Wealthy Affiliate my honest opinion 2019


In this article, I want to share my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. And I am going to talk about the training aspect of it, I am also going to share my experience with Wealthy Affiliate.

As a person who spent lots of time and money online trying to learn the Affiliate market business, I have to say that I didn’t believe it when I first read about Wealthy Affiliate. The reason why I didn’t believe it, its because I have gone through many programs that promise great things but deliver nothing but disappointments. So When I say I will give you my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate, Believe me, I will.

A little back story about me before I go deeper into Wealthy Affiliate. I first heard about Affiliate marketing back in 2012, and at that time the person who tried to introduce me to affiliate marketing, was too pushy and bossy so I fought him a lot and I really didn’t put much effort into what he was trying to teach me I guess its also because we had personal problems between us.

Although I wanted To Learn Affiliate Marketing, I Had Other Issues

I was interested in learning affiliate marketing I just wasn’t willing to learn from that particular person, looking back now I realize how childish of me that was because the person had wealth of knowledge that I could’ve taken advantage of.

So the said person made me buy the book called poor dad rich dad by Robert Kiyosaki, I read the book but again, I did not take any action to get out of the rat race, looking back now I can see how stupid I was because if I had taken steps to seriously learn online business and Affiliate marketing then, I would have been very far by now.

I Always Wanted To Learn About Affiliate Marketing

But when I came across Wealthy Affiliate, I thought it will be just like the previous programs I had tried before.

Well, better late than never, I do have to admit that I have always been fascinated by an online business and I have always been reading articles about people who have succeeded in online business, so in my quest to find out if indeed its possible to succeed in online business and specifically affiliate marketing, I set out to find how I can learn this venture.

So I started by googling the ways to earn money online, that landed me in lots of sites that promised riches, keep in mind that I really didn’t know much about online business, so I would click those links and I would land in a website where I would find out that I just wasted my time by signing up, and I just earned myself a bunch of spam emails in my mailbox.

My Search For Training Got Very Interesting

Then I decided to search for courses for online business, this got interesting, I was directed to sites that promised me that they would teach me how to become a millionaire in just ten lessons. Now this got me very interested and I signed up, after sign up, I quickly realized that the price mentioned was not the final price and the up sale got really ridiculous.

And not only that, the so-called training was just a bunch of audiobooks and old videos and there was no way to interact with a person in real time like if I needed an answer to a question or if I was stuck, there was no way to get answers straight away.

So I had to cancel the training, then I found out that the refund was a disaster to get. at this point, I was very angry and disappointed and I resigned to the fact that maybe there is no way to learn this venture online, I decided that since it seems there are no honest programs out there to join then maybe I should just give up.

I really didn’t have the money or the time to start college

I could have gone to college to learn but the problem with me was that I really didn’t have time to do that and also I didn’t have much money so I thought I could just find a program online and join and learn slowly until I am able to start my own online business.

Then came Wealthy Affiliate, by the time I came across this program, I had given up on online training programs and actually it was just by chance that I found this program, I was on Pinterest just doing girly things, I love Pinterest and while I was there, I saw a blogger who was claiming to have been making money online as a result of being trained at Wealthy Affiliate University.

I got intrigued and I decided to google Wealthy Affiliate. My search landed me on an article that changed my life forever, I do have to admit though, as a result of being scammed and disappointed with online training programs, I was reading that article going yeah right.

I Read The Whole Review Even Though I Was Doubtful

It was a very well written article and as much as I was skeptical, I read it until the end and I must say it was a long article. Anyway, when I finished reading, I decided to click on the link provided, this landed me in Wealthy Affiliate website where I was asked to sign up, I said here we go again, I thought well, since the article said I can try the program for 7 days for free, I will give it a try.

As soon as I signed up I was taken to lesson one, I couldn’t believe it, they asked for a credit card, nothing whatsoever! at this point, I am thinking, OK what is the catch like aren’t you gonna ask me for any financial information? you are just going to teach me all this for free for 7 days?



By day 3 I had a website

So by day 3, I had already created my first website and they told me I can create another one if I want to, that a free member gets 2 websites, They did, however, keep reminding me that at the end of 7 days, I will not have the full access to the platform but I can keep my websites.

To me, this didn’t matter because I was happy to be given 7 days to decide if the program is working for me or not. I quickly found out that there is a live chat where in case you are stuck you can ask a question, I also found out that apart from the main training, there are many other mini-trainings to help with issues you might encounter with your website.

I also found out that there is a keyword research tool provided so you don’t have to worry about ranking in search engines. I still wasn’t convinced so I decided before I go premium I want to test every aspect of the platform, so I asked many questions, I also contacted site support just to see if indeed I will get help when I need it as promised.

Help is always available

Within seconds of asking my question, I had so many people trying to help me, another thing I found out is that Wealthy Affiliate has a community that is very active and very helpful, and also people do share their experiences by blogging within the platform.

I actually do take advantage of the blogging within Wealthy Affiliate and I do share different things and I do enjoy interacting with other members. So yes I did upgrade my membership for $19 and then I just took the plunge and went yearly because after being there for a couple of weeks I knew for sure that I was not going anywhere else.

So my honest opinion about this program is that it really does work and it’s designed to teach anyone how to create your own website, how to monetize your website and how to grow your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate made things so easy to understand.

Also, they make things so easy. the lessons are made in a way that anyone can understand, they are written and also in a video so you can watch step by step how to set up your website, also the security aspect of your website is taken care of so all you have to do is create great content and share your website on your social media to drive traffic to your site.

I should also mention that the community within Wealthy Affiliate is very helpful in terms of helping you get comments on your site as well as giving you feedback about your site and suggestions on how to improve your website. And I should also mention that it will take hard work to build your online business.

This program is not the kind that will promise you success in a short time, on the contrary, you will be told in the training that its gonna take dedication, hard work and time to become successful in your business.

Anyway, that is my honest opinion of this program, I should let you know that if you decide to join, the first month there is usually an offer of $19 and then its $49 every month see the banner below. Of course, you can try the program for 7 days free to decide if you like it or not.



Thank you so much for your time, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me on the comments and I will be very happy to respond.


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2 comments on “Wealthy Affiliate my honest opinion 2019

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing deal. You get hundreds of dollars a month in training, hosting, and tools for just $9 a month or $359 a year. Let’s talk about just the big items you get for a second.

    1. Website Hosting managed, secure, fast, and comes with SSL Certificates and host 25 domain names. Found elsewhere for $29.95 a month.
    2. Over the shoulder day one to affiliate master training. $47-$247 a month or over $900 as a once off price elsewhere and the training is usually not as complete.
    3. Jay’s weekly webinar training and live coaching from Jay, Kyle, and Carson $197 a month easy to get it elsewhere.
    4. Jaaxy – Truly the only keyword tool you’ll ever really need as a blogger. Pro is included and that’s a separate $49 a month membership if purchased independently.

    Now you start to see why so many as in hundreds of thousands of us have gone premium with most paying the yearly rate. You can see why conversions from free to pro accounts are over 14% when the average for the industry is just 7.8% and the affiliate program for Premium members pays 50% commissions as well. The deal can not be beaten.

    1. Absolutely Andy, the price that is charged at Wealthy Affiliate, its really low comparing to the services offered, weekly live training, daily training added by the experts within the community, Keyword research tool, web hosting, and monitoring, as well as security for your website. it’s just amazing.
      Thank you, Andy, for your comment.

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