top 5 work from home jobs

Top 5 Work From Home Jobs


In these world of people spending so much time online, there are so many job opportunities out there that you can take advantage of and work right from your couch, today I am going to give you top 5 work from home jobs, these are jobs that you can apply to and make some money right from home. So Let’s get started.

Teaching English To Chinese Students

Are you a teacher who maybe have lost your job or have taken a break from your job to raise your kids? do you enjoy teaching and feel like your teaching degree is wasting away, and you are even becoming rough on the edges because you haven’t taught for a while, not to worry, there is a program called VIPKID that could help you get back to your passion of teaching right from the comfort of your own home.

All you have to do is go to and that is where you will submit your application, you do need to have a teaching degree and at least one year experience, I guess you also have to be familiar with the US curriculum Core State Standards. There are many teachers who are making good money with VIPKID, and I guess the results are obvious because I have met many Chinese young people who are speaking in American accent 🙂

It Might Not Feel Like Your Typical Classroom But You Are still Changing Lives

top 5 work from home jobs

Well, the lessons will take place online and that means you need a good computer and a high-speed internet connection and you also need a good microphone, webcam and you have to be using Chrome browser, although Firefox works too. When you apply you will sit for an interview and you will also prepare a test lesson so they can see how you conduct yourself as a teacher.

You will teach the student on a setting like skype or facetime, so you will be able to see them and they will be able to see you in real time.

Anyway if accepted, you will create your profile within the platform and you will sign a 6-month contract of which they will decide based on your performance whether to renew after expiration or not to, the parents will be able to contact you through your profile within the platform. The earning potential with this platform is about $20 an hour.

The downside of This Platform

If you are living in the US, the time deference is a headache so you have to consider that, another thing to consider is the fact that teaching online is different from being in an actual classroom and so when a child misbehaves, it will be challenging dealing with the misbehavior. To learn more about, please visit their official website here

You can try it out and see

If you have the requirements, I say give it a try and see if you like it

Work From Home As A Customer Support Agent

Many companies these days are hiring virtual customer support teams, these positions are especially popular with travel and transportation companies, so if you have experience in customer service, and have a keen eye for detail, problem-solving as well as web-based customer support, then head over to LinkedIn and create a profile.

LinkedIn has many work from home jobs to browse through. I think by creating a profile and updating your resume, you will find many job opportunities, LinkedIn is the way to connect with employers who are looking for people to hire online, so rather than spending so much time on Facebook, I think LinkedIn is a better platform for job seekers.

Web Search Evaluator

top 5 work from home jobs

Search engines like Google, Bing (yes Bing is still in business) and Pinterest, in case you didn’t know, Pinterest is a search engine too, anyway, these companies from time to time will hire people to evaluate different things within the web because as much as they have high tech algorithms, they still need a live breathing human being to check on the things, and this is where you come in.

Your job as a web search evaluator is to check and make sure that the web search results are relevant and accurate, you will also evaluate and analyze the ads rank them based on the relevancy, quality, and accuracy.

Apart from a high-speed internet connection and ability to navigate the internet, You will need to have writing skills because you need to report to Let’s say Google with your findings in writing and you have to give a very detailed report. If you apply to Google they will require you to have a college degree, and you need to have web analytic knowledge so be ready for that.

The best place to find web search evaluator jobs is Appen and you can apply and these kinds of jobs are usually part time work from home jobs that are offered as temporary positions so, keep that in mind.

Work From Home As A Freelance Writer And Editor

Freelance content creation is another opportunity for you to make money online, from your own home, if you are a good writer and you are creative, you can get jobs online to write speeches, answering emails, or you can even take up ghostwriting where you create content for blogs or even for magazines and other  companies, without putting your name on the content that’s why its called ghostwriting.

websites like makes it easy for you to find these types of jobs, and again Linkedin would also help you find content creating jobs.

Also if you are good at graphics, as well as content creation, is the place you need to be, there are many people and companies who could use your services and you will be able to make money by working from the comfort of your home, the best thing about feverr, the payments are fixed so you know exactly how much money you are making with each job you pick.

And Now My Favorite, Blogging

top 5 work from home jobs

Blogging is another way to work from home, the best thing about blogging, is unlike all the other jobs we have mentioned above, with blogging you are totally in control and you truly are your own boss. The only downside of blogging is that it will take time to get the blog going and to get traffic to your blog so you can make money.

But once it takes off and you have steady traffic, then you will be able to make passive income from home

That means if you want to make money real quick, then you do have to take up one of those gigs we mentioned and then you can slowly work on your blog to grow your following.

Blogging will require you to have your own self hosted website, because that is the only way you will be able to make money with a blog. There are few ways You can make money with your blog one being allowing ads on your website now, you can not apply for Let’s say Google AdSense if you do not have a self-hosted website.

Another way to make money with a blog is of course by Affiliate Marketing where you join companies like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy among others and promote their products by doing product reviews and placing their banners on your website.

Going back to the issue of hosting. usually hosting does not cost a lot of money, and to get a domain is like $14 year, well at least that’s how much I pay for my domain, if you>> click here you can find out how to start a blog, and you will also find the cheapest hosting and the package will include website building training, website support, and security, as well as a platform that is made up of over 1.9million members who are ready to help you establish your blog.

