Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership Is It Worth It?


As I mentioned in my recent update on Wealthy Affiliate, there is a new membership. The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership was launched on the 2nd of November 2020. Actually, the whole website got a makeover, and it looks really nice and modern.

A lot of members have already upgraded to the Wealthy affiliate Premium Plus Membership. And today I just want us to take a closer look at the upgrade and see if it’s worth the money. Compared to the normal premium membership, the price is quite high because it’s about double.

What Does The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership Cost?

Well, the monthly cost is $99 and if you opt for the annual plan, it’s going to cost you $999. Now although that is a significant rise in comparison to the normal premium membership, it does come with lots of services. One of the best inclusion is the Jaaxy Enterprise. This is a keyword research tool that not only allows you to do your keyword research but also allows you to track the performance of your articles.

The Price of Jaaxy Enterprise, if you were to decide to subscribe to it on its own, is $99 per month and $999 Per year. With the normal Premium plus you get Jaaxy light included in your plan but the lite version means you have to spend lots of time on keyword research, not to mention some features are not available. But with the Enterprise all features are unlocked.

Features include Instant QSR results, Site rank tracking across all search engines, multi-tab search. Jaaxy Enterprise will definitely take your website to a whole new level. And as I mentioned, for it to be included in the Premium Plus membership is really cool.

The Benefits Of Upgrading To Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership


Of Course, Premium Plus is worth considering especially if you want that next level of services. One of the complaints I have seen online about Wealthy Affiliate, Is that once your online business grows, you have no room to expand, and you also had no access to an expert level of training. Well, all that has changed now.

The Premium Plus gives you Hosting For 50 websites, which you can choose to either host your own domains, or use the Site Rubix domains which are free domains within Wealthy Affiliate (you must keep in mind that these domains cannot be moved to other hosting platforms)

With Premium Plus You Get Hosting For 50 Websites

If you were to host 50 websites on other hosting companies the cost could be anywhere between $15,00 to $2,000 per year. You will get 200 classes per year exclusively for Premium Plus members. This is high-level training to help you scale your online business. The classes are taught by affiliate Marketing experts who have been in business for a long time and running successful online businesses.

The classes are going to be held each week and you are able to have a live interaction with the experts and ask them any questions you might have. You will also be able to access previous classes with unlimited replays. And this is just the beginning, there are many features in the making, that are going to be exclusive to Premium Plus members.

If I Promote Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership, What Is The Commission Rate?


Obviously, when you join Wealthy Affiliate you get access to your affiliate links immediately it doesn’t even matter whether you are a starter member or a premium member. This is what makes Wealthy affiliate so special, the fact that you can just grab your affiliate links and start sharing them with your friends and family.

This gives you an opportunity to make money online even without upgrading to premium membership and you can promote Premium Plus Too.

Let’s start with commission rates for premium members. For the monthly plan, you earn $45.50 recurring and $465 for the annual plan recurring.

As you can see, this is a great earning opportunity for affiliate marketers. And to be honest, Premium Plus is definitely worth the money so it’s not gonna be hard to promote.

Starter members will earn $23.25 for each monthly referral (recurring) and $232.50 for the annual referral (recurring)


So as you can see even the free membership at Wealthy affiliate, gives you an opportunity to earn good money online by referring people to the program.

To Answer The Question Wheather Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Is Worth It, Absolutely Yes

I was a bit skeptical when they first introduced the Premium Plus, but now I am so sure that it is worth the money. To be honest, this is a great opportunity for online business owners and affiliate marketers. I mean even if you don’t upgrade to the Premium Plus yourself, you can still benefit by promoting it.

Click Here To Check It Out.

The funny thing is when it was first introduced most members were not so sure about it, but since we as the premium members were given the chance to try it out for free, for some it was hard to go back to the normal Premium after they had a taste of the Premium Plus lol.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus An Up sale?

I have mentioned this before, and I will say it again here. One of the best things I loved about Wealthy Affiliate was the fact that they did not have any up sales. You just joined as a starter member, then your next step was to upgrade to the Premium membership.

And for me, opting for the annual plan was the best thing, because there was nothing else left other than to follow the training and building out my websites. That being said, many affiliate marketers had outgrown the Premium membership, and actually, some had started seeking an expert level of services elsewhere.

So the addition of Premium Plus, is a great idea because it not only gives you room to grow, it also gives you high-level tools and services to scale your online business. I mean as I mentioned, their keyword research tool is the best in the business. Remember Wealthy Affiliate started as a keyword research platform so they are the best there is when it comes to keyword research. So for you to have the Jaaxy Enterprise with your Premium Plus, that on its own is gold right there.


In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Is the best thing. And I think this is what was missing within the platform. Now it’s my hope that we will not be having any more levels of memberships. I hope now they will work on giving us the best services the industry has ever seen.

Up to now, Wealthy Affiliate is leading the market in terms of services, commissions, and the number of members, We are currently standing at 2.3 million members and growing. Myself, I have been a Premium Member for 2 amazing years and I love the platform and the community which I fondly refer to as WA Fam.

Anyway, those are my remarks regarding this upgrade. Please share your thoughts below. Have you ever heard of Wealthy affiliate before? If not, do you think it’s something you would consider?

Looking forward to reading and answering your comments.

Thank you for your time.


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