5 Easy ways to monetize a new blog that doesn’t have large traffic yet

Today we are going to talk about 5 easy ways to monetize a new blog.

As a new blogger, the big challenge you will encounter is lack of traffic to your blog, I mean you will be working so hard writing great content but in the beginning it will be tough because when you log in to see the performance of your website, I will not lie to you, you will be disappointed.

We all know that unless your blog is getting at least 10k unique visitors a month, its difficult to make money with let’s say PPC ads, When I created my first website, the mistake I made was to apply for Google Adsense too early.

What this did to my website, was make it difficult to navigate for the few visitors I was getting, and of course at that time I didn’t have much knowledge on how to manage the ads and where they should appear, so I opted for Auto ads which is a feature in Google Adsense where they just place ads on your websites automatically.

So what happened after I selected the auto ads is, there were ads everywhere on my site like my page would be filled with ads and it would be difficult even for me to navigate through my own website.

I honestly won’t advise you to get into Adsense unless you have a fair amount of unique visitors to your site every month, as well as knowledge on how to place your ads and where to place them on your website.

#1 way to monetize your young blog is Amazon,

That’s right, by joining Amazon’s Affiliate program, you are able to promote products depending on your Niche and make money, just keep in mind that you have to follow their rules very carefully because they tend to audit websites out of nowhere.

When you first signup for Amazon Affiliate program, you will be given a period of time in which you must make at least 3 sales then after that they will take a look at your website to see if your website complies with their rules. If all is well, then your website will be approved and you can continue making sales and making money.

I must confess when I first applied for Amazon, I was able to make 4 sales within a very short time, I think my website at that time was only 2 months old but when they(Amazon) looked at my website, they found a violation and I was not approved that time, so I went and corrected the violation and applied again.

You need to read their terms very carefully, you can not use words like by clicking my links you are supporting my cause or supporting my website, such statements will get you kicked out of Amazon Affiliate program, also you can not take screenshots of the products you are promoting.

you need to use the image they provide, which is a code you have to copy and paste into your website, and also you can not put prices on your website you need to copy the code that has the image and the price from Amazon.

Another thing that I must mention because I want to save you from the pain I went through, you can not use the name Amazon on your links, for example, You can not say Click here to buy from Amazon ( I was guilty of this)

Also when promoting products, try to find a category that has a good commission, when you get on Amazon, you will be able to see each category and how high or low the commission is, toys and hygiene products don’t have very high commission, but they do sell a lot so you will make money especially when your audience increase and more people click and buy from your links.

You can also join other Affiliate programs  

Of course, Amazon is not the only Affiliate program you can join, there are many other programs you can join depending on your Niche Etsy, eBay, and many others.

#2 make money by teaching people something new

If your blog is about teaching people something like let’s say your blog is about teaching people about ways to make money online, you can create online courses that you can sell and make money that way.

#3 Sell your own stuff You can monetize your young blog by selling your own stuff, you can create your own online store and maybe order things in bulk like from Alibaba and sell them retail on your website and make profits that way, there is a blogger I know who made lots of money just selling eyelashes extensions  and makeup brushes.

#4 Monetize your young blog by offering writing services 

If you are a blogger, it means you love creating content, so why not make money creating content for other business? of course, you need to make sure you have enough time to create content for your own blog as well as taking up jobs to create for other business.

#5 How about writing and publishing your own Kindle books?

This is another easy way to monetize your blog, you can write and publish Kindle books and sell them on Amazon, and there is a very big demand of Kindle books because people are now reading books on their devices so you will make good money if you can create good content and publish it.

So I have given you 5 ideas to consider. I know monetizing your blog and waiting to make money from it can be challenging, but it is possible to make passive income with blogging however one has to be very dedicated and very patient because it takes time.

All the success stories you read online or watch on youtube, don’t happen overnight,  of course I know there are bloggers who just blog for fun and so to them it’s not hard work because they are not blogging for income. That means they can post whenever they want, it can be twice a month or even once a month.

But if you are blogging as a way to earn a living, then you have to put out good quality content consistently and you have to be super dedicated. and especially when your blog is still young, you need to show the search engines that you mean business and you are here to stay.

So how do you do that? posting at least twice a week, that’s right, you have to do a lot of research and come up with great content, that way the search engines will start noticing your website and your posts will start ranking and you will start seeing an increase in traffic to your website.

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