can you make money on wealthy affiliate

Can you Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate And How Long Will It Take?


In today’s article, we are going to answer one questions that have been asked so many times and no matter how many answers people get, they still ask this question, so can you make money on Wealthy Affiliate? the simple answer is absolute yes, now the next part of the question is the complicated part, how long will it take to make money?

Well, I can assure you that indeed you will make money in Wealthy Affiliate, if you take the time to follow the training and complete the tasks that are given during the training, see Wealthy Affiliate is not just a program where you learn things and then you take extra time to implement what you have learned.

See the couches in this program understand that you need to get your website ranked as soon as possible and that’s why they do not want you to just learn and take notes and then create website later no way, the first thing you are going to do after setting up your account, is to create your website.

And then as you go through the training, you are gonna keep adding pages and articles, so by the time you are done with training, you will just continue working on your website which by that time it would’ve been indexed by Search Engines and your content will start ranking.

You will build your business as you learn so no time wasted

In Wealthy Affiliate, you are building your online business as you are learning, in fact, don’t be surprised if you start earning while you learn. The big mistake that people make after joining Wealthy Affiliate, is not completing the training or not completing the tasks. the way the training is structured is that by the time you finish the training, you will have content on your website as well as Affiliate links, and everything you need in order for your business to succeed.

So you will be set for making money online, but most people get distracted and they drop the training midway and start following other pieces of training here and there, and what that does is it takes them away from the full potential that they would’ve reached. My advice is this, if you join Wealthy Affiliate and you are serious about making money online, follow the training step by step, complete every task without skipping.

If you want to enter into the make money online Niche I suggest you start by taking the  Affiliate Bootcamp training, and I will suggest that you chose great programs to promote on your website, of course, I will suggest you start by promoting Wealthy Affiliate and I will show you the reason.

If you follow the training step by step, then you will be surprised at how good your website will come along in a short amount of time

Can you make money on wealthy affiliate

How much can you earn? take a look below

Can you make money on Wealthy Affiliate

As you can see above, even as a stater member in Wealthy Affiliate, you make $4 when you refer someone and they go premium, and then you will be making $11.75 every month from that one referral, so what if you get 50 people to go premium? And also as you can see above if you are premium yourself then of course your commission is higher than a stater member.

But as I mentioned earlier, in order to become successful you have to follow the training step by step, if the task is to write an article and publish  it on your website and then request comments, you have to do exactly that, the thing is, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate know what they are doing and that’s why they make you do these tasks, because they are leading you to success.

You have to be patient and follow the training, by the time you are done with the initial training, you will have a good foundation for your online business, and remember, to ask questions, and read the answers you get.

If you would rather venture in a different Niche, then I suggest you start with the entrepreneur certificate and again, follow every step of the training, you can start immediately by playing the video below.

Can you make money on Wealthy Affiliate

 Click here to Play the video

I find it very strange that many people don’t know about this program, stop wasting time with scams and come join us and learn how to make money online the right way, So many people are losing money every day trying to learn online marketing, yet this program is here and people are earning money from home and enjoying life.

That’s why I decided to make this website and spread the word about this great program, I mean I was working on other niches but after reading stories from new members and finding so many articles on Google of people who have lost thousands of dollars trying to learn Affiliate Marketing, there was no way I was gonna remain silent.

The truth is, when I first joined this program and I think I have mentioned this before, I really felt like I had taken a breath of fresh air, of course that’s after I realized that it was the real deal, because for a moment I was doubtful, But now, I am very sure, I mean  when I  saw my 3 articles on the first  page of Google, I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy.

I am telling you guys, this program does really work, there is no BS its just serious online business. And I must emphasize that it’s not one of those get rich quick programs, no sir, this is a program that takes you step by step and helps you build your online business, sure there some people who start making money very quickly but those are people who already have websites.

For new websites you need to give it time so it can start getting traffic but these are things that you will be taught in detail once you join Wealthy Affiliate, I really can’t wait to connect with you, come and join a community that is willing to help you and answer your questions, come join a group of successful Affiliate Markets who are willing to share their secrets, to help you succeed.

To be honest, I couldn’t believe the amount of information that was shared with me when I first joined, I was like are you sure you want to share this information with me? like, don’t you want to keep it to yourself and keep making more money without sharing your techniques? but no, they were sharing.

There is room for Affiliate Marketers, so can you make money on Wealthy Affiliate? of course you can and you will

The thing is, the experts at Wealthy Affiliate understand that internet is a very big place and there is room for everybody, although I know there are some people who would rather hold cards close to their chest, but honestly, there is no need for this because there are billions of people on the internet searching for products, services, and programs, so there is always room for Affiliate Marketers.

I read an article the other day that I found very disturbing ( when I am not writing I am always reading) it was written by a very experienced Affiliate Marketer( not a member of Wealthy Affiliate)  The author suggested that, no they demanded that programs stop recruiting new Affiliate marketers, because there are enough Affiliate Marketers, this is someone who is making hundreds of thousands of dollars and I think they are scared that the new kids in the block might bring new ideas into the mix. And they might lose their ”golden touch”

I mean internet marketing is a matter of rich content, and I think the new Affiliate Marketers are really doing it, I mean in Wealthy Affiliate we have a young man who has become a Super Affiliate Marketer at the age of 22, like this young man has superpowers, I even left him a comment the other day on his profile at Wealthy Affiliate, He is able to make crazy amounts of money in a week.

When you create your profile on WA  you will meet him, you will be amazed I promise you.

Anyway, I will leave it there for today. I hope you have found this article helpful and I also hope to see you in Wealthy Affiliate. Please leave me a comment below and tell me what you think about this subject, I will be very happy to interact with you and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you so much for your time.


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