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What Is A Niche? I Will Give You A Clear Answer


OK, so I just Finished giving a 500-word answer to this question on Quora.com what is a niche? its very simple actually, a niche is the topic you build your blog/website around or your targeted audience, anyway, after I submitted my answer I saw 10 more requests for me to answer similar questions, so I thought you know what, I am just gonna go on my website and create a post about this and maybe if Quora is not so uptight they will let me share my article with all those people who are still confused as to what a niche is.

See, I had answered another question which was asked a bunch of times and I got into trouble for sharing my links in my answers and the links I shared answered those questions very well and in detail, and no I didn’t just drop my links, I first gave a substantial amount of information. Which is why I always say its best to have your own website, that way you are free to say whatever you want and share your links however you want.

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So What Is A Niche, I Will Answer You In Detail Now

what is a niche

well, according to dictionary.com, a niche is a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or a thing, it is also a distinct segment of a market

When you are thinking about a niche, think about a topic, think about something that you can talk about all day, then create a website around that topic, although there are people who chose a niche based on products they can promote within that niche, if you are just starting out in the blogging field, I highly recommend you start with something you love.

And I will tell you why, in June 2019 Google did the core update that caused a lot of websites to suffer in terms of traffic but the funny thing is the websites that had long articles,(1500 words and more) did not suffer much, why I am I telling you this and how is this related to the questions what is a niche? I will explain, if you chose a niche that you are not passionate about, you will not be able to create many of those long articles that Google is showing love to.

When you think about a niche, think about the information you are going to share in your articles and think about the value you are going to add into people’s lives, the truth is people worry so much about what products they can promote with a blog but honestly I think the bloggers should worry about what kind of help they are giving to people and if people are happy with your blog, that will translate into traffic.

Then it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with that traffic meaning how you want to monetize your site, you can do it by allowing ads on your site, or you can monetize with affiliate marketing where you promote products and earn a commission.

The Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Niche.

what is a niche

One of the mistakes people make when deciding on a niche, is choosing a niche that is too broad, for example when you choose weight loss as your niche, if you just go for the weight loss in general, you will be competing with big websites that have been in business for years including the big brands that have weight loss websites.

So the best thing to do is to just create a little corner for yourself and stay within that lane for a while then slowly start expanding until your website gets to the level where you can play with the big boys or big girls what I am I saying? I am saying that you could, for example, create a weight loss blog that targets the seniors, weight loss for seniors will do well because you have a targeted audience.

How about you target a particular part of the body like how to lose love handles or how to trim thighs or how to tighten flabby arms, you can start small and do articles about a targeted body part, and then once you gain authority, you can start broadening your niche.

Another example is beauty if you are in beauty niche you are competing with brands like Vogue, Maybelline, Allure, Mac and other big brands that have big authors writing articles for their websites so, the best way is to start with beauty tips for acne-prone skin for example, or you can target a particular age group, then slowly you will include other aspects of beauty until you grow large enough to drive in the fast lane where Vogue and others are.

The same goes for cooking niche, if you just start a cooking website, you are competing with the big cooking websites like the food network, BBC food, allrecipes.com, and food.com just to name a few. but if you create a blog where you cover Indian cooking or Italian cooking, if someone is searching for Italian recipes, they would rather come to your site rather than go to the big site where they have to search for the Italian cooking section.

They would rather come to your site where every Italian recipe is in one place, so you will build your own audience that way and then slowly you will be able to grow and cover other recipes. Also the benefit of having a targeted niche, the search engines will rank your site and your content quicker, because, they are able to identify quickly what your site is about and where to rank you.

When you find the perfect niche whats next?

what is a niche

Build your website and start writing those articles, be as through with your articles as you can be, try to aim for 1500 words, but not all articles should be the same length but try to have as many long articles as you can, but don’t have an article that is less than 1000 words. On this website, I do not have an article that is less than 1000 words, but at the same time, all my articles are not the same length.

I have some that are 1200 words and some that are longer than 1500 words it really depends on the topic that I am talking about and once I m sure that I have covered every aspect that I wanted to cover on that particular topic, then its time to hit publish. So the key is to give people as much information as they need and as much as you can give.

When you build your website, make it very clear as to what its about, use the correct images and when you promote it on Pinterest which I highly recommend, because Pinterest is the only search engine that doesn’t discriminate against new websites, as we all know Google will put a new website into what is known as the sandbox, for about 3 to 6 months meaning, they will not direct much traffic to your website until the sandbox time is over.

Pinterest, on the other hand, will drive free traffic to your website whether your blog is two days old or 5 years old, and that makes Pinterest the best friend of new bloggers click here to read the article I wrote about free traffic from Pinterest


Choosing a niche is the most important step in creating a blog/website and you need not rush, take your time and decide what kind of website you want to build, do your research like checking the Google trends to have an idea as to how much demand there is out there for the kind of website you want to build and the information you are going to share.

Once you have established your niche, don’t wait any longer, go ahead and build your website and start sharing your ideas with the world, if you don’t know how to start or how to go about it, then click here to find all the information you need about building a website.

Creating your own website is very easy, you can create a website within minutes without knowing anything about coding and other things that website building entails, all you have to do is a click here and there and voila, the website is up, and that is why there are so many blogs and websites these days, I mean everyone with internet connection has a blog.

And you can start yours today if that is what you want. If you feel you have something to share with the world, then just do it, start sharing, and start right here in the comment section.

So, do you have a blog, and if so what niche are you in? if you don’t have a blog, would you like to start one? as this article helped you understand what a niche is?

Please leave your comments below and let’s discuss this, I will be there to answer your comments.

Thank You For Your Time


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