mistakes to avoid when buliding a website for making money

Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Website,For Making Money


Today I would like us to look at mistakes to avoid when building a website. When you are starting out in the make money online world, you are going to make some mistakes, and some mistakes could be minor and you can always go back and correct them, for example when starting out, your writing could be lacking and maybe your articles are a bit short. You can always go back and edit and add more words and maybe add more images if need be.

But there are some mistakes that you need to avoid when building a website

# 1 The domain name

You need to be sure about your domain name before you purchase it because once you purchase it you can’t change it, and when choosing a domain you need to make sure that it gives an idea as to what your website is about, as well as being brandable, now I know we have some big websites that don’t make sense. But it’s a good idea to make it easier for your audience to know what you are about.

All that being said, remember that it’s your content that will attract people to your site, I mean if you have great content on your website, people will always find you on google and click on your articles, but it’s nice when a visitor lands on your website, to have an idea what your site is about, for example from my domain, you can get a rough idea, what my site is about, at least I hope you can, Let’s work in PJs should give the idea that my site is about making money online by working from home, that’s what I was trying to achieve with my domain name.

#2 writing for SEO

This one I had mentioned in my earlier post, now although it’s wise to use your keywords in a way that will make it easy for Search engines to rank your content, you must not forget that real people will be reading your content and you really want to get your message out there so people can benefit from what information you have to offer, so it’s wise to write to them and make it so that they will easily understand what you are talking about.

I will share a secret with you on how I write my articles, I do it while picturing my friend, I pretend I have my friend in front of me, and I write just how I would talk to my friend, I think this also makes it easier for me to write more naturally and also it helps with the flow of words. I also just write in plain English as you can see, I do not try to go for big words that won’t even serve much purpose in communicating with my readers.

#3 Placing ads too early

OK, I have to admit that I am guilty of this one, I understand that when you are building a money-making website, you want to start making money as soon as possible. But during your first months, your website will not have enough traffic for you to be able to make money from ads, so I say hold back a bit from ads until you have a fair amount of traffic, this means unless your site has reached 10k visitors a month, you really won’t be making big money with Let’s say Google AdSense.

So I say just work on your website a little longer before applying for Adsense. The only program I would recommend that you apply for as soon as possible, if your niche fits, it’s Amazon because you can make sales with Amazon. And of course, if you are in affiliate programs, I would recommend that you join and promote Wealthy Affiliate because honestly this program works.

#4 crowded website 

Again I am guilty of this one, when I created my first website, I had all kinds of things going on especially on the front page, I had all kinds of images and different color texts, promotions and basically all kinds of things because I thought I was being creative lol 🙂 it wasn’t until a reader contacted me via private method through the contact form and told me that although I have a good message, it’s being drowned by all the stuff I have going on.

So I took action and did a bit of tidying up, So my point is, some times less is more when it comes to website design

#5 website that is not mobile friendly

Most people these days are browsing the internet using their smartphones, so if your website is not accessible using these devices, you will lose a lot of traffic, so you need to make sure that the theme you use is fully responsive and also the images you put on your website, are mobile friendly.


#6 a website that is not HTTPS secure

Have ever clicked on a website and it says not secure?, you need to make sure that your website is secure, because if you don’t, the search engines will limit your visibility, and therefore you will not get traffic to your site, luckily I did not have to worry about this detail because creating a website using Wealthy affiliate assured that it was secure and all I had to do is choose a theme and I was good to go.

#7 slow website

mistakes to avoid when building a website for making money

The speed of your website will determine whether a visitor will stay or just leave your website, so you need to make sure that your pages a loading at high speed, one way to avoid slow website is by minimizing the number of plugins you have on your site, so when you are starting, don’t put too many plugins on your site. I am guilty of putting too many plugins on my first site and that made my pages load very slowly. I know better now, on this site I have a total of 5 plugins.

So those are just a few mistakes that I hope you will avoid and build your money making a website, as you can see I am guilty of most of them and that’s why I thought I should share so I can save you time and headache that comes with making those kinds of mistakes. If you would like to learn more or maybe you don’t even know where to start with building a website, then I recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate Click Here to learn more.

It’s a program that is beginner friendly and you will get all the information you need to build a successful money making website, in Wealthy Affiliate you will get a comprehensive training in affiliate marketing, you will also create your own website and get secure hosting as well as support, and you will get access to thousands of free images to use on your website.

And if you are not sure about writing and grammar, you don’t have to worry, you will get a free grammar and punctuation checking tool which will correct any mistakes you might make.

Well, I have come to an end of this article, hope you have found it helpful and I really would love to hear your views so please leave me a comment. Do you have a website? would you like to create a website for free?

Let’s have more interaction on the comment area

Thank you so much for your time


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