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How To Build a Free Affiliate Website – Start making Money


Today I would like us to talk about how to build a free affiliate website, if you are looking to build a free affiliate website, it means you want to make money online. As Much as there are many ways to build your website for free, you do need hosting for your website, I will tell you for a fact that all these platforms that are advertising free websites, they are leaving out the fact that you still need a domain and hosting for your website.

Now, what if I tell you that there is a place where you can build your website for absolutely free, actually what if I told you can build two websites, for free? I know now you are intrigued and you are probably asking what is the catch? there is no catch here. You probably have heard of a program called Wealthy Affiliate, that’s what I am talking about.

You can build your free affiliate website absolutely free, no credit card required.

As wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to pay anything to build your free affiliate website and don’t worry, no one even wants your credit card information or any financial information, don’t you hate it when people say things are free yet they want your credit card information? I hate that.

I remember one time I saw a program online that claimed to be 100% free, but in order to get in, they wanted credit card information but promised that I won’t be charged anything, big fat lie if something is free, why then do you need my credit card information? Anyway, I gave my information because I was really interested in the program.

Guess what? I was charged for something within the program, because what they do is, the initial offer is free but they keep sending you these pop-ups and there is no way out until you click on the pop up and that’s how I lost money, don’t join those kinds of scams, if something is advertised as free, then there should be no credit card info required to join.

And that is why I am telling you about Wealthy Affiliate, you can join for free, just your name and email address and you can create your website in 30 seconds! that’s right all you have to do is choose a theme, and there are many cool themes to choose from, then click build website, and boom, your website is ready and you are all set to start personalizing your website by adding articles and affiliate links.

Even if you are a beginner, you can learn how to make money online by affiliate Marketing

how to build a free affiliate website
how to build a free affiliate website

It’s that simple. I am guessing if you are searching for how to build a free affiliate website, then it means you know a bit or a lot about affiliate marketing, so you are ready for business, but if you don’t know and you are just starting, this is the best program for you because you will be taught step by step how to do affiliate marketing successfully.

Another thing about affiliate marketing that you need to be careful about, especially if you are a beginner, is programs that lure you in as affiliate marketing programs when in reality they are not. You need to ask yourself these questions when you join a program, is this program helping me start my own online business? is this program helping me grow my online business or I am I helping them grow theirs?

See some programs want you to just promote them and bring more people into their programs and that’s how you will make a commission, this way of doing business is not Affiliate marketing at all, Affiliate marketing is you having your own website and deciding which products or programs you want to promote.

Now I saw a review of Wealthy Affiliate on YouTube the other day, and I do like watching both positive and negative reviews, the reason for this is that I want to see what people are happy about Wealthy Affiliate and also I want to see what people are not happy about, Because I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, if I see something that is genuinely incorrect, I will inform the owners of Wealthy Affiliate who are always on live chat and I can contact them any time.

So this review I watched on YouTube, the person said that Wealthy affiliate only wants you to promote them. This is wrong and not true at all, As I said I like watching a negative review, what I don’t like, is watching a negative review that is not based on facts, I don’t even think the person had joined Wealthy Affiliate because if they had, then they will know that there are two kinds of training in Wealthy Affiliate.

One is Online Entrepreneur Certificate, and the second one is Affiliate Bootcamp, now with the entrepreneur certificate, it’s a training that covers all niches, which means no matter What niche you choose, you can have a website promoting whatever you want. The Affiliate Bootcamp is specifically for Affiliate marketers, now does this mean if you take this training you can only promote Wealthy Affiliate? absolutely not, you can promote any program you want.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you are free to promote any product you want within any niche you like

Although Wealthy Affiliate does have an affiliate program where you can earn commission by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate, and I must add their commission rates are awesome, they will not push you to promote them, it’s a decision you have to make on your own, they do suggest that you make money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate, but if you don’t it’s fine too.

My first website I did not even take the Bootcamp course I just wanted to take the entrepreneur certificate and go straight to my niche, it was only after I had being in wealthy Affiliate for sometime and after my niche website was established, And I noticed I had some extra time to work on another website, I decided to do something else and I took the Bootcamp course and created letsworkinPJs.

So my point here is that with Wealthy Affiliate you have the freedom to promote whatever you want if it wasn’t true then why do the teachers during the training teach you how to apply for Amazon and other affiliate programs and even give you links to do so? I am telling you if you are serious about starting a successful online business, Wealthy Affiliate is your best shot.

Another thing that was mentioned in the negative review, is that the community in wealthy Affiliate is made up of amateurs who don’t know what they are doing, this is not true at all, sure there are newbies on Wealthy Affiliate I mean people are joining every day. But there are Affiliate Markets in Wealthy Affiliate who are experts, people who have 20 plus years of experience.

And they are always ready to help the newcomers by guiding them and giving them tips on how to make money online, so no If you ask a question within the community, you will not get an answer from someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. You can even choose who you want to ask, you can read people’s profile and see who they are and what kind of experience they have.

In fact when you check out the training, each lesson has a list of experts that are recommended for answering questions regarding that particular lesson. So I highly disagree with that review, the negative things that were said were not based on facts and they bear no truth at all.

But don’t take my word for it, click here to learn more and to create your free account.

So if you are looking to build a free affiliate website, and you want to make money online, I recommend you try Wealthy Affiliate for free and see if you will like it. There are many things that you will benefit from by joining this program, you can read my full review here and actually in my review I forgot to mention that, you don’t have to worry about grammar when writing because you are offered grammar check for free.

So don’t waste anymore precious time, go start making money now, build your free website and then come back to my site and tell me about your experience, actually I will be there with you, I will be the first person to send you those annoying messages to ask how you are doing and where you are at in your website progress 🙂 OK I swear I will try not to annoy you lol

I hope you have found this article helpful and I hope you will give Wealthy Affiliate a try, I would love to work with you and watch you grow your online business. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to interact with you and exchange ideas.

Thank you for your time


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