Is Affiliate Marketing Dead In 2020?


Let’s start by making a list of deaths in digital marketing. We are going to base our list on what the gurus are telling us. Is affiliate marketing dead in 2020? the gurus just killed it, and I will tell you what else they killed. Blogging, SEO, Social Midea Marketing, content marketing, and everything in between. I swear I don’t know why people do this.

OK, let me rephrase that, I know why people do this especially on YouTube. They do it to get clicks. I am telling you, clickbait is very popular Especially on YouTube, have you ever clicked on a YouTube video and then found out the video had nothing to do with the title? That drives me crazy, I hate it when people use titles that have nothing to do with the videos.

So Let’s Find Out Is Affiliate Marketing Dead In 2020?

First of all, how can they say that affiliate marketing is dead in 2020? today is the first day of 2020 so how in the world can we know who is dead in 2020? I swear these gurus are going too far. The answer to whether affiliate marketing is dead in 2020 is no. Affiliate marketing is very much alive and kicking, as a matter of fact, affiliates are going to make more money in commissions in 2020 more than they made in 2019.

The reason being in 2019 there were more affiliate products released than 2018 and I predict that in 2020 more companies will join affiliate networks and they will be looking for publishers to promote their products, if you check out my review of Frexoffers, you will see that there are new companies joining that network every single day.

And that is just one affiliate network, so think about commission Junction (CJ) ShareASale, Click Bank, and others, they are registering new advertisers every single day. This is because companies have realized that customers are on the internet and not necessarily in the stores and this means they need to get as many eyes on their products as possible.

Why Would We Think That Affiliate Marketing Is Dead In 2020?


I ask again, why would we think of making such statements like affiliate marketing is dead, affiliate marketing is just gonna grow as time goes by. And to be honest, I do not know why one would discourage people from venturing into the world of affiliate marketing, the pie is so big. There is a juicy sweet slice for everyone.

There are so many niches, with so many products to promote, for example, did you know, there are people making money online by teaching people how to start a dog walking business? there are digital products, like courses, e-books, that teach people all about dog walking and there are affiliate marketers who are promoting those products, both on blogs and on YouTube.

So I think it’s very important to follow your dreams no matter what the gurus say. To be honest I find it quite amusing that people spend so much time creating content that is just hot air and no substance instead of helping people succeed. And what I don’t understand is why people consume that kind of content.

For Me, I Consume That Kind Of Content For Research Purposes

When I come across such articles or videos, I read them or scan through just to find out what the reasoning behind it is, because I like keeping up with the digital marketing world. So when I came across content that claimed affiliate marketing is dead in 2020, I couldn’t help but address it.

Another death that was proclaimed is the blogging, I will admit that blogging is not as easy as it used to be, 5 years ago it was very easy to rank on the first page of Google even if your post was under 1000 words. Now your content has to be super thorough and very detailed, not to mention it has to be SEO optimized.

And if you are new in blogging your keyword has to be a low competition keyword which means even though you will rank on the first page of Google, they keyword may not receive many searches which means you will not have loads of traffic to your site but at least you will have some clicks.

In olden days, people used to start a blog and within a month they are making money with their blogs but these days it takes longer time and even harder work. But does all this mean blogging is dead? absolutely not, it just means that there are more bloggers now than they were five years ago.

Another Reason Why Blogging Feels Like It’s Losing Momentum


Because video marketing has sort of taken over the digital world, many people prefer watching videos, and that means bloggers have to work harder by incorporating videos into their blogging. For example, the travel bloggers now have to do some vlogging as well, which means more work but, it works.

And when it comes to social media, these days it seems like unless you are willing to spend money, you will not be able to promote offers on social media, especially on Facebook. It looks like after the challenges Facebook has faced in recent years, they are trying to get it back to what it used to be when it first started.

They are trying to get back to the social side of the platform and less on the business side, which means marketers are facing hard times on Facebook, business pages are being targeted, and I see complains every day, where ads have been pulled despite people paying for them. Posts are being banned and account blocked.

This means that the business that depended on Facebook have to either dig deeper into their pockets or just take their business elsewhere.

In my opinion, we will just have to move with the times, rather than declaring a sudden demise of a business module when things change.

The Good News Is


There other places to advertise affiliate marketing business and offers, Google ads, Bing, ads, Pinterest, LinkedIn Twitter, and even YouTube. And of course, there are other platforms that are not mentioned a lot, like Quora, Udemy, Waze and others. As a matter of fact, I am working on a blog post on how and where to advertise your blog. So look out for that post.

I think, as long as you have time to create content, you have an internet connection and you have basic knowledge in SEO and other ways to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. Affiliate marketing will be very lucrative to you and it will bring you a new stream of income.


Affiliate marketing is not dead in 2020 and it’s not dying, we just need to work harder as affiliate marketers because the competition is fierce. Would you like to learn how to do affiliate marketing successfully? Then check out my number one recommendation for training, in everything related to online business, and blogging, from SEO training, content creation, to social media marketing, dropshipping, you name it.

Alright, I will leave it there for now. It’s your turn to share with us. Do you think affiliate marketing will be profitable in 2020 or do you agree with the gurus when they say affiliate marketing is dead?

please leave your comments below. And If you would like to put a smile on my face, share this post on your social media 🙂

Thank you for your time.


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5 comments on “Is Affiliate Marketing Dead In 2020?

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I believe affiliate marketing will only get better and fiercer in 2020. I followed the recommendation link that you posted, and I have found very helpful information. I think I will go ahead and sign up and see how it goes.

  2. I smiled when I saw your headline. I remembered when I first started out online, I used to research term like that.

    It is true that people use clickbait to attract visitors to their content which sometimes what their headlines say does not really relate to their content or videos. Even, I noticed some people saying that drop shipping is dead.

    If you want my opinion, I will say affiliate marketing, drop shipping, blogging, etc. are all dead when you use the methods and teachings of 7 years ago into 2020.

    Time evolves and so everything else. Things change. Businesses adjust with time too, and you as an affiliate marketer should not be left out. If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, then you should be ready for hard work and patience to meet up with the present times. 

    And you will need to get a good training so you can have a solid foundation to climb up the ladder of success which of cause the author has recommended.

    Thank you for this informative post.

    1. Wow, Kell, I appreciate your words and I absolutely agree with you, if you use methods that are outdated, then of course affiliate marketing, blogging and dropshipping are dead for sure. That is a great point, thank you so much and happy new year to you.

  3. Rose, I only have one question! How long have you been Blogging? You are well-informed! Thank you for sharing what you know with your peers, and I will be back to read that Blog on advertising Blogging you are planning! I agree with your summation concerning affiliate marketing. There is room for millions and we are only at the threshold of affiliate marketing of the future! God Bless and Good Luck! Janice 🤗🌾

    1. Hi, Janice, happy new year and thank you for your comment. Well, I have been blogging on and off for a while but this is actually my second year blogging seriously. I am glad you found substance in my content.

      My goal is to share helpful information, and not just hot air.

      Yes please come back and read my next blog post, I think you will like it.
      Again thank you so much for reading and commenting Janice, I appreciate it.


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