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How to use keywords in blog posts, For Ranking


Today I would like to walk you through the process of creating blog posts that will rank on first pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing because I am going to explain to you how to use keywords in blog posts in a way that is efficient and successful.

In this article you will find ideas about communicating with your audience in a friendly and natural manner, because if you know how to use keywords in blog posts, you can write a keyword rich article that will attract your readers and still make Google, Yahoo and bing fall in love with your content, you are going to find the secret to creating a first page ranking worth blog post. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that as much as we want to rank, we are writing these articles so people can read them and find value in them.

For example, the purpose of me writing this article is to help you learn how you can use keywords in your blog posts effectively so you can rank and your audience can be able to benefit from your great content. That means you have to get your message across while targeting your keyword but still making sense to your reader.

The reason for this is that if you write for the search engines, then you are going to lose your readers because they will not understand what you are saying and also the search engines will not be happy if you put keywords all over your content. So how can you find the balance to create a great blog post and yet make sure you have leveraged your keyword?

Well, it’s really easy, first you need to find your targeted keyword using your favorite keyword searching tool mine is this one here and then you are going to use the keyword on the title of your blog post, and then you are going to use it at most twice on the first two paragraphs and once on your headline. That