What Is The Best Affiliate Program For Beginners? Here Is The Answer


Today I am going to answer in length the question I have been getting since I started Affiliate Marketing. What is the best affiliate program for beginners? before we go very far I would like to elaborate a bit about what exactly Affiliate marketing is, I have mentioned in my previous articles but in case you haven’t read them, let’s get into the idea of affiliate marketing together.

See I get very frustrated by the so-called Affiliate gurus who apparently have forgotten how it was not knowing anything about Affiliate marketing, those are the people who speak to you as if automatically you should know what they are talking about, as if they grant you magical powers through their keyboards or through the screen if you are watching their videos.

I know how it is like to be a beginner and I know that some of us want things explained step by step and in detail. So in order to understand affiliate marketing as a beginner, You need to understand what is required of you as an affiliate marketer, and that way, you can join any Affiliate program and be able to promote the products without any problem and make money. As you can see below, it’s actually very simple.


You as the affiliate, you send the customer to the merchant through an affiliate link which you would’ve gotten through the affiliate program that you are in, which will discuss in a minute, the customer clicks your link, and makes a purchase, you get your commission from the merchant and everyone is happy. The customer is happy that they found what they were looking for with your help, the merchant is happy that you referred the customer to them, and you are happy for helping someone with your content and for getting a commission.

Here are some criteria that the best affiliate program for beginners has to meet

So what is the best affiliate program for a beginner? The best affiliate program is the one that makes things easy for the affiliate marketer meaning, you have to do your research and make sure that the products you are promoting are good products, because you really don’t want to recommend products to people and then they get burnt, that will hurt your business because those customers will not come back to your website. So the program has to provide good quality products.

I mean even though you will not be dealing with the customer directly parse, which is the beauty of affiliate marketing, you really don’t want someone to have a bad experience as a result of following your recommendation, so its very important that you recommend a product that you believe the customer will benefit from

For so long Amazon has been the best Affiliate program for beginners because you can find almost anything to promote on Amazon, but lately they have been treating their Affiliates poorly, for example just few days ago, they announced that they are reducing their commissions, and keep in mind their commissions were low to begin with, its just that people, myself included, preferred Amazon because its easy to make sales there and if you make a good number of sales in a month, money does add up even with low commission rate.

So if you are willing to keep up with the constant rule changes, then Amazon would be a good affiliate program for beginners. shareasale.com“>Shareasale is another great program with many merchants to choose from depending on what your website is about.

But if you are in the make money online niche, like I am with this website, then I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate because this is a product that I am using and I am sure that its very beginner friendly and they even allow you to make money as a stater member which means, you can join wealthy affiliate for free, get two free hosted websites, and start creating content and make sales and get your commission. I think that is pretty cool.

Another program that is beginner friendly is eBay, you can find many products to promote on eBay and make commissions, and don’t forget Etsy and, commission junction CJ, just remember that it’s always free to join an affiliate program and there is no financial info needed. So don’t get scammed by fake programs that ask you for a credit card or bank details.

The Affiliate programs will only request your PayPal or bank details if you’ve made money and they need to send you your money, its advisable to use PayPal for your transaction, because I think PayPal is better than giving your bank details.

Of course, you must create good content and when you do reviews you must be through because your readers who are potential customers are looking to learn about the product so they can make a decision so your part is to help them make the decision to buy by providing them with as much information about the product as possible. Actually, the best way to look at Affiliate marketing and this is a secret I was given by my teacher when I was learning Affiliate marketing.

Its to view yourself as a helper and make it your job to help people by providing them with information, the sales will follow, so my teacher told me, rather than look at it as a way to make a sale, look at it as an opportunity to help somebody, and if you look at it that way, you will always find material to write about because you want to share information that will help people, it gives you the drive to do more research and come up with more articles to write.


Most Affiliate programs are beginner friendly, you just need to find out if they have merchants that have the products that you want to promote within your niche, and you can join as many affiliate programs as you want, you just have to make sure you have the time to write many articles and do many reviews.

So as you can see, if you have a computer, a website and an internet connection, and time to write, you can make money by joining affiliate programs.

I sure hope I have given you some useful answers, if you have more questions about affiliate programs or about Wealthy affiliate, please leave them on the comment section and I will be very happy to have a conversation with you. Also, if you are interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate and connect with other affiliates like me and hundreds of thousands more, please let me know.

Thank you so much for your time


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