My Top 10 Favorite Kenyan YouTubers

Today would like to share a list of my top 10 favorite Kenyan Youtubers. These are people who create content that is inspiring, educational, and motivational.

I usually subscribe to a channel after I have watched several videos just to get a feel of the content the channel offers. Some of the things I look for are, will this channel teach me something? will this channel motivate, or inspire me? will this channel add value to my life? Those are the questions I ask myself.

Of course, I do also subscribe to channels that share funny content because I love to laugh too lol.

Well, I must say I love watching Kenyan Content creators, and I love supporting small channels, but some content is really not my cup of tea.

My Top 10 Favorite Kenyan Youtubers, Number 1 Tuko/Tuco Kenya

I love their content because they bring stories of real people and they shine a light on some of the challenges that the citizens are facing. Also, Tuko has come to the rescue of many Kenyans who are facing hard times due to illness, and other problems. They air the stories in hope that help will come, and sure enough, it does.  What I love the most is how Generous Kenyans are.

I mean Kenya is a developing country with the majority of the population struggling to make ends meet, but yet they are willing to share whatever little they have with a fellow Kenyan who is in desperate need of a helping hand.

2 Back To Nature Africa, Teaches You How To Grow Your Own Food Organically


I must admit this channel has inspired me to grow a few things, my avocado tree is almost ready for transplanting, and my tomatoes are also doing so great, I am actually impressed that I was able to seed them, and also I am almost ready to transplant them.

Back To Nature Africa encourages people and especially young people, to start agribusinesses, by growing food, both for consumption and for sale. Their motto is, “the more close to nature we are, the more at ease we are”. I was actually introduced to this channel by Tuko, they did an interview, with the founder of Back To Nature Africa, and asked us to subscribe to Back To Nature Africa YouTube Channel, after watching a few videos, I hit the subscribe button and I am happy I did, their content is great.

They also have a show called African Mind, where they interview different people, mainly content creators, as well as Diasporans, and Americans who have moved back to Africa. I love that show too.

 My Top 10 Favorite Kenyan YouTubers, 3 African Tigress

The African Tigress is a channel that tells African stories the African way by Africans. You know I always get so annoyed when I watch the news by the mainstream international media, they paint Africa in a very negative way. And in my opinion, yes, we do have our own challenges as a continent, but surely we also have good things happening in Africa.

And that is why People like African Tigress and Wode Maya who is A Ghanian Youtuber who creates content that shows African countries as they should be shown, are super important.

4 Dave Mani Sharing The Beauty Of Kenya With The World


OK, so these content creators are not Kenyans per se, but they are awesome, Dave and Tracy are Canadian content creators who moved to Kenya, and plan to explore the country and sample the food, the culture, and the best places to stay in Kenya.

Their content is very helpful to people who are planning to visit Kenya, and it’s also interesting for Kenyans to watch too, they have actually shown me parts of Kenya that I had not seen before. And Actually, there was a petition on social media to make Dave and Tracy Kenyan tourism ambassadors. Their videos are on another level, so professionally done, almost like watching the travel channel.

5 Betty AZ

Betty is a Kenyan lady living in Arizona USA, her content is more for someone who wants to move from Kenya to the US, she shares how life is in the US, what kinds of jobs are available for Kenyans, and also how to go about moving to the US.

But she does not stop there, she also creates funny content like just recently she was talking about how some guys go to the US and start pretending they are single despite leaving their wives and children back in Kenya. OK, I know the topic is not exactly a funny one but the way Betty delivered it was comical lol.

6 Nurse K Canada

I was introduced to this channel by Betty AZ, and so far, I love the content, it’s very helpful to Kenyans who are living, or planning to move to Canada. Joyce focuses on how to apply for visas, how to find a job in Canada, and how to apply for student visas or work permits.

Her content is quite helpful to people who are interested in this subject.

7 Metha Ya Kagoni

Kagoni, used to work for a local TV station in Kenya, and then she left the job and created her own Youtube channel, The Metha Ya Kagoni show, which used to be the show she hosted on the TV station she just continues with the show on her YouTube channel.

The channel is in the Kikuyu language, and she shares some really amazing stories, her interviews are always done professionally and she always asks the necessary questions in a respective and friendly manner. Her biggest story is one where she helped a woman get back her 11 kids that the ex-husband had taken from her. After the story aired on Metha Ya Kagoni, it attracted a lot of attention, especially from women’s rights organizations.

The matter went to court and the lady won the custody of her children. Actually, that is the story that brought me to the Metha Ya Kagoni Youtube Channel.

8 TerryAnne Chebet, Business, And Financial Advice


This is another media personality. TerryAnne has worked in media for a long time, but now she focuses on giving financial advice, on her Youtube channel. She has great content on business, side hustles, and basically teaching people especially women, how to work towards gaining financial freedom.

9 Hirum Maina “Kamuhunjia”

I came across this channel when Hirum did an interview with a Kenyan comedian named Omosh(Joseph Kinuthia Kamau), who used to act in one of my favorite Kenyan shows. The show was called Tahidi High, and I loved that show and always wondered what happened to the actors. Well, it turns out that Omosh had been going through a rough patch in life, and Hirum brought this issue to light, and of course, Kenyans came through, for Omosh.

10 Ebru TV Kenya

This channel has some really interesting content, I like one of their show called Perfect Match. The show brings young singles together and helps them in their search for love, of course, things can go wrong sometimes, when the dates don’t get along, so there is drama almost in every episode.

Of course, the show does appear to be scripted but it does make for great evening entertainment. They do also have another show called Only Love. That one is quite inspiring, as it covers couples who are having success in marriages and relationships.


Today, I just wanted to do a fun post, those are some of the Kenyan Youtubers that I follow on Youtube. If you would like to check them out, simply search the ones I didn’t link on YouTube. Do you have favorite Youtubers? please share your list with us in the comment section.

Thank you for your time


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