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What About Wealthy Affiliate Is It Worth Joining?


Today we are going to answer one question that I have been getting from friends, see I have been trying to introduce Wealthy Affiliate to friends who I think are interested in learning affiliate marketing, and actually I have found out that some of them have actually tried other programs and they got disappointed, so they ask  me what about Wealthy Affiliate, what makes it so special or different to the other programs I have tried?

So what about Wealthy Affiliate is it worth my time or my money? the answer is simple, just try it and see

And when I get this question I always ask, how much time do you have because I have so many reasons to give you regarding Wealthy Affiliate and why its worth your time and money, for anyone who has a dream of creating an online business or even someone who already has an offline business and wants to upgrade and  take things online, Wealthy Affiliate will cater for your online business needs.

and even if you just want to start a business selling other peoples products as an affiliate marketer, which is the thing these days, this program got you covered for real

As more and more people join the world of affiliate marketing, the demand to learn this venture is getting higher and higher, but people are being lured into programs that are not really teaching them what they need to know about affiliate marketing, there are so many programs out there that are promising to teach you everything you need to learn about making big commissions online.

Be very careful of a program that promises you success after 4 days but what about Wealthy Affiliate does it do that?

No. Wealthy affiliate does not promise success after short a short period of time, in fact, you will be informed before you even start the training, that its gonna take hard work and time as well as dedication.

The one red flag I see with the programs that are getting rich quick types is that they promise you that once you purchase the training that they are going to sell you, at a high price I might add, that you are going to learn everything you need to know in 4 days, a four day training that will teach you how to make thousands of dollars.

There is one question that I always ask people if you want to learn to be.. let’s say an engineer for example, how long will it take for you to earn your engineering degree? And how much money will it take? so what makes you think that you can learn how to make thousands of dollars online in 4 days, honestly, why would you pay someone big amount of money, to teach you how to make money in 4 days?

That does not even make sense, when you think about it, even the shortest of courses that you can take, will  at least take you 3 to 6 months, that is the reality, so before you spend big money on a 4 days course ask yourself, how much can I really learn in 4 days? one of the reasons why I think Wealthy Affiliate is worth at least trying out, is that you will be taught all you need to know step by step, and even after you’ve been there for a long time, there will be something new to learn because there is always a peace of training being added.

You will not find better than this I can assure you

what about wealthy affiliate

And I can promise you, you can go through all the training programs out there, you will return to Wealthy Affiliate because there is no other program like it, we’ve had many people who have stepped out of WA to go and see if there is something better out there, but they always come back, myself, I do check out what else is out there but I do it to compare and see if there is a better deal out there.

I can assure you, there is no need for wasting your money and your time, Wealthy Affiliate is worth every penny, the training is first class, the results are great once you implement everything you learn into your business, I mean where else can you try the program for free for 7 days and get 20 free lessons? also where else can you get 2 free websites?

Also where else can you go premium for $19 for the first month? and then after that its only $49 and with that the services you get, you will be amazed, from live weekly webinars to 25 hosted and 24/7monitored websites to daily training, to live chat with your fellow affiliates I can go on and on just check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate to get a clear picture.

And the beauty of all this is that there are no more payments, once you go premium that’s it, there is no any other upgrade that you need to do, Wealthy Affiliate has only two plans free member and premium, there are no other charges, premium gives you access to all the program, everything, I mean there will be no charges for any new training added.

I feel bad when I see people losing money to scams

I feel so bad when I watch videos or read articles about people who have lost money online trying to learn affiliate marketing,  or trying to build a website, because I was one of those people, so I will keep writing this articles about wealthy Affiliate in hopes that people will join this program and learn the business from a program that is legit and low cost and yet it still delivers a high standard training that will help you scale your online business to the highest level.

The truth of the matter is, Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools you need to be successful at online business, all you have to do is work hard at your business and decide how far you want to take your business, you don’t even need to have many websites to succeed, you can have 1 or 2 websites that will make you enough money for you to work online full time.

I am telling you just get on Wealthy Affiliate and read the testimonials for yourself, start with this one the guy in this success story has made a good life for himself and his family thanks to WA, check it out here you can join for free and stay a free member for as long as you want, just check it out, and if you feel its not for you, then that’s OK, but at least give it a try.

I feel like these days even the offline business need websites and I feel like people are trying so hard to move with the times and that’s why you have these fake gurus coming up with fake programs and promising people all kinds of things, the need is there and the business opportunities are there, and that’s why as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get 25 hosted websites, because they know once you start becoming successful, you might want to start building websites for other people as well.

They see your potential even before you see it yourself

You see they see your potential even before you can see it yourself, they give you every chance possible to succeed because when you succeed, they succeed too. And to have a community that is there to support you every step of the way helps too, I mean you don’t know how nice it is to be able to interact with like-minded people and talk about business and exchange ideas. The WA community is one of its kind.

So in short to answer the question whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth joining, I say absolutely yes, its worth joining and its worth trying out, as I said, just check it out and decide for yourself, that’s what someone told me in an article and I tried it out and I have never looked back.

Thank you so much for your time, I look forward to hearing from you, please leave me a comment here or let’s meet in Wealthy Affiliate and exchange ideas there.


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