you choose your niche ( the topic for your website) then you choose a theme and the colors for your website.

You create the about me page where you introduce yourself to your audience, share a little about yourself and talk about the goal of your website. you create the Privacy policy page and any other legal pages like the affiliate disclosure, that is if you intend to make money with your blog.

When Its Time To Write Your First Blog Post, That’s When The Work Starts

how to write your first blog post

Then when all that is set up, its time now to put in the work, its time to start writing. But where do you start? its actually very easy and there is nothing to be nervous about. But there are some mistakes that I see many beginner bloggers make especially the ones that are doing affiliate marketing. The first mistake I see, is starting by writing a product review.

I wouldn’t recommend a product review as your very first blog post and I will tell you why. Unless you are an SEO expert and you are willing to spend money promoting your content, it’s pointless to start with a product review. I know this is not what you want to hear but, it will take time for Google and other search engines to rank your content.

And that is why I suggest you start with helpful content like how-to articles, once you push out a few articles, then you can start thinking about products reviews.

So how to write your first blog post, let’s say you are in the pet niche. Why don’t you start by writing about the importance of buying toys for your dog? By writing this article, it will help you later when you write a review of the best dog toys, you will link this article to the review so your audience can learn more about dog toys which build trust.

How To Write Your First Blog Post, Start By Finding A Low Competition Keyword

how to write your first blog post

I would suggest you start just like I do, first find a low competition keyword, and then just use the key word on the title of your article, for example, lets use dog toys as our keyword, our title will be something like why dog toys are mandatory. OK, now that you have a title with your keyword, you also need to use your keyword in the body of your article, just find ways to incorporate your keyword in your first two paragraphs and once or twice on your subheadings.

Look, don’t listen to those gurus who are telling you that in order to become a successful blogger, your first blog post has to be mind blowing. Those are the kinds of people who will discourage you and make you feel intimidated and feel as if you have nothing substantial to offer the world.

Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Dreams From You, Follow Your Passion

how to write your first blog post

If you have a passion for something and you want to blog about it and make money with it, go for it. most people will relate to you more than they will relate to that guru. Trust me, when I first thought about building my website, I went on Google and I searched for all kinds of things especially about writing articles and blogging in general.

What I read almost made me change my mind, I read some really scary stuff like one article I read that said if I don’t get my first blog post right, I am doomed to fail in blogging. They said things like if my visitors don’t like what I wrote, they will never come back.

So let me ask you a question, how many people are on the internet every day and night? if some people don’t like your content, others will like it. And actually this brings me to another point, if you search on Google about niches, most people are talking about how saturated some niches are. Don’t listen to that, in fact, the more saturated a niche is, the better because it means people are interested in that niche.

And that is why I recently created a list of most profitable niches, the niches I featured in that article, are very saturated but they are evergreen and if you build your blog targeting one of those niches, once you gain authority, you are positioned in the money-making slot for sure.

Everyone Has Their Own Style Of Writing

how to write your first blog post

The thing is, everyone has their own style of writing and explaining things so you will always find an audience for your blog. Let me give you an example, there is this show on TLC that I love to watch, Its called 90-day Fiance. Now there are many people on YouTube who have made that show their niche and they usually watch the show, and then get on YouTube and review the show and give their opinions.

Personally I have three people that I follow on YouTube and they are all reviewing the same show, why do I do that? because every one of those three people have a different style of doing the review and they are all captivating, funny and engaging.

So what I am trying to say is that don’t let the so-called gurus scare you with the talk of competition. And how you are going to fail if you don’t get your first blog post right the first time. Just start your blog and write articles in your own style as long as you are sharing helpful and engaging content in a captivating way.

how to write your first blog post

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Your first blog post will commence the beginning of your blogging journey. But it does not mean that you have to spend sleepless nights because of it. Just find an idea, find a keyword and start typing, don’t worry about perfection, write it, check grammar and spelling and then publish.

If you scrutinize it too much, you will never hit the publish button so relax and send it out to the people and let them be the judges of your work. OK, I will leave it there for now.

I really hope you have found this article helpful, if so please leave me a comment and tell me so or if you have other tips that you would like to share, please leave them below.

Are you a blogger how did you compose your very first blog post?

Thank you for your time and for your comments.


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