is blogging still popular?

Is Blogging Still Popular, And Profitable In 20202?


I recently read a very disturbing article, the author wrote that blogging is dead and that blogs are not going to make money in 2020, this got me very concerned because I run a number of blogs and the thought that all the work I have put into those sites is just going down the drain was devastating. OK, I am kidding, I was not worried at all because I know blogging is very much alive and more so now than ever. But what do you think, is blogging still popular?

Blogging Is Still Very Popular And Profitable

To be honest I don’t think there will come a time when blogging will lose its popularity because as long as people are on the internet searching for information, then blogs will be there to offer that information and to answer questions and to offer reviews on products. It’s just the style and the deliverance that has changed. Targeting just one keyword doesn’t work anymore

The only challenge now is the competition, because it’s so easy these days for anyone to start a blog. Which means that you will have to work really hard to earn your spot. And I actually think the fact that everyone is a blogger these days, it has influenced the updates we keep experiencing with search engines.

Are Bloggers Facing Hard Times?

is blogging still popular?

The recent Google update indicates that the search engines are going to rank relevant and in-depth content. I speak from experience when I say that the search engines seem to favor longer content. And by longer, I mean longer than 1500 words. This means bloggers will have to dig deeper into their creativity, research, and content creation in order to produce in-depth and relevant content that will rank well.

Also, the visual aspect of blogging has to be on point, I have noticed that blogs that include videos are doing very well, which means bloggers don’t only have to create written content, they also have to create visual content and that means more work and more creativity. So not only do your blog posts have to be long, you also have to include visual, mainly in the form of a video.

But this got me thinking if the search engines are looking for longer articles, does that mean that bloggers will have to keep rumbling until they reach the word count? I have come across articles that are long but are not giving you any relevant information. And usually what I do in those cases is just to skim through until I find the part that covers what I am looking for.

I think the best thing to do is just share information in depth and when you run out of things to say, then its time to conclude the article, I would rather have a 1000 word article that is helpful to my visitor than have a 3000 word article that has 2000 words that are not helpful at all.

So Going Back To Our Question, Is Blogging Still Popular?

Absolutely yes, it’s popular now more than ever. These days People depend on blogs for information, for encouragement, for entertainment, and for suggestions. And to be honest, I think blogs are going to be even more profitable in 2020 and beyond, because online shopping is picking up every day, these days people are even doing their grocery shopping online.

A while ago people used to shop online for maybe books, gadgets and maybe clothes and shoes, but now its everything, you can buy almost anything online these days. you can even find a date online 🙂

New Affiliate Programs Are Starting, And They Need Affiliates To Join

There are affiliate programs being launched day and night because every business wants an online presence, they want eyes on their products and services. And that is where blogs come in, did you know that has just launched an affiliate program? this is a graphic and image platform that is used by millions of people and most of the pins on Pinterest are created in canva.

As a blogger, do you know that you stand to make big money by promoting Canva?

We Bloggers are not going anywhere and blogs are going to make big money in 2020 and beyond, I think the people who are claiming that blogging is dead are just afraid of competition and they are trying to discourage new bloggers. Which I think is a very strange strategy. The best thing is to just keep doing what you are doing in your niche, and you will still make your money online.

Don’t Be Discouraged, Blogging Is Not Dying

So should you start a blog in 2020? I say why wait? start it today and start adding content, and then find relevant affiliate programs and monetize your blog. To be honest, I don’t know why someone would think that blogging is dead, OK, sure so it’s not what it used to be. Blogging has changed and people don’t blog the same way they did 5 years ago or before that.

Blogs are now more professional, and because blogging has turned into a business for many bloggers, I think it’s safe to say that most bloggers have adopted the professional way of doing things when it comes to blogging, while before it used to be a casual and relaxed style that was used and was most popular.


There was a time when blogging was viewed as a joke and most bloggers especially those who were making money online by blogging, were not taken seriously. But those days are long gone, now blogging is serious business and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Including big business, they are running blogs to attract more audience and get business from their blogs.

I am sure you have noticed big businesses that have closed down, those are the businesses that didn’t take online marketing seriously. but the businesses that made their online presence felt, they are growing strong. So what does that mean for bloggers and affiliate marketers? it means that there is lots of money to be made online, and that money is going to be made by affiliate marketers/bloggers.

Anyway, those are just my opinions what do you think? is blogging still popular?

Please leave your thoughts below, and let us discuss this further in the comment section.

Thank you so much for your time and comments

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