And make money online.


Before I conclude, there are a couple of gigs that are also worth mentioning, if you have some skills in tutoring, you can advertise on social media for someone who might want some online tutoring lessons in maybe English or any other subject that you might be good at.

Another opportunity to consider is if you have an extra room, you could get it registered in Airbnb, and make some cash by letting people use your extra room or guest house, of course, this depends on if you will be comfortable sharing your space with strangers.

In conclusion, there are some opportunities for you to work from home and there are some jobs you can apply for, some are part-time and that gives you time to do your own things, but some are full time, and I think these are ideal for those people who are at home not by choice but maybe by losing jobs. un unemployment is rising but with the help of the internet, you can work for any company in the world by working online.

So give these options a try and I hope you will succeed with whichever you choose, thank you so much for reading my article and I hope you have found it helpful. Please leave me a comment with your views or questions.

Thank you for your time


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16 comments on “Top 5 Work From Home Jobs

  1. Currently, there are many types of platforms that offer online businesses. I am a teacher right now and I also take small freelancing jobs. I feel like it will be very good for me to try vipkid out and also try some of the freelancing platforms you shared here. I like this post. I will have to share it with a friend of mine who has just quit his job too.

  2. Thank you for such an informative post. Personally I have not heard of web search evaluator, it sounds like an interesting job that doesn’t required too much tech skill. 
    Currently, I am doing blogging and that happens to be my favorite too. Not only I can be my own boss, I can also choose to work anywhere, anytime I like. Nice to connect with the like-minded Rose! 

  3. Wow what a great article, personally I have a brother who is a graduate with 6 years experience, but he has some issues with his previous school, I think I should refer him to this VIPKID maybe he can get something out of it, I find him having all the qualifications.

    On the other side I also agree with you about blogging it’s all my favourite I do it as part time job anytime am free you will find me on my laptop. Its really worth spending my time blogging. I really appreciate you for sharing such a wonderful article to the public I believe it will be of great help to many.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello there Joy Gateru, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my article. yes please share this article with your brother, it might be helpful to him.

  4. Hello. You really got me with this article.

     I am trying to work online in order to generate passive income, but I have been struggling with all types of fake informations. You helped me a lot with this 5 ways to make money. I just build an affiliate program website where I put different products from Amazon. I can’t wait to make money from the commissions they offer. I know that I will not get rich overnight, but with ambition and determination I will succeed.

    Thank’s a lot and with you the best. 


  5. Thank you so much for sharing your comment, and after reading the post, I learned many things like freelancing, five ways to earn a living at home, such as video editing website Recharge SEO Support. Thanks for sharing with everyone this post.We hope to find more such posts in front of u

  6. I have been toying with the idea of doing something extra to supplement the family income. As you say, creating a blog that will ultimately earn money can take time but it will surely be worth it in the long run. There has to be no better feeling than being your own boss, choosing your own work schedule and doing it from the comfort of you own home. Definitely an option worth persuing.

    One you mentioned, that I had heard of a while back and then completely forgotten about, was the customer support agent. This is really something worth looking into, for any of us. I remember hearing an interview with someone who did this type work, a year or so ago. They worked for a large company as part of the customer support staff. They would answer calls from customers through their own computer. This lady was sat in her spare room, somewhere in the American Mid-west. I thought ‘How cool is that’

    The beauty of it is two-fold. One for the employer, who has absolutely no overheads, just providing a wage for time spent answering queries and then for the worker, who has the pleasure of being able to work in the comfort of their own home. I sometimes wonder where the person I am speaking to actually is and what they can see out of their window. 

  7. Wow, this is a very good post that you have written here and I like the fact that you have pointed out the ways that one can make money online. Many people decide to work online for different reasons. I like this post because it has given an array of work online opportunities. I fee that I should try one out very soon. I will be ditching my day job soon. Thanks!

  8. Hello Rose!

    Thank you for sharing this post on top five work from home jobs. I have seen and I have participated in most of these work from home jobs before. I know of freelancing, I even tried it but it didn’t work for me so I am going for your favourite which is blogging, it is my favourite model of online business too.

  9. It is really a good thing to work from home although it might not be as easy as it seem. I have some friends from different parts of the world that are working from home and they’re doing well. Most of them are bloggers and affiliate marketers. I  don’t really know much about search engine evaluator, but I am quite familiar with the others.

    1. Thank you Techie for your comment, being a Search Engine Evaluator can be a very good work from home job, your job would be to evaluate the search results and see if they are accurate not to mention checking to see if the ads are accurate.

      But as I mentioned, blogging by far is the best, but it takes a lot of time and effort to start seeing results so that is why I decided to list some jobs that people can take advantage of even if they are building their blogs, so they can have some income while they wait for their online businesses to take off.

  10. My sister teaches English with VIPKid and it’s a great experience. She has always wanted to work with kids and it’s a good stepping stone while pursuing her childcare education. The application process is a bit challenging but once you get passed that, the teaching process is pretty straightforward as you are given a guideline on what topics to cover. If you really enjoy the job, you can also refer other tutors to the site by joining their affiliate program and earn more money.

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