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Which Are Low Competition Niches?


So most people who are looking to start a blog, get discouraged because they say the market is just too saturated and they think that they will not be able to penetrate the market and make money with their blog. In this article, we take a look at low competition niches in 2020. But is there such a thing as a low competition niches?

The thing is no matter what you think of, there are people who have thought of that idea before you and they have probably built a website on it. Take woodwork, for example, this was one of the less competitive niches a few years ago, but now there are so many woodwork blogs and YouTube channels.

Should that stop you from starting a woodwork blog? Definitely not. What some people miss understanding is that your way of presenting things is not the same as the other person’s, for example, I am running a make money online website here.

How Many Make Money Websites Are Out There?

There are so many make money online websites and YouTube channels, did that stop me from starting this website? Nope, even though I knew it’s not gonna be easy, I still went for it because I had tips to share and I had a passion.

Sure, my website is not as fancy or as big as that one of Neal Patel but hey I have my own little platform here and I can share whatever I feel like sharing.

All that being said, there are some less competitive blog niches, that you can venture into and earn an income.

Let’s Take A Look At These Low Competition Blog Niches


Security System Reviews

Although there are websites that are reviewing security systems, this niche is not as competitive as let’s say the make money online, or fitness/weight loss.

Within this niche, there are many products that you can promote, and you can even find lots of products on Amazon, which makes sales easier.

Gaming, Are people Making Fun of You For Playing Video Games?

If you have read my about how Children became the highest earners on YouTube, then you know that the gaming community was among the top ten YouTube earners, earning millions of dollars, this is a huge niche and it’s still not taken seriously.

So if you like internet games, then you can create your own blog, and even a YouTube channel and get a piece of this huge pie.

Dancing Courses

OK, when I say dancing, I am not talking about any kind of dancing, I am referring to pole dancing, this is a niche that is almost untouched. If you create a nice blog where you share all kinds of tips and product reviews, you will be able to earn a good income from this niche.

You will be able to find a bunch of products to promote in this niche from sites like ClickBank, ShareASale and even amazon, you can promote shoes, outfits, makeup and lots of other things that involve this kind of dancing, just try to make your articles as clean and professional as possible.

You can also do reviews of training centers and ask them for a coupon code and an affiliate link, so you can earn a commission when someone signs up as a result of reading your review.

Green Energy, Help Our Planet And Earn At The Same Time


OK, so we all know that our planet needs some TLC or we are all gonna perish. This niche is one that could be very lucrative, and you will also help our planet by running such a site and recommending products like solar-powered lamps, solar panels, etc

And while we are in the subject of environment and planet, let’s talk Eco-friendly products, this is another niche that you could actually incorporate into your Renewable energy site as a category and grow your website that way.

Or you can choose it as a niche on its own.

CBD For Pets

The world has gone CBD crazy and even though there are many CBD websites, the CBD for pets niche it’s still less competitive and if you are into the whole CBD thing, then you can create a very successful website in this niche.

LED Lamps

Most people these days are going for LED lights, so your job as a blogger will be to create a website where people can learn about the best-LED lights, lamps, etc


So I bet you are wondering how you can build a military niche website/blog, believe it or not, this is a niche that can bring you some really good income.

If you have a military background, you can start a blog, where you share content that caters to military families, you can cover topics like life in the military, the transition process from military to civilian, etc



We are living in times when people have somehow become very spiritual, not necessarily religious, but spiritual, we have people who believe in the rule of attraction, that is the thing on YouTube and Pinterest, it’s all about manifestation, and attracting the things you want in your life.

I still don’t know how that whole power of attraction and manifestation works, I was recently watching a lady on YouTube who claimed to have manifested $100,000, I would love to learn to do that so I can just repeat, I will have $100k in my bank account today, say it a hundred times and viola, there will be 100k in my bank account 🙂

Anyway, if you know a thing or two about the power of Crystals and the other things I have mentioned above, then please go ahead and dive into this niche, it’s still not so competitive, and there are many products to promote especially on ClickBank, Amazon, and Etsy.

Weight Gain

Since everybody is concentrating on weight loss, have you considered the fact that there are people who actually struggle to gain weight? How about a blog that helps people gain weight? You can share tips on how to gain weight the healthy way, you can also recommend products, protein shakes diet plans, and maybe books and even some exercises.

Dating For People Living With Disability

OK, we all need love in our lives, and although there are so many dating sites and apps, there are very few that cater for the less abled community, your job as a blogger will be to find the sites and apps that cater for this niche and recommend them.

You will also share dating tips, and there are many products to promote. The good thing about this kind of blog, you have lots of room to expand, you can even talk about fashion, makeup, gift ideas, lots of things.

And while we are talking about dating, if you would rather target a different niche, how about dating for people who are over 60? They need dating tips too. You can even narrow it down to mature men or women, up to you.

Trying To Conceive, Is A Niche


Did you know that these days most couples are struggling to have a baby? This is because these days people are waiting so long to start a family and so by the time they realize that the clock is ticking, it has ticked for a long time, so when they start trying, they will be on the internet for endless hours researching ways to speed up the process.

