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Free Tools To Boost Your Website Make Your Website Look Amazing


As you are starting out, and as you create your website, you probably don’t want to spend loads of money buying tools and software to enhance your website, and you really don’t have to, there are so many tools out there that you can use to make your website look great without spending a dime. Today I am going to give you 5 free tools to boost your website.

You really don’t have to spend money, there are so many free tools to boost your website, and make it look professional

From logo creating tool to free images to cool graphics, you can get all these things for absolutely free. So let’s get started. when you create your website, you probably have a design in mind as to how you would want your website to look like and what kind of logo you would like, remember you are building a brand so the logo you chose its the same logo that  is going to represent your business going forward, meaning its the logo that you are going to have on your business cards and also they are going to appear on emails.

So it has to be something you really like, now there are people who would rather leave the graphics to the designers and they opt to pay someone to design their logo which is perfectly fine, but if you are the kind of person who wants to try your hand at it, then I got just the tool for you, oK I am not talking about a mysterious tool, I am talking about Canva, this is the best tool ever. Before you pay someone to create you a logo, please give it a try first and if you don’t like what you design, then, by all means, get a designer to do it for you.

Logos, titles and Pinterest graphics

And its free, OK, I know that there are some people who want more advanced options and so they opt for Canva for work, but for me, the free version works just fine, you can use Canva to create pins for your Pinterest, you can use it to create banners, business cards headers for your pages, you can even use it to create a header design for your website.

I just love Canva just go to and create an account I promise you will love it, thank me later. Since we mentioned Pinterest of course you know that’s the best tool to drive traffic to your website, we talked about this in the previous article.

 Free Tools To Boost Your Website Grammarly Is Very Helpful in Content Creation

The next tool that I absolutely love and I can’t even think how I lived without it, its Grammarly, I swear this tool is absolutely the best spellchecker, When I am not creating content on my site content within Wealthy Affiliate which also has a great spell checking tool, I use Grammarly, because sometimes I do write using Word or just in WordPress, and Grammarly has been very helpful.

So to make sure that your grammar is on point, and make your content easy to read and understand, I recommend Grammarly, your readers will be happy if you use it to check your mistakes.

Another tool that will help you improve your website appearance, its cool text, if you get on google and type cool text, you will find the place where you can create great graphics for your website, and you can even use cool text to create a logo too.  Also if you want to create eye-catching titles for your pages and articles, then this is the tool for you.

Free images for your website

There are many sites that sell images to use on your website, but I find that the free images work as well, I only purchase an image if I can not find what I am looking for on the free sites or if I want something very rare, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have access to millions of free images, So my first place that I would recommend is Wealthy Affiliate, if you become a member, you will not only have free images but many more tools to use.

Of course, there are other free sites where you can get free images, these include pixabay, and pexels you can find all kinds of free images on these sites to use on your website, of course, you must read the license of each image to make sure it’s absolutely free for commercial use.

So those are some cool free tools that you can use to improve your website, remember to always aim to improve your website, don’t just create your website and relax, there is always something to improve, there is always a plugin to update, there is always a pin to create so you can promote your content on Pinterest.

So when you are not writing an article, spend some time working on the graphics of your website, and don’t be scared, get on canva and create a pin, your first might not be the best but the longer you keep doing it, the better you are going to get, I was terrible at creating pins, then I got better and now I don’t go for too long without having a viral pin, just check out below the pin I have just created on canva for this particular post.

free tools to boost your website

OK, I am not blowing my own horn or anything, but I think the pin looks pretty good. so let me give you a summary of what we have just covered for you quick access, below is the list of the tools we mentioned

  1. Canva
  2. Grammarly
  3. Cool text
  4. Pixabay
  5. Pexels

These tools will help you make your website appear very professional and you don’t have to pay anything. So go ahead take some time and play with those tools and see what you can come up with.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you have found it useful, I would like to hear what kind of tools you are using on your website so please comment below and let’s have a discussion on the comment area. Are you happy with the tools you are using? are they free? please let me know.

Thank you so much for your time


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