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Today I would like to talk about places you can promote your blog. Apart from the normal social media platform like Facebook and Twitter, there are other places that bloggers can share their content and drive traffic to their blogs so I will show you where to Promote your blog in 2020.

First I am just going to mention the obvious options, Facebook, Google ads, Bing ads, and Twitter.

And then I am going to share some platforms that you probably haven’t heard of.

Where To Promote Your Blog For Free In 2020

But first, let’s start with where to promote your blog for free. Quora.com did you know that you can share links to your blog posts when you are answering questions on Quora.com? if the answer you are giving is related to a blog post on your website, you should share the link within the text when you are giving an answer.

Just make sure that you have first given in-depth answers, because if you just drop your link then your answer will be flagged as spam. For example, let’s say someone is asking, how can I learn affiliate marketing the easy way? you should not answer by saying if you want to learn affiliate marketing the easy way click here.

Instead, give different ways that one can learn affiliate marketing, and then at the end of your answer, you could say, I have actually covered this topic on my latest blog post, so if you would like to learn more read it here.


Did you know that by posting once or twice a month on the Medium.com can help grow your blog by driving free traffic to your blog, for example, I mainly talk about affiliate marketing on this website and all things make money online. So what I do is I share a few tips on medium once or twice a month because between my blogs and my daily life, I don’t have much time so I have to divide my time wisely.

Anyway, depending on your niche, you can post an article on Medium and make sure you have linked one or two of your articles within the post. And of course, make sure that your profile includes the URL of your website. Because when people see your profile, they probably will click to your site especially if they like the kind of content you share on Medium.

More Places To Promote Your Blog For Free


Of course, Pinterest is one of the best ways to advertise your blog and get lots of traffic for free. But the thing with Pinterest, you have to spend lots of time pinning and repining in order for you to get good results and that brings us to our next best thing which actually works very well with Pinterest. I am talking about TailWind.

I just started using TailWind because I really had to free up time so I can have more time to create content for my websites and I am loving it so much. But what exactly is TailWind? it’s a social media scheduler which allows you to schedule pins, and posts on Pinterest and now they have included Instagram.

By using this tool, you are able to concentrate on your blog, and yet stay active on Pinterest and Instagram, most features on TailWind are geared toward Pinterest because they were just working with Pinterest until recently. The best feature, that TailWind has is the tribes. These are groups of bloggers that work together by sharing each other’s content which is very helpful.

By joining relevant tribes, your content will get lots of exposure. Just remember to read the rules of each tribe you join so you don’t get into trouble, some tribes require that you share two pins for every pin of your own you submit to the tribe. So make sure you do that, also some tribes don’t allow affiliate links, so make sure you read the rules carefully.

Have You Heard Of Vkontakte?

This is the Facebook version of Rusia, according to Wikipedia, VK has over 500 million members, and although the platform is geared towards Russian users, it has attracted many international users in recent years. The platform is available in many languages including English.

By finding and joining the relevant groups and sharing your content on this platform, you will be able to drive lots of traffic to your blog for free.

Don’t forget Mix.com, this platform used to be known as StumbledUpon but in 2018 it changed to Mix.com, you can share your content on this platform for free and drive lots of traffic to your website. If you are in the photography niche or other fun, and relaxed topics niches, then Bored Panda is the place you need to be.

You can share your content, and drive traffic to your website, just remember BoredPanda only likes high-quality content, and the content has to be in topics that are relaxed, fun and not offensive or too serious.

Are you struggling with social media? and you are not getting great results because you don’t have a huge following? then Viralcontentbee is where you need to be. This platform will help you get exposure on social media for free. Which translates to traffic growth for your website.

There Is A downside to Using Viralcontentbee


The only downside of this platform is, I found out that you have to give them access to your social media profile. So my suggestion is to create social media accounts just for promoting your business and keep them separate from your personal social media accounts because the last thing you need is family and friends complaining to you about spam mails on their social media profiles.

Because once you give access to Viralcontentbee, they have access to your followers and the people you are following.

Is your content geared towards young people? if so then the place to find huge groups of young people these days are two platforms that are very popular with Millenials Tik Tok and Tumblr, I did create a profile on Tumblr but to be honest I have not done much with it, I think I only shared two posts there. I guess I am involved in so many things, I am so pressed for time.

But I found Tik Tok to be a lot of fun. You are only allowed to post short videos like 15 seconds long, so you have to be very creative. you can share the link to your YouTube channel, or Instagram on your bio. I like going there to watch funny videos because there are lots of them. But I did find the #affiliatemarketing has lots of following so I followed it and I Intend to share lots of content in the coming months.

We Are Coming To An End Of Our List But There Are Two More Places For You To Promote Your Blog For Free.

LinkedIn is a platform for business people and you can share your content on LinkedIn for free, and not only that, you can also network with like-minded people, plus there are a lot of opportunities on Linkedin, you never know who is looking at your profile. So I suggest you create a professional-looking profile and list all your qualifications.

I was just contacted by a brand on LinkedIn, with a very interesting offer, so, if you are not on LinkedIn, and you are an entrepreneur, please create your profile, and don’t forget to add me to your network 🙂

The next platform that we must mention is Reddit it has groups that are very similar to Facebook Groups. They are called subreddits, by joining relevant subreddit, and following the rules, you will be able to give your content exposure by sharing. But remember, you can’t be spammy on Reddit.

You need to first interact with other creators by commenting on their work and being active, and then submit your post and give it time before submitting another one but continue engaging on other people’s content.

You Need To Decide How Many Platforms You Want To Join Because Its A Lot Of Work


Now with all that being said and all those platforms listed, I must caution you. Joining too many platforms, will take lots of time and work which means you being away from what really matters, Your blog. So I suggest you pick a couple of platforms and just stick to them.

All platforms require you to be active, which translates to lots of work and time. For me, it’s different because I do have to do research and check many websites, before I can talk about them.

But if you are not in the make money online Niche and you are not doing reviews of websites, then I think it’s a good idea to just pick the platforms that you think you will have time for, and just become active and grow your website’s traffic that way. But remember, you need to do SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) on your content so you can drive free organic traffic to your website in combination with other sources of traffic.

When you do that you are maximizing your growth, which translates to an increase in passive income.

But I don’t Know How To Start A Blog, Don’t Worry I Will Help You

If you are reading this and you don’t know how you can start a blog or perhaps you do have a blog but you are struggling to grow it because maybe you are not familiar with SEO, or how to monetize your website and make money online doing what you love.

My Number one Recommendation will solve all of those problems, Click Here to learn more.


There are many ways that you can promote your blog. And most ways that I have listed today, you don’t have to spend money, you can just promote your blog for free. It just requires, lots of time, because you do have to be active on the platforms you choose.

Anyway, I hope you have found this article helpful, and I hope you have found a couple of platforms that you can take advantage of and drive traffic to your website.

I want to thank you and also ask you for a favor, if you liked this post, please share it on your social media. Also, please leave me a comment, how are you driving traffic to your website?

Thank you for your time


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  1. Hello Rose,
    Having read this article I have learnt so much! I had no idea about some of these platforms, I have only concentrated on the more obvious ones , Facebook, Twitter and pinterest. I have a linkedin too but never use it
    I find it difficult sometimes to get into a regular time for posting my blog on social media so they are all a bit hit and miss for me. I am going to try some of the other great sites that you have mentioned. Medium.com sounds like a good one to start with for me. Virulcontentbee will help me too I think.
    Thank you

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