Are Entrepreneurs Misunderstood?



Today I just want to talk about the fact that entrepreneurs are the most misunderstood people on this planet. And I want us to examine this situation and see. Are entrepreneurs misunderstood? I was recently watching a talk show on TV. The topic of the show was dating and they had a dating guru on the show to give advice on how to navigate the dating scene in 2020.

The show was very interesting, and they shared lots of useful tips. Not that I need any dating advice, I am a very happily married woman. But I do like learning different things and keeping up with the current situation of dating because I have cousins, nieces and a nephew who I could give advice to about these things.

Anyway, as the show progressed, it reached the part where the audience gets the chance to ask questions. So this beautiful young lady stands up and states her dilemma, apparently she was involved with a guy who lived in a different state and he wanted her to move in with him.

The problem was, in order for her to move in with him, she would have to quit her job, and go and try to find another job in the new location. Now the talk show host asked her what the boyfriend does for a living to which she replied that he is an entrepreneur, and he is running his own online business.

The Talk Show Host Said Being An Entrepreneur Is a Fancy Way Of Saying Broke


The talk show looked very disappointed and told the girl that she should just stay where she is and keep her job because being an entrepreneur is just a fancy way of saying unemployed, and broke. And it means she will face very hard times while she is looking for a job because the boyfriend will not be able to take care of the bills while she is looking for work, since he is unemployed.

I found this way of thinking very interesting, so just because someone is not working for somebody else, it means they have no money? I felt like taking that talk show host on an affiliate marketing course. And also share with them the stories of successful entrepreneurs who are self-employed and running their own successful online businesses.

The thing with being an entrepreneur, especially one who is running an online business is that, people don’t see you going to work every morning because you are probably working from home. So they think you are just a lazy person who does nothing all day.

They are not aware of the fact that you are working your butt off, and you are probably working longer hours than the person who is working a 9 to 5 job. Running an online business is no joke, there are lots of things to be done every single day. And that is why in one of my articles I tried to discourage entrepreneurs from working on weekends because, to be honest, it’s very easy to get lost in your work and forget the outside world.

Are Entrepreneurs misunderstood, Are They Just A Bunch Of Broke People?


Or let’s say you are running your own YouTube business, people especially those close to you will think that you are spending your days just watching YouTube videos or playing video games. As we have learned from my previous article titled How Did Children Become The Highest Earners on YouTube. You will see that gamers dominated the Forbes list of the Highest YouTube earners in 2019.

So let me ask you this, do you think those gamers were taken seriously by their friends and family when they first started their YouTube gaming businesses? Probably not. But now they are earning millions of dollars on YouTube.

The Online Business Is Still Misunderstood

In an article for by Russ Alan Prince, Russ quoted Steve Sim who said that entrepreneurs don’t need to make themselves understood but instead they need to make it hard to be misunderstood.

I found this quote very interesting because the entrepreneurs who are running online businesses are misunderstood no matter how hard they try to prove that they are hard-working folks who making money online.

The thing is online business is still misunderstood and actually when you someone asks you what you do for a living and you tell them that you run your own blog, and I am talking from experience, they look at you like you are a creature from another planet.

And actually it can be difficult for entrepreneurs, to get things like Health insurance and even renting a house, or even getting a mortgage.

Online income is not trusted and that is why you see so many people sharing their income reports because they still have to prove that indeed they are making a living from blogging or YouTube.

Now I do have to say that there are some people who share fake income reports by stealing other people’s income, they take screenshots of other people’s income results and use them as their own.

The Fake Income Reports Don’t Help The Situation At All


I find this practice very unnecessary, I think if you just give it time, you will have your own income report to share if that’s what you want to do. But I guess people do it to try and convince you that the method they are using its working, for example, a course, a book or software. This deception has contributed to people not trusting online income reports.

But does that mean entrepreneurs are not making real money online? Absolutely not, entrepreneurs are making life-changing income online, and they are achieving their financial freedom, I was listening to a podcast just recently where a YouTuber went to buy a house and when she was doing the paperwork and filled out her occupation as YouTube/Blogger.

She faced some difficulties including answering additional questions, the funny thing is she wrote a check for the full amount for the house, that’s right she paid for the house in full, and they could not believe it.


Entrepreneurship has many naysayers but, if you are passionate about it and keep working hard at it despite what people think about you and your occupation, it will pay off. And it will continue to pay off for many years to come.

As long as there is an internet and people are buying and selling things and services online, entrepreneurs will continue to make money online and that is a fact.

I really would like to hear your opinion on this topic. Do you think entrepreneurs are misunderstood? Leave your comments below.

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