If you don’t believe me, go to a website called baby center, there are millions of people on that site, all looking for tips on how to conceive and others looking for support after failed IVF treatments or even miscarriages.

There are endless posts of people searching for ways to conceive naturally using supplements and other natural healing methods.

Click Here To Grab You Free Ten Lessons On How To Start And Make Money With A Blog

This niche is huge, if you start a try to conceive blog, I promise you, you are going to be happy, the traffic will not be a problem and you can monetize your website or YouTube channel within no time.

There are so many products that you can target with this niche, e-books, supplements, herbal remedies, sperm-friendly lubricants, the list is endless.

Hair Loss, Even Celebrities Have Addressed This Topic, Yet There Are Not Many Blogs About It

Did you know that as women get older, they will experience hair loss? A lot of Hollywood celebrities have spoken up about hair loss in women. And that has raised awareness because before, women just used to suffer in silence. Speaking to Wall Street Journal, former supermodel, talk show host, and former America’s Next Super Model host Tyra Banks, she narrated how she got alopecia as a result of stress due to pressure of working on her Model land novel.

She fought tears as she spoke about how stressed she got to a point where she could not even appreciate the beauty of the view of the ocean.

Your hair loss blog can help many men and women who are suffering from this terrible condition.


Hey, do you know any self-defense moves? Why not share on a blog by giving people tips on how to defend themselves? Did you watch the news where a burglar had entered into an elderly woman’s house with the intention of robbing her of her belongings? Well, turns out that the lady had taken self-defense classes and by the time the police arrived.

The guy was on the floor in pain. Mind you it was the lady who called the police and told them that the guy will not be going anywhere and they can take their time. So with a self-defense tips blog, you will be able to help many people and you will have many products to promote not to mention monetizing your blog with Google Adsense and media vine

Men Wellness Is Another Low Competition Niche

We all know that men are shy and when it comes to their issues, they would rather ask the internet than ask someone face to face, actually, guys don’t even go to the doctors unless it’s absolutely necessary and you job as a blogger in this niche is to give them tips and encourage them to discuss their issues in the comment section, and of course to encourage them to seek medical assistance when it’s warranted.

In this blog niche, you can promote all kinds of guy related products, including gadgets, sports equipment, men fashion, men jewelry, you will have lots of products and even books, and there is lots of room to expand and grow your website.


Although people think that most blog niches are saturated, you can still find some niches that are not as competitive as the popular niches. But also keep in mind that you can also take a competitive niche and narrow it down to create a small spot for yourself.

Then you can grow your blog and expand gradually. Anyway, I hope you have found my list helpful, and I also hope that you will find a topic that you can build your blog around.

Thank you so much for your time, and don’t forget to leave me a comment and tell me out of these niches which one caught your eye?



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9 comments on “Which Are Low Competition Niches?

  1. One of the best things to do when starting up a business is to look for low competition niches as they are the more profitable ones because the competition for other prospectors are less so you would have a lot of consumers for the particular products or services you are rendering. I really love your post thanks allot for this awesome article.

    1. That’s true Feji ben, but I don’t think people should be afraid of competitive niches, as long as you have a passion and you think you can help people solve problems in that niche.

      Then I think people should just go ahead and create those blogs or YouTube channels.

  2. Wow, there are some really interesting ideas here for niches. I realised that the world has gone crazy for all things CBD, but it didn’t occur to me that people would want it for their pets. There’s a lot of information here that will hopefully spark the interest and curiosity of someone and help them to build their own business online. But I think your advice about “do what you love” is the best advice of all because it would be really difficult to build a successful business in something that didn’t interest you at all.

    1. Absolutely drinkteahub, it’s very important to venture into a niche that you are interested in because your website won’t last long if you venture into a subject that you don’t like. besides how will you create content on something you don’t like talking about right?

      Thank you so much for your comment.


  3. So many great ideas listed here, thank you for doing the spadework for future bloggers! As you say, although it seems like the market is saturated with bloggers these days, there are still many niches you can get into to find your sweet spot in the market. 

    Thanks for the click through with info on how to start a blog too, that looks really helpful, I’ll check it out!

  4. Thank you for sharing this educational and informational article about Which are Low Key Competitive Niches.I am still new in this business and l am learning everyday and l have learned so much by reading your article and that you have shared so much information. It gave me a little knowledge and understanding that most low keys you have mentioned on your post are low key niches and now it will be easy for me to identify my own low key niches going forward. This is very educational and hope it will help a lot of people who has less knowledge about niches as it helped me. Great Article 

    Wishing you all the best!

  5. Hello, I really find this article very helpful especially to someone who is looking to start a blog for the very first time or someone who already has a blog and is ready to venture into a new niche.

    I loved the weight gain niche, I actually never thought about the fact that there are indeed people who are struggling to gain weight.

    I think we are so focused on losing weight that we forget there are people who are suffering from the inability to gain weight.

     So by taking the time to write this article you have given us new ideas for blog niches. there are so many areas where anyone can concentrate on and really make great profits.

    Some of these niches are not explored, like the Military niche I found that one very interesting too, And I haven’t seen many military blogs, so I think someone with a military background could build a very successful blog. This has been great help to me, so thank you for writing it.

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