Is It Worth Starting A Blog In 2021?


It’s funny that each year there is this question that keeps popping up, are blogs profitable. So now people are asking is it worth starting a blog in 2021? Today I want to give you reasons why you must start a blog in 2021. Although starting a blog is easy, you must understand that blogging takes lots of hard work.

So is it worth starting a blog in 2021? I will answer this in a second. But let me first say that one thing I must mention is that even though, most bloggers including myself will tell you that starting a blog in 2021 is worth it, you must know that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there. Almost half a million actually. Yes, of course, I would like it if you start a blog, especially if you use my affiliate links to get your hosting, or to get training on how to start a blog in 2021.

Is It Worth Starting A Blog In 2021? Your Blog’s Success Or failure, Depends On You

But let me tell you one thing, the success or failure of your blog totally depends on you. As I mentioned earlier, chances are whatever you are planning to blog about, has already been blogged about, so there is nothing new you are bringing to the table apart from your style of delivery.

I mean in my niche, the make money online niche, there are so many blogs some big, and some small, and we are all talking about the same thing. The big blogs don’t necessarily have to worry about traffic because they probably have lots of followers on social media and large email lists.

But for small blogs, the game is in the keyword research. If you are able to target low completion keywords, then you can build your blog and rank very well in search engines.

Running A Blog Is Not A Walk In The Park


Setting up a blog is quite easy these days, you can actually build a website in 30 seconds literally, I am not joking about this, you can just build a fully factional WordPress site in just 30 seconds. But let me tell you where things get tough, Content creation. These days you can not keep pushing generic content out there.

A while back you could just write many short articles like 500 words, and search engines would rank your posts. Those days a long gone, Google keeps changing the rules, they started preferring articles that were longer than 1000 words, and now they actually prefer even longer articles like 2000 words and longer.

Now does that mean all your articles have to be long? Well, if you have interesting things to say in the article, Yes. I must say some of my articles are not that long, and some are, it really depends on what I am talking about and the information that I want to share. The thing is, if you just keep repeating yourself or just rumbling to fill up the word count, it’s not going to help your readers that much because they just need the information you are sharing with them.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Start A Blog In 2021

  1. You Are Not Patient
  2. Have No Time To Constantly Crete Content
  3. Looking To Getting Rich Quick
  4. You Are Not Passionate About Helping People
  5. Would Not Blog For Free

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Those Reasons

Blogging can and will be frustrating at times, You will have to deal with search engines updates, that will mess up your traffic. Sometimes you will feel like you are talking to yourself, and honestly, you will feel like giving up. So if you are not patient, you could be a very miserable blogger.

Sometimes you will feel like you are just wasting your time. And is why you need to network with fellow bloggers so you can be encouraged to keep going.

You must create content constantly especially when you first launch your blog. you cannot just post once a week, you need to put out the first 20 articles in a very short period, because the first 3 months of your blogging journey are very important.

If it’s possible, you should have at least 50 articles on your website within the first 3 months of blogging, that way you will show the search engines that you are not messing about, you mean business.

Blogging Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme


I saw a very interesting ad on YouTube yesterday, there was this guy who was claiming that he would give you a formula where you can launch your blog and make $1k by the end of the month. OK, this is super crazy. For you to make that kind of money with a one-month-old blog, you would have spent more than $1k in ads. OH, and of course the so-called formula is not free.

Starting a blog, and growing it to a point where it will start generating you passive income, is not a joke, I have talked to bloggers who have worked on their blogs for up to a year or more without seeing steady income. Sure a sale here and a sale there but not to a point where you can say that you will be expecting to earn a certain amount of money every month with your blog.

Is there money to be made with a blog? OH, yes loads, but it takes time, and lots of hard work. But once you hit the sweet spot, you will be happy, passive income is so sweet. Knowing that even if you decide to travel the world for a couple of months, you are still making money even when you are sleeping is really cool.

That being said, you must put in the work in the beginning.

Would You Still Blog Even If You’d Never Make Any Money With Your Blog?


For me, blogging has always been an interest of mine. I had actually written lots of articles on different websites before I started my own, I actually still do. Just last week I shared an article on a website that asked people to share their feel-good stories. The website is about self-development and spreading positive, They even have a section where you can share quotes, or life tips, I love that kind of thing.

So yes I have been blogging for free, because I love storytelling, and I love helping people in any way that I can. The website where I shared my story is called so far I have written two stories there, and I have shared a few quotes too.

Two weeks ago I wrote a 3000-word article for a website that deals with women issues, I wrote it for free, I did not even include links to my websites or anything like that.

So my point is, if you are not passionate about helping people, if you cannot blog for free, then maybe blogging is not for you. If you enter the world of blogging with money on your mind, chances are you will get frustrated, because even if you invest in ads, there are chances that you will get burned.

Is It Worth Starting A Blog In 2021

Depends on why you want to start a blog, if you really have something to share with the world, then yes starting a blog in 2021 is totally worth it. Although each year new bloggers feel like they are late in joining the blogging world, there is room for more. I think content consumption will go up more than ever before because there will be more people spending time online more than we have seen in the past.

Companies have now launched programs where their employees can work remotely, meaning more people spending time online. This means, as I mentioned in another article, more online shopping, more article reading, more video watching.



2021 is a good time to start a blog like any other time. It could be the best time to start a blog. Give people something fresh to consume, I mean the way I write is not the same way you would write, and also your perspective on things is different from mine. So giving people variety is a good thing.

Anyway, Thank you for reading my article today, if you have found it helpful share it on your social media and help me grow, also, please leave your comments and questions below.

Thank you for your time


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