affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid I Wish I knew What I Know Now


If I knew what I know today about affiliate marketing and about making money online, I would have been very far in my business, so today I am going to talk about  affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid see I have always been interested in making money online and blogging but I never found a way to learn how to go about it the right way.

And I know I have mentioned this on several occasions but I will say it again, in order to run a successful online business, you have to know what you are doing and you need to do things the right way. In this article today I am going to share with you a few things that I wish I knew a few years ago about affiliate marketing.

I am sharing these things to hopefully help you start your online business the right way and save you lots of time and also save you from mistakes that I made when I was trying to build a website and trying to make money online.

I Wish I Knew That Content Is The Key

One of the things I wish I knew about affiliate marketing and about blogging in general, is that content and great content is the key to succeeding in your online business, giving people information and making sure that it’s comprehensive information you are giving people, is the key to making your website popular.

If people find what they are looking for when they visit your website, then they will keep coming back and that is what I didn’t know, see when I first tried to create a website, I didn’t know what it takes to make a successful website and as a result, I failed miserably.

If you are not familiar with my story, I will just mention briefly that I had created a website about 7 years ago and it failed miserably and, I was devastated, and I tried again a few years later and failed again until I finally found Wealthy Affiliate and that’s where I was able to build a successful website, and since then building websites for me is a piece of cake.

A Niche, What Is That?

I did not even know the importance of focusing on just one topic on your website, I wanted to do it all, I thought since there are so many things that I am interested in, then I will just talk about all of them on my website, it was only later that I found out that you are not supposed to cover different topics on your website unless you are just creating a lifestyle blog and you are not intending to make money with it and you don’t care much about SEO.

I remember when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate community and I had all these ideas about the website I should create, yes I had the skincare website in mind but I also had a second website in mind that I was so looking forward to building and get domain for it, because I thought it was a fantastic idea.

The website was going to cover almost everything else apart from skincare, it was going to cover fashion and makeup, it was going to cover travel and leisure, it was going to cover making money online oh and don’t forget environmental issues ( we have to save our planet)

When I presented this brilliant idea to my couch in Wealthy Affiliate, I could tell by his response to me that he must have been typing the message to me while shaking his head lol, I was angry at first that he refused or failed to see the potential of my all in one website that I was preparing to build.

affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

And to be quite honest I found his response somewhat rude, he said that I was trying to be Jack of all trades and master of none, like are you serious? what do you mean master of none? (eye roll) anyway, because I knew that the community within Wealthy Affiliate is made up of people who know the website building better than me, because by that time I had spent time reading and learning how the platform works and who knows what if you know what I mean.

I decided to just follow the training and take the recommendations of my couch, and I am so glad I did because looking back now I can see that I would have wasted a lot of time and energy for nothing.

The mistake I was about to make when I thought the couch was being absurd by not supporting what I thought at the time was a brilliant idea, I was thinking that I knew what I was doing, I mean sure, I had done an online training about affiliate marketing here and there, watched a few YouTube videos and so I thought I could just build a general website.

So The biggest mistake I was about to make, I was going to confuse search engines, since SEO was how I was planning to get traffic, and I probably won’t have been able to create posts that will rank.

But, the problem with learning things like that is, you really don’t have a comprehensive training that will keep updating as things change, I mean things change very regularly on the Internet and it’s hard to keep up unless you have a place to go and find the information you need about, Let’s say Google updates.

So what I learned through asking questions to Wealthy affiliate community, is that things that worked a few years back, don’t work anymore and that updates keep happening very often.

Keyword Research, I Didn’t Know Much About That

affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

I did not know that there were special keywords I must use in order for my content to rank in search engines, as a matter of fact, I thought all I needed to do was just write and publish posts to my website and then the magic will happen. I did not know that there was a correct formula to apply if you want your content to be found by your intended audience.

Why I am I telling you all this? I am telling you so you can examine your website and see if you are following the correct steps to ensure that you are working toward your success.

I know the well-established website owners say that you don’t need to necessarily use keywords because you can easily use paid traffic to rank your website, that is all well and good but I am sure as a beginner in this business, you really don’t have money to spend buying traffic. And besides, if you rely sourly on bought traffic, things could go very wrong if some reason you don’t have any more money to spend on traffic.

I think it’s OK to boost your traffic and grow your business, but I also think it’s very important to work toward growing your organic traffic by improving your SEO, and one way to do that as I have mentioned, is by doing your keyword research.

The Things I Know Now That Will Help You

Some of the things I have learned since Joining Wealthy Affiliate, is that, overcrowding my website with all kinds of things like banners and all kinds of ads, will not necessarily help my business, and that is why you don’t find many banners and ads on my website, it’s because I want to give my readers a pleasant experience.

I don’t want my readers to click away from my website because they find it too complicated to navigate, and I also don’t want to come across as someone who just wants to sell a product, I want my reader to have something valuable to take away from my website, something that will help you to improve or even start your own online business and succeed.

affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid


As we start something new, we will make some mistakes along the way, that is the process of learning, as long as you learn from your mistakes and try to help others avoid the mistakes you made, then all is not lost. My reason for writing this post is to direct you in the direction of avoiding mistakes when you are creating your online business.

And if I have helped you avoid some mistakes, then my job is done. If you would like to learn Affiliate Marketing the Right way, then I suggest you click on my number one platform which is Wealthy Affiliate, that is where I found the knowledge and the support, that has helped me to be able to share this post with you.

Don’t struggle to try to learn how to make money online, come join us and Let’s grow our businesses together. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to share today if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will be very happy to connect with you.

Thank you so much for your time


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