Are Niche Sites Still Profitable In 2021?


Because these days it appears as though people are leaning toward video, and visual content more than written content, there is fear that blogs might not be very profitable in the near future, are niche sites still profitable in 2021 that is the question we are going to answer today. This question was raised by one of my followers on Quora.

The person felt like people are not reading articles as much as they are watching videos on YouTube, or Tiktok for that matter. And the funny thing about this is that search engines like Google and Bing (yes Bing is still in business) prefer articles that are long. We are talking 1,000 words onward, so are niche sites still profitable in 2021? I say yes they are.

Are Niche Sites Still Profitable In 2021, Should I Start A Blog?

in my opinion, reading an article gives the reader more information, and I don’t know if it’s just me but when I read an article, the information tends to stick better. According to Ryan Robinson of “yes people still read blogs today” So despite, people watching videos, they still need to read reviews. Another reason why I think niche sites are still profitable in 2021, when you write an article or a review, listing 10 or 20 products, you can have all those links on the article and you have the freedom to describe each product in detail.

which, in my opinion, is more helpful to the reader. Also, the ability to share your affiliate links on your blog without worrying that your links will be blocked is a plus. I was watching a video on YouTube just recently, where a very successful YouTuber was complaining that their affiliate links were blocked by YouTube and therefore, they were not making affiliate sales with a video they spent a long time creating.

The beauty of having your own Niche site, is that you can create your articles and share your affiliate links freely without worries. That being said, you should not have affiliate links on all your articles. because your site could appear spammy to search engines. It’s best to write reviews, and have your affiliate links within the reviews, and then when you are writing other articles like how-to articles, or articles that mentions a particular product then you link to the review where that product is mentioned.

So Are Niche Sites Still Profitable?


I say absolutely yes. This is the best time to start a blog, more people are spending time online due to the current situation in the world, and even after the crises is resolved. People have now adapted to spending time online and working remotely, so there will be more online shopping, which translates to the high demand for product reviews and information.

Don’t be discouraged, if you have been thinking about starting a blog go on and do it now. Share your knowledge with the online community. Besides, there are many people who prefer reading.

What Is The Most Profitable Niche?

To be honest, any niche can be profitable, it just depends on your ability to drive traffic to your niche site, and not just traffic but people that are really interested in the topic of your blog, as well as the products you recommend.

I think the key to a successful niche site, is first doing your research and identifying the people you want to target with your blog and the kind of problems they are having. And then you need to figure out how you are going to solve those problems with your articles.

Let’s say you want to target cat owners, what are the most common problems that cat owners face? How can you offer solutions to those problems? what kinds of products would you recommend?

Other Ideas For A Niche Site


What about targeting single moms? what kinds of problems do single moms have? How can you help them? Or even single dads for that matter. I think if you have experience in this subject, you could create a very successful niche site, and there are loads of products to promote.

And actually, this kind of niche site is classified as an evergreen niche, meaning it will never go out of fashion, I mean people are getting married, and unfortunately divorcing every day. And in many cases, there are children involved so single parents are always gonna be there, and they need your help and recommendations.

To be honest, anything to do with dating relationships, parenting, self-empowerment, will always be in demand. And with these kinds of niche sites, you will never run out of material to write about, when you are not reviewing products and books, you will be writing inspirational articles, and maybe even sharing your own experiences.

But How Do I Start A Niche Site? Is There A Course Or Training I Can Follow?

Of course, there are many tutorials and courses you can take to learn how to start a niche site. But before you do that first you need to decide what kind of niche site you want to start, then creating the actual website is a piece of cake.

I can share with you the training I followed because, in my opinion, it’s the best, I mean I was able to create not only this website but 3 others without any past experience. Everything I know about blogging, affiliate marketing, and content creation, I learned there.

I am talking about Wealthy Affiliate. That is where I learned how to create a niche site. If you click the link and join us, I will be there to show you the ropes and to guide you along the way. And it’s not just me, but you will have access to a community of over 2 million members. Click the banner below to join us.



A niche site is a great way to make money online. You start a blog, and then you start sharing your ideas and recommendations. And remember, as your blog grows you will also have other ways of monetizing your blog, like running ads and maybe even working with brands.

You can also start a YouTube channel which will be another stream of income as well as a traffic driver to your blog. Also having a YouTube Channel helps with the trust factor because your readers and subscribers can see that you are a real person.

Well, I really would like to read your opinions on this topic, so please leave your comments below. Are you interested in starting a blog? Or do you already have a blog? Let’s talk some more in the comment section.

Thank you for your time.


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