how to make money online without investment

How To Make Money Online Without Investment


Today I would like us to look at ways to make money online without investment, in this article we are going to see if there are ways you can make money without having to invest your own money beforehand. There are many ways that are out there and each one promises you lots of money without you having to invest anything.

In my previous articles, I have touched on ways that I tried to make money online but I haven’t gone into details about the things I went through so today I have decided to go into details, and I have to admit some of the things I did, looking back now I am embarrassed. So the first thing and the most popular is the paid to click method of making money online, now I can assure you without any fear of contradiction, you will never make any money with this method.

PTC Will Not even make you enough to buy a cup of coffee

If you have been reading my articles, then you know that I have always been searching for ways to make money online, so a few years ago I found an article on Google that promised me that I would be making at least $400 by clicking on ads I was so excited and after reading the article, I clicked on the link because I thought well, that’s not bad for a side hustle, that took me to a site called clixsense that said I will get paid by clicking ads, I was so excited and I signed up immediately.

I started clicking on the ads and waited for the dollars to start adding up, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that after clicking 10 ads, I had only made one dime and my ads were done for the day so I had to wait until the next day to get more ads so I can make another dime. The minimum payment was $10 so you tell me how long it would’ve taken me to make $10.

Make Money Online Without Investment

See the guy who wrote the article that led me to that site could be making the $400 based on how many people join the site through his links, that’s the power of affiliate marketing, but for me I would never make that kind of money by simply clicking ads, unless I became like him and get people to join the site through affiliate links.

My next attempt at making money online survey, I joined a site that would let you fill out surveys for companies and you were supposed to get paid if your survey qualify, some surveys were supposed to pay you as much as $3 per survey, now the problem was they don’t tell you beforehand that you might not qualify because of your geographical location.

 Make money online Without Investment Survey Sites Are A Waste Of Time And Energy

They let you fill out all your personal information and answer all the questions and keep in mind that some surveys would take as long as 20 minutes to complete, then when you submit, they send you a message that your submission did not qualify because of your location. This got me very angry, I actually think most of those survey sites are scams that just want to gather your personal information.

Video and Survey sites earned me zero and apps were not any better

Then came the video sites where you should watch videos and get paid, oh don’t get me started on those sites, you watch a video, and then when its time to cash in they say your watch time is not valid, or when the video is almost finished, it freezes and you have to start over, I actually didn’t make even a dime on those video sites.

And then there was an app that I found and downloaded, the app was supposed to make you money without you doing anything, it was supposed to run ads on my phone and make me some money, big waste of my phone data and memory, I had to delete the app because it just kept putting a lot of rubbish on my phone to a point where I was scared of someone seeing my phone.

I did not learn my lesson with apps, I downloaded another one, but this one was different I was supposed to make money by posting pictures, so since I had many nature pictures that I had taken during my walks I thought I’d try to sell them, well, those did not sell and I just deleted the app and the photos too because, in the agreement terms, it said that once you upload the photos to the app, you loose claims to the photos, meaning they no longer belong to you.

So those are some of the methods that I tried to make money online without investment. Now there are ways you can make money online without having to invest, for example, if you create a YouTube channel and you are able to get 1000 subscribers, you can then apply for Google Adsense and when accepted, Google will run ads on your channel and you will make money that way.

There are ways to make real money online without investment

Some people are actually making big money with YouTube and they don’t spend anything, they just create videos and post them, of course, you need to know a bit of editing but that’s about it. some people even record using their phones, you just need good lighting and the audio needs to be good.

The same goes for websites, I actually have a website where I am running Google ads and earning revenue that way, I have to mention that your website has to have a fair amount of traffic in order to make good money on AdSense. Going back to YouTube, if you are creative and you have interesting things to teach people or talking about, then I say go for it. Just remember you have to post every week.

YouTube Is Another Way Of Making Money Online

I am actually working on my YouTube Channel and when its ready I will announce right here so my readers can subscribe to my channel and we can interact there and you can be able to see me. Of course, I am sure you are guessing what I am going to recommend next as a way to make money without investing, yup, affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the only way you get to sell other people’s products without handling anything and without worrying about shipping or returns or dealing with customers, all you do is you send people to the seller, you get your commission and everyone is happy. Of course, in order to do this, you need your own website.

The Secret To A Successful Affiliate Marketing Website, Is Reviewing Products

And you also need to create great content and do reviews of products, now my number one recommendation for starting a website for free and learning how to run an online business is Wealthy Affiliate, you can join for free and you can create two free websites and start your online business. It’s the only program that lets you create two websites absolutely free, no credit card required.

They also give you a taste of the program by giving you full access to everything for 7 days, then after 7 days you can decide if you want to remain a free member or if you want to upgrade totally up to you, no pushing no up sales no annoying popups just a friendly program that’s dedicated to showing you how to grow your online business and gain your financial freedom.

I Have Learned So Much From This Platform About Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me so much and that’s why I decided to share this great platform with anyone who is looking to start an online business, there is no need to struggle with clicking ads and making nothing, create your own business and make money enough to pay for your ads to run on those sites. Another thing that I must add. At Wealthy Affiliate, there is nobody flashing their expensive cars and mansions.

Don’t you hate it when you join sites and people are just bragging and showing off cars and mansions that are probably not theirs anyway, maybe its just a good photoshop job, you will not see that at Wealthy Affiliate, the owners are humble and professional affiliate marketers who are available to teach you how to be successful online, the pictures they post are of them and their family no show-offs of any kind.

Although Success Stories Are Welcome, Bragging Is Not Allowed

Actually its discouraged to brag inside the wealthy Affiliate platform and the only way allowed talking about your success is in context of encouraging each other, which means all the success stories you will read in wealthy affiliate, is members sharing what is bringing them success and them advising the newcomers on how to use links the right way in their websites in order to maximize sales.

I love this part of Wealthy Affiliate because I can learn something from another member’s success without feeling like they are throwing their success in my face, you know what I mean? Anyway, I hope I have given you some ideas that you can utilize to create your own money making online business. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment below.

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4 comments on “How To Make Money Online Without Investment

  1. This topic is already interesting to me! Investment is very important to anyone, but sometimes people don’t have money to invest, so making money without investment makes me wonder how to! And yes you right, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to make money online, same as Youtube, your article is very good, thank you for this great article! Now we know there are many ways to make money without investment!

  2. I completely agree with you on the paid surveys not being worth your time! I remember the first time I ever came across one, I filled in a survey that took me over 30 minutes, and got told I wasn’t in the right geographical location. So I joined a different group, spent 15 minutes doing a survey, and same thing happened. I was so disillusioned! Thankfully I have recently joined up with Wealthy Affiliate, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy this is for how much potential! I hope all of your readers click that button!

  3. Hi Josie, I am so glad that you joined Wealthy Affiliate, those survey sites are a waste of time and wifi, I swear I got so angry after spending so much time putting all that information and answering so many questions that I did not qualify, and it kept happening just like you said. it’s terrible. Thank you so much for your comment.

  4. It sure seems you have gone through a lot in trying to make money online. I have also taken part in surveys and passed through some of the things you passed through and I too did not make anything from all my efforts. It was just a waste of my time. I am also currently into affiliate marketing and although I have not yet started making money from it I believe I would and it is much better than taking surveys or watching videos to get paid which is just a waste of one’s time.

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