How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer?

How do I become an affiliate marketer? With many people searching online for side hustles and online business ideas, Affiliate marketing is, in my opinion, the best way to make money online. In today’s article, I will be sharing with you how you can easily become an affiliate marketer.

It’s actually very easy to start in affiliate marketing, the only thing is that you need to work at it consistently and be patient, but once it takes off, you will be happy. So how do I become an affiliate marketer you ask? first, you need to decide what kinds of products and services you would like to promote.

How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer? First You Need A Plan

Before you start a blog or a YouTube Channel, you need a plan, you need to decide how you are going to promote your affiliate offers. Let’s assume you decide to promote your offers on a blog.

You must have a self-hosted website, meaning you are not using blogging platforms like blogger or medium. Then you must of course choose a topic in which your blog will be built around, for example, weight loss. If you go with the weight loss, then your articles will be about that topic, and then you will promote products and services within that topic.

Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting In Affiliate Marketing

It does not matter which method you choose, whether it’s a website, a YouTube Channel, or even TikTok, you must ask yourself these questions. Are you patient? are you willing to work tirelessly for like 3 months without making any money with your affiliate marketing business?

I am not saying that it will definitely take you 3 months to start making money with affiliate marketing, but it’s possible for it to take 3 or even 6 months. When it comes to websites, it will take a long time for the search engines to start ranking your articles, unless you spend money by running ads.

Also when it comes to YouTube, you have to work very hard pushing those videos out especially the first couple of months, I was talking to a YouTube specialist and she told me that the first 100 videos are crucial when it comes to YouTube growth, so you have to push out those 100 videos out as quickly as you can mainly within the first 6 months of your channel.

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing On TikTok?

Yes you can, the only problem with Tiktok, is that you only get a slot for one link, so unless you use a link builder, then you will only be able to promote one product at a time. That poses a problem because the videos you create for a particular product could become popular later, and maybe you have already moved to a new product.

TikTok has also been flagging some links, and that has been making people hesitant to click links, especially linktree links have been problematic on Tiktok, I had a linktree, and then I had to remove it from my Tiktok profile, because if you try to click it gives a warning.

That’s why having your own website is the best way to do things because you can just put your link on your TikTok profile and forget about it because it will be leading people to your website. Alternatively, you can decide to just promote one product and therefore, you will just keep that one link on your profile. Remember you must always have a call to action, you must ask your followers to click the link on your bio.

How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer? Can I Use Pinterest?

I actually saw someone on TikTok talking about doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest, Although its possible to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest, It can be tricky because I have f=had situations where Pinterest refuses me to add an affiliate link to my pin.

Some affiliate links are acceptable on Pinterest like Amazon affiliate links and eBay links, but there are some links that are always blocked. Of course, on all platforms, you must disclose that you have posted affiliate links, and that includes your website as well, you must have an affiliate disclosure page.

Again, as I mentioned earlier having your own website is the only sure way of running an affiliate marketing business. Yes in the beginning you can start on YouTube and Tiktok, but when you get serious about your business, you will need a website. I have mentioned the benefits of having your own website a lot, and I will say it again, your website is your own property like a piece of online real estate.

How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing Quickly?

Well, there are many training resources, some are free, and some a paid. Although you can learn the basics on YouTube, I will mention the affiliate marketing course that I took, which enables me to promote different products and different niches. Grab 10 lessons for free click on the image below.

how-can -I-become-an-affiliate-marketer


Affiliate marketing is a greater way of making money online. It’s risk-free, and you don’t have to deal with packages, returns, or shipping, you don’t have to deal with customers at all. All you need to do is provide information about the product, then share your affiliate link, and then get your commission when the customer clicks on your link and buys the product.

It’s really that simple. The challenging part of affiliate marketing is driving traffic to your links, and not just any traffic but the right kind of traffic, people who are really interested in the topic that you are covering. Identifying your targeted audience is crucial in ensuring the success of your affiliate marketing, and that is why you need the right kind of training.

I have shared with you the course I took, I hope you will check it out.

anyway, I will stop there, for now, so I can give you an opportunity to share your views and opinions on this topic, are you considering doing affiliate marketing? Have you taken any courses in affiliate marketing?

Please leave your comments below.

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