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OK, I am so excited to share this review with you because I have been working on it for the last month. Because I wanted to give a comprehensive report on this website. On this Prolific Review, I am going to show you exactly how much money I made in one month of participating in doing studies(surveys).

I know it’s very strange that I am doing a survey site review. Because I have never done this on my website before. And the reason why I have not done any survey site reviews up until now, is that for a long time I did not believe in survey sites. So I honestly did not want to review any of them because I have been on survey sites in the past and I made no money. just gained lots of spam mail in my inbox. The truth is most of those survey sites are just there to collect your personal information so they can sell it.

Now, the reason I decided to do this prolific review, is that I have been hearing many good things about the website. So I decided to sign up, check it out and see if it’s worth all the buzz. I was actually contacted by someone and they asked me about it, to which I promised to check it out and do a review. Please keep in mind that I am not affiliated with Prolific, and I do not gain anything if you decide to try them out. Which means I will give you unbiased review because I got nothing to gain or to lose either way.

With All That Been Said, Let’s Get Into Our Prolific Review

Alright, let’s start by finding out what Prolific is, Although it’s a survey site, Prolific is very different from the other survey sites out there. Their surveys are more academic targeted, But that does not mean that you feel like you back to school answering math questions. Although I must admit a couple of days ago I did complete a study that had a lot of math. We will get into that shortly.

So the site conducts studies mainly submitted by Universities. These studies could be about human behaviors in different settings like workplace, shopping behaviors consumer decisions and what influences consumers to chose one product over another.

They can also be about investment decisions. Or human behavior when confronted by tough decisions. For example one of the studies I took part in, was about having to make quick decisions, when in a life or death situation.

Your decision will determine who lives, and who dies. Between your colleague or a group of people who are in desperate need of help, who are you gonna save? Do you save your colleague and risk the deaths of a group of people or do you let your colleague die and go and save the group of people? Who are in different scenarios. In one scenario, they were stuck in a cave that was going to flood and you could save them. But by saving them you lose your colleague

The Studies Are Super Interesting And Sometimes Lots Of Fun


Or they were stuck in a burning building, I must say that was one of the hardest studies I have participated in so far. I even had to take breaks and cry. The way it was presented it was a real tearjerker for sure. They tell you that you are standing in front of your colleague who is having a heart attack. And if you help him, then the group of people will die. But if you leave him to save the group of people, then he will die.

But there was another study that I took which was so much fun. I did not want it to end. it was about short words and how you use them on a daily basis. For example how you type lol on a text when something is funny. So my job on that survey was to provide as many short words as I can come up with and then explain their meaning, then use them in sentences. I really enjoyed doing that.

The other one that stuck in my mind it’s the one I mentioned earlier where you had to calculate how much money you will make in ten years. If you invest in shares. So they would give you a % where the shares will gain, then give you a % where the shares will drop in value. So my job was to tell them in each scenario how much money I would make, or in case of a drop in value, how much money I would lose in ten years.

At the time of recording the video you see below, my earnings had risen that is why the amount doesn’t match the post. Because I did the video a couple of days later after writing the post.

OK, Basic Information About Prolific

Name- Prolific

Year Launched- 2014

Founders- Ekaterina Damer, Sheffield University

And Phelin Bradley, Oxford University.

Prolific was founded in 2014 by two doctoral students one is Ecaterina Damer who at the time was studying at the University of Sheffield. Its an online research firm based in the UK. When asked about the idea to start Prolific, Ekaterina expressed her frustrations at the time when she was trying to conduct studies.

She says that she could not find a platform where she could conduct a study and get trusted results. And she also found out that other students were having the same problem. And that is when the idea of starting a platform where students can conduct studies and find participants who would take part and help the students conduct, their studies effectively formed.

Bradley joined Katerina in this venture and together they launched Prolific. Since then, it has attracted lots of researches from all over the world and participants alike. Prolific has become one of the trusted survey sites on the internet. And it has started challenging even the big online research firms.

My Experience With Prolific


I signed up on the 1 of February 2020. I wanted to give it a try before I can talk about it and my goal was to give it one month and see how many surveys I will take part in, and also see how the surveys are conducted. For example, I wanted to see if they gather personal information, like email, and physical addresses, and other information like a telephone numbers.

To be honest, if they were doing that I would have abandoned this project because as I have mentioned earlier, that is one of the problems I had previously with survey sites.

After signing up, I was asked to submit my demographic information which I did, and there were options to opt-out of answering questions that you did not feel comfortable answering.

