5 People Who Should Not Do Affiliate Marketing

There are some people who should not do affiliate marketing, so today I would like us to focus on these people and why I think they should not enter into affiliate marketing or other online businesses. I have come across some people on TikTok who when you mention making money online, immediately say it’s a scam.

It does not matter the method you mention, as long as you say the words “make money online” These are people who should not do affiliate marketing because even if they try, they are going into it with the wrong mindset. It’s not everything that is a scam, sure there are many scams online but, affiliate marketing is not one of them.

1 You Want To Make Money Overnight

If you want to start affiliate marketing so you can make quick money, then affiliate marketing is not for you. I have seen many people who join our affiliate marketing community, and then after 2 weeks, they quit because they claimed that they have not made any money.

The thing is, if you are totally broke, you are going to be disappointed with affiliate marketing because the chances of you making quick money are very slim. I think, if you are totally broke, then you need to find a job, and then maybe later when you are not pressed for money, you can work on your affiliate marketing.

People Who Should Not Do Affiliate Marketing 2 You Are Not Patient

Building any kind of business, whether online or offline requires lots of patience. To be honest, when you are starting an affiliate marketing business, be prepared to work hard for a period of up to 6 months without making any money. I know that sounds like a long time but it can take that long for you to make your first affiliate sale.

Sure there are people who make their first affiliate sale within the first couple of weeks of starting, it will depend on your niche and your promotion skills. There is something we need to understand affiliate marketing is a promotion to sell. Meaning you are introducing a product or service to people in hopes that they will buy.

Lets just touch on what affiliate marketing is, it is simply selling other people’s products and services for a commission. You simply get a special link or a code, that you give to your followers, subscribers, or readers(if you are a blogger) When someone uses your affiliate link or your promo code to buy the product, then you earn a commission.

3 You Have No Time To Dedicate To Affiliate Marketing

Consistency is key when it comes to online business, it does not matter where you choose to promote your links, may it be Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, blogging, or email lists. Whatever the platform, you must show up every single day, especially the first 6 months.

If you don’t have time, then Affiliate marketing will not work for you. The thing is, you must, first of all, identify your niche(audience) you must identify the problem that they are dealing with, and then you must offer the solution to that problem, your affiliate link must take your audience to a product/service that will solve their problem.

But before all that, you must have the audience(traffic) because you could have a wonderful product/service that will generate great commission for you and will help a lot of people, but if you have no people to sell to, then you will make zero commission.

People Who Should Not Do Affiliate Marketing 4 You Are Not Trust Worthy


There is a big problem facing the make money online community, that problem is trust. People are so eager to sell, that they are willing to mislead others and give fake news. Because there are so many scams and some crappy products and services that are promoted with over-exaggerated claims.

People are finding it difficult to trust affiliate marketers, which makes the make money online niche a hard nut to crack. If you want to establish yourself as a successful affiliate marketer, you must build trust, if a product is crappy do not promote it saying how wonderful it is just because you are going to make a commission.

Tell the truth and shame the devil(that’s what we used to say when I was young lol) I saw an ad on YouTube just the other day, that made me think wow people can really lie. there was this guy claiming that he is going to give you a system that will make you $1000 within the next hour, and it will continue to generate $1000 every day, and it will just take you 5 minutes to set it up.

If such a system existed then I won’t be here writing this blog post, I would be somewhere in a rocket with the likes of Bill Gates and the other people who are making plans to leave our planet, to go live somewhere else just because they can.

5 A Lazy Person Who Just Want To Make Money On Autopilot

I asked a question on Quora just recently because I was curious to know what people think of bloggers. So my question was, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear someone say ” I am a blogger”?. Well, most people seem to believe that blogging is for lazy, and uneducated people.

You can see the screenshot below, one person even thinks blogging is not a proper job. The truth is, by the time your blog or YouTube channel is generating revenue, you have worked your butt off. So if you are lazy and think that blogging or affiliate marketing is easy, then this is not the thing for you.


Sure, you will reach that point of making money on autopilot but, It requires lots of work, I remember watching an interview with a very successful affiliate marketing YouTuber who said when he started on YouTube, he used to sometimes work 10 hours a day filming and editing videos, and he said his first 100 videos were the hardest because he was working so hard, and yet on some videos hardly getting 10 views. As you can see, it takes hard work to make it in this industry.


Affiliate Marketing is a lucrative business, and there are many successful affiliate marketers who started with nothing and now they run big websites. But the starting part is the hardest part, as I mentioned, you put in the work, and it takes some time before you can see results.

So if you are one of the types of people mentioned in this article, then I say you need to re-examine yourself and see if affiliate marketing is really something you want to get into. Anyway, I hope you have found my article helpful today. If affiliate marketing is something you would like to get into but doesn’t know how to set up an affiliate website, then click here to start

Thank you for your time

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