How Hard Is Affiliate Marketing?

How Hard Is Affiliate Marketing?


One of the Most asked questions, by affiliate marketers especially those who are just starting in this business, is how hard is affiliate marketing? This question usually arises, once the affiliate marketer realizes that even after putting lots of effort, they still have not been able to make the first sale.

I will Just a touch on what affiliate marketing is briefly, affiliate marketing is promoting products or services online for a commission, for example, you build a website/blog or YouTube channel, and then you apply to join an affiliate network like Commission Junction or ClickBank, and then you find products to promote.

You then place affiliate links on your website or YouTube channel, when someone clicks on your link, because it has a special ID on it, they will keep a record of your sales and you will get a commission for the sales you drive with your affiliate links Please click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.

I will be honest, that first sale is the most difficult one to make, but once you make that first sale and you figure out what is working and what is not, then things will start moving smoothly.

So How Hard Is Affiliate Marketing? Let’s Find Out Together

How Hard Is Affiliate Marketing?

The truth of the matter is, nothing good comes in easy, you do have to put in some work before you start seeing results and this applies to affiliate marketing too. Now, as to how hard or difficult affiliate marketing is, it really depends on a lot of things. There some affiliate marketers who are able to make their first sale a month after starting their affiliate marketing business.

Yet, you have other affiliate marketers who work so hard for a long time without making not even a single sale. But why is this? does it mean that the affiliates who are not making sales in a certain amount of time are doing things the wrong way? not at all. Making money online depends on a lot of things, for example, the niche you choose, your use of keywords in your posts.

And of course, the competition plays a role in how soon you will start making affiliate sales.

The Fact Is Affiliate Marketing Is All About Patience And Lots Of Hard Work

How Hard Is Affiliate Marketing?

I read a very interesting meme on Twitter the other day, by the way, if you are not following me on Twitter, please do so, I am always tweeting some really helpful stuff. Anyway, back to the meme, it was a screenshot of a post by someone on social media asking how people can sit in the house all day doing nothing. And then there was a reply saying it’s because affiliate marketers need to sell products online, that’s why.

To be honest, there is no business module that is easy, if you want to build your own online business, you have to be prepared to face the challenges. Affiliate marketing is no difference, I would say when you first get into the affiliate marketing world, then go to it with a mindset of, giving it at least 6 months.

By giving yourself at least 6 months when you don’t expect to make any sales, you will work hard and just create your content and put it out there and give the search engines time to take notice of your website and also, you will have enough content on your website for when you start getting that traffic.

Affiliate Marketing Is Not So Hard It’s Just Misunderstood.How Hard Is Affiliate Marketing?

I think affiliate marketing is very misunderstood, I read a post recently of an affiliate marketer who is very successful and making serious money online, and he says every time he needs to do something whether it’s buying a car or a house, if he lists his job as affiliate marketer, he is followed with all kinds of questions.

Like where his office is, when he says he works remotely and he can work from anywhere, there is some kind of mistrust and misunderstanding, he has to almost give a mini-course on affiliate marketing for people to understand what he does for a living. The truth is affiliate marketing is a business just like any other business.

The different is, you don’t have to be at one place to work, you can work at the beach, you can work while you are traveling and seeing the world, you can even be working while you are sleeping. OK, I know that doesn’t make sense 🙂 let me explain. weh you are running an online business, you are able to make money even when you sleep. Your business is open 24/7.

So as I keep saying, as long as your website is live and you have affiliate links, there is always a chance of making money even when you sleep.

Affiliate Marketing Is As Hard As You Make It Out To Be

How Hard Is Affiliate Marketing?

It really depends on you, if you do things the right way from the beginning of your affiliate marketing journey, then it shouldn’t be hard, and if you learn affiliate marketing the right way and have people who are willing to support you, as I do In Wealthy affiliate, then you will succeed.

The right way of doing affiliate marketing is identifying what kind of niche you want to venture into. Find the right products, good quality products withing that niche, that you would like to promote find out what kind of audience you want to target, and then build your website. Once you build your website, you need to find a way to drive traffic to your website, and the best way is to create content that is SEO optimized so you can drive organic traffic to your website for free.

Now, if you are new to affiliate marketing and you don’t even know where or how to begin but you are really interested in learning how it works, then I would highly recommend you join this platform, the platform is called Wealthy Affiliate, it’s where I have learned affiliate marketing.

And it’s where I was able to finally establish my online business after years of trying and failing and losing money and time to all sorts of scam programs.

Would you Like To Learn Affiliate Marketing And Start Earning income online?

How Hard Is Affiliate Marketing?

This program has taught many affiliate marketers how to make money online myself included and you can be one of us too, by just creating a free account. you don’t need a credit card or any financial information, you just need your email address. Just check it out, if you don’t like it it’s OK, but you will never know until you try.

I know that most people are afraid, to try things online especially if you have fallen victim to those terrible internet scams, well, don’t worry, I am not telling you to try something that will land you in trouble. Hey, why don’t you just get an email address for this purpose? If you are afraid of using your regular email address.

Honestly, I just want you to check this program out, if I had found it earlier it would have saved me a lot of trouble.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most the easiest way to make money online because you will just be promoting other people’s products and making commissions, there is no handling of merchandise, and there is no hustle at all, all you have to do as an affiliate marketer. Is find great products, give information that the customer is looking for about the product.

If the customer is satisfied with the information you have given, then they will click on your affiliate link, they will purchase the product, and you get your commission, that is it. The difficult part of affiliate marketing is getting the customer to your website(traffic)

So You need to create content that gives value to your audience, and you also have to know how to optimize your content for SEO so people can find you and read your content. All these things are taught in-depth in Wealthy Affiliate so stop struggling to make money online. Whether it’s a website you want to start or a YouTube channel, Wealthy affiliate will teach you how to make money online.

OK, I am done. Your turn now. Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate before? if so what did you think? have you tried it?

Let me hear your views on the comment section.

Thank you for your time


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