Once that step was over, then, it was time to do the studies(surveys), well, I did not get a survey that day, I didn’t even get one on the following day.

I Really Enjoyed Myself That Is For Sure

My first study came on the 3rd of February, I completed it in about 5 minutes earning me a whooping £0.26 all together I have completed 9 studies 7 have been approved, and 2 are still waiting to be approved.

I have returned 4 studies, one I returned it because it was a video study and I did not feel comfortable doing video studies. A video study is when you get on your webcam and you are interviewed live by the researcher. The video studies seem to pay very well but as I said I was not comfortable doing them. The video study I returned was paying £7.30 and it was supposed to take about 20 minutes.

The other 3 studies I returned, I did so because one had a technical problem where it opened a blank screen, and the other 2 I did not understand the questions, so I canceled midway. I liked that you can stop the study at any time and return it.

So How Much Money In Total Did I Make On Prolific?


Well, assuming that my two studies that are pending will be approved, then in one month I made a total of £9.43 That comes to about $12.09. But how much time do I spend on my computer on a daily basis so we can analyse my earning potential on Prolific? I spend roughly 6 hours a day on my computer and I must say I must have missed some studies because maybe I was in the middle of work.

So I suppose if I was spending more time on my computer and if I was able to grab a study as soon as one pops, then perhaps I could have made more money. Of course, if I had done the video study my income would have been higher. The studies I returned in total were worth £9.94 Which comes to about $12.74, that means my total if I had completed all the studies I got and assuming all would’ve been approved, I would have been looking at a total of £19.37 which is about $24.84.

OK, now, I know that is not a life-changing income but, I think if you take it seriously you could make more, But still, it’s not worth quitting your day job lol.

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So Is Prolific Legit And Would I Recommend It?


I think The website is legit and I like that they give you the option to quit the study even if you are in the middle of it, they also ask you to report what went wrong and they are very particular in the way they conduct their surveys, they also pay quite well in comparison to other survey sites.

So in short, and I never thought I would say this about a survey site, Yes if you enjoy the kinds of topics that I have mentioned above, then I recommend you join prolific. Will you become rich? No, I don’t think so, but you will enjoy taking part in the surveys. Plus you will be helping researchers and University students. And in return, they will buy you a cup of coffee.

Let’s Take A Look At The Good (Pros)

Very easy to sign up

You don’t have to keep refreshing the page, the surveys will show up automatically as long as you are signed in and have the page open.

The surveys don’t ask for personal information

Some surveys can earn you good money, for example, video surveys

You can drop the survey in the middle of the process if something happens or you feel uncomfortable

Prolific does gather information on what went wrong if you drop the survey.

There is an option to contact the researcher if you need to followup on something.

And Now The Not So Good (Cons)

It takes a long time to get a survey, like in my case, When I signed up, I got my first survey after two days

Some researchers take a long time to approve your payment, which leaves you with uncertainty in regard to your earnings.

How To Sign Up, And How You Get Paid


It’s very easy to sign up, just make sure that you sign up as a participant and not as a researcher. you just need your name, and your email address, you will then have to verify your email address by clicking on the link they will send you. Once the verification is done, you will then proceed to give some demographic information.

For example, your country of birth, the country in which you reside, gender, your age, your economic status(job, living situation, etc) they will also ask about religion, health, and political stand. Remember you can opt not to answer some questions, like your income, your living situation, religion, political stand, etc. So, it’s nothing to worry about. Once all that is done the then you just have to wait for the studies.

when you reach the payment threshold which is £5.00 you can request payment which can be paid to your PayPal account.

Update about payments, I cashed out my earnings and within 24 hours the money was in my Paypal account, so I think their payment is straight forward and no delays, and I think this is amazing because the last thing you need is to be waiting for your money to be credited to your Paypal.

I will definitely keep updating this review as we move forward but I think Prolific is a nice survey site. It stimulates your brain and you even get to learn something about yourself as you participate in the studies. You get to learn about your decision-making process and also what influences you as a consumer of products and services.

Personally I found the studies, very interesting and I will continue to participate when I have time.


In my opinion, Prolific is worth trying out. besides, you will also be helping the university student to conduct their research. That is also one of the reasons I want to continue taking part I these surveys because I want to contribute to how information is gathered and it makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile by helping our students and researchers.

OK, I am done with this review, I think I have provided you with lots of information. But if you have questions please feel free to leave them below and I will answer you the best I can.

I also would like to hear your opinion about Prolific, have you heard of them before? have you taken part in their studies? if so how much money did you make in a month? leave all those comments below.

Thank you so much for your time.


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