How To Get Traffic On Your Website For Free


Today I would like to help you get free traffic to your website today’s article is going to cover how to get traffic on your website for free. As a new website, it’s had to get those views but with this trick that I am gonna share with you, you can get hundreds of visitors to your website, don’t worry I am not selling any E-book or any course, just relax and read on.

I used this trick on my skincare website when it was very new, I think the website was just two months old, and within one week I had already started seeing my views increase, one thing I will caution you about, is do not spend so much time on Google analytic because you are going to drive yourself crazy, if you keep checking how many views you are getting and from where you will become very obsessed.

And you will spend so much time checking your views instead of spending time writing articles or doing other things on your website to make it better.

I learned that lesson the hard way, I used to just get on Google analytic and just stare at the screen as if I would encourage people to click on my website by magic lol 🙂 seriously, just create your content and set a time when you will check your Analytic account. OK so Let’s dive into how to get traffic on your website for free. The first and the most obvious way to get people to visit your website is by sharing your posts on all the social media networks.

There are many ways to get traffic to your website but I think you will like my secret for getting free traffic to your website

Another great way is by following each article with a youtube video version of the article, OK, I am still working on this myself, I am developing my videos which I will be uploading to YouTube soon. But the most successful way, in my opinion, to drive people to your website is Pinterest. That’s right, if you are a blogger and you are not on Pinterest, you are losing out big time.

Pinterest is the only search engine that doesn’t discriminate against young websites, you could start your website today, write few articles and pin them to Pinterest and you will get views, trust me I have done it and I have seen results, the best to use Pinterest is by joining group boards, the problem though is that it’s not easy to find group boards unless you know what you are looking for.

This is how you find group boards on Pinterest

The image below shows a group board that I am a part of, what you need to look for is a circle with 3 triangles within it and it might have images of different people, that’s how you know it’s a group board

 “How To Get Traffic On Your Website For Free” is locked How To Get Traffic On Your Website For Free

If you see a board with just a solid circle with one image, then that is not a group board

When I was trying to find group boards to join on Pinterest, I found it very difficult to find them, I even searched on Pinterest itself but I still couldn’t find them, so what I did is I checked some of the people that I was following and checked their boards and that’s how I found group boards to join. So I will advise you to follow people on Pinterest who are in the same niche as you, and then check if they are in group boards and then apply to join.

Most group boards will have instructions on the description box on how to join plus rules of the board, you must read and follow the rules. after you find 3 or four group boards, then you need to create a free account with because that’s how you will be able to create great pins for free. And then just start pinning every time you write a new article, make sure you create a minimum of 4 pins and pin them to the group boards.

Also, you must have a pinning plugin within your website so you can pin the images directly from your website, in word press, you can easily find the Pinterest plugin, you just need to type in the search bar within word press, and then install and activate. This helps your visitors to save your images to Pinterest which will generate more views and more visitors to your website.

So there you have it, Pinterest plus canva = free traffic to your website, Also the cool thing about the traffic you get from Pinterest, it’s people who are looking for a particular product, so it’s people who are ready to make a purchase, so if they find what they are looking for on your website, then you will make a sale. And another thing that I like about Pinterest, You get followers very easily and quickly.

Unlike Instagram where people will unfollow you after you follow back, Pinterest will get you real followers

Unlike Instagram when people pretend to follow you and then as soon as you follow back, they unfollow you, I hate that. Especially when you follow the hashtags that say follow for following or follow back, those hashtags are full of people who will just unfollow you as soon as you follow them. There was one day I followed 10 people after they had followed me, then the next day they had all unfollowed me.

I also must remind you that you have to claim your website with Pinterest, it’s very important that you claim your website, the process is very easy, within your Pinterest profile you will just click settings where it says claim your website, enter your URL and then you will copy the code and paste it within your website, and how to paste it is by getting a plugin called headers and footers and then paste the code within headers and save that’s it click here to learn more about this.

So that is the secret to getting free traffic to your website, I know many people within Pinterest use tailwind for pinning but I just do it manually, I will probably get tailwind at some point but for now, I am just doing it manually, the trick is to make sure you pin constantly and if you can, do it several times during the day, I usually pin twice a day although there are times when I only do it once.

If you don’t have your own pins to pin, you can pin from your group boards to your own boards, just so there can be activity on your account, Pinterest likes seeing consistency on your account so you have to be active.

I hope you have found this article helpful, Don’t forget to get canva, you are going to love it I promise, you can create logos, banners and all kinds of things including great pins as I mentioned.

Thank you so much for your time, please leave me a comment and share this article with your friends if you like it.


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