how to become an expert in your niche

Affiliate Marketing How To Become An expert in Your Niche


Well, these days people are claiming to be gurus of all kinds of things, actually I just read an article of a blogger who claimed to be a pet guru, I really don’t know what a pet guru is supposed to be or to do, I know that a vet is an expert in diagnosing and treating animals. And I also know there are people who are known as horse whisperers, I guess they can communicate with horses, I think they have a special gift. In this article, we are going to find out how to become an expert in your niche.

Self Proclamation Is Not How To Become An Expert In Your Niche

how to become an expert in your niche

Before we get into it, I just want to share a little story. There is this girl that I had been following on YouTube, I started following her when she first started her channel because I wanted to support her. I like supporting new Youtubers, I didn’t know her personally but she is from my country and I came across a comment she had left on a video I had watched and she was asking for support so I subscribed to her channel.

Well, I followed her journey for about 3 years. But toward the end of three years, I had to unsubscribe because she started being too full of herself. By three years she had already forgotten where she came from and she started claiming that she is an expert in vlogging and she started using profanities which she did not do when she first stated.

She also stated insulting her fans, and even attacking other Youtubers. I know now you are wondering what this has to do with becoming an expert in your niche. I am getting to my point in a second.

What Is The Definition Of An Expert?

how to become an expert in your niche

lets first find out what defines an expert according to Wikipedia, an expert is someone who has intense experience through practice and education in a particular field, it’s also someone who is widely recognized as a reliable source of technique or skill. it also goes on to say that the expert is accorded authority and status by peers or the public.

Now based on the above paragraph, an expert is not self-proclaimed, an expert is accorded the title by other people who have established that he/she is a reliable source of information or technique, so how will you acquire this title or status? You can become an expert in your niche by either having experience with the said niche, or by researching and educating yourself on that niche.

For example, let’s say you are a yoga teacher, if you start a blog about Yoga, you are already an expert in that niche and you will just share the things you already know from your experience as a Yoga teacher. But what if you are not a Yoga teacher but you like Yoga can you become an expert in Yoga niche? Of course, you can, and to be honest, people might love your content even more than the teacher content because they can relate to you.

You will share your struggles with Yoga, which are things that people are struggling with, you will find solutions for those struggles which people will try because they know that you are going through the same struggles as they are. So by doing your research and learning more about Yoga, in time, you will become an expert in Yoga and people will accord you the title of an expert.

You Can Become An Expert In Your Niche By Educating Yourself

how to become an expert in your niche

That’s the beauty of blogging, you start online, you learn the skills online by following a piece of training, reading e-books listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos. And then sharing your knowledge with your audience.

The reason why I shared the story of the YouTube, I wanted to show you how people can easily forget the little people once they think they have become experts, and that s why you need to let the people decide if you are an expert and even when they do, don’t let it get into your head. As an expert, you still need to be reliable and you have to not make people uncomfortable.

Most people get afraid of blogging because they think they will not find something to write about, or they will not be good at it. Fear is a strong emotion that can hold you back and prevent you from chasing your dreams and achieving your goals. Most bloggers also spend so much time perfecting their content because they are chasing the ”guru” or the ”expert” tittle. The truth is and I read something very interesting this morning. It was an article from one of my favorite affiliate marketers.

Don’t Chase The Expert Title But Instead, Help Your Audience

how to become an expert in your niche

He said that rather than working so hard to chase the expert tittle, work hard to give value to your audience and to relate to your audience, find what people are struggling with and find solutions to those struggles. In the article, he also talked about making sure you write and publish your work. He said written articles have a chance to rank in search engines even if they are not written perfectly, but articles that are not written and published, will never rank.

So to sum it up, I say find a niche that you are interested in, and educate yourself and work hard to become an expert in that niche. And remember, it’s the people( your audience) who will decide whether you have become an expert in your niche or not. By proclaiming that you are an expert, you probably are not helping your audience, let your content speak for its self.


I hope I have given you good points that will help you as you start your blogging journey. If you would like to learn more about how to start a niche website or how to monetize your website, I suggest you visit my number one recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate.

That is the place I learned everything I know about Affiliate marketing and content creation not to mention SEO skills.

And now it’s your turn to share your opinions

Are you a blogger? do you consider yourself an expert in your niche, and if so are you self-proclaimed or have you acquired that tittle from your audience?

Please let me know below.

Thank you so much for your time and comments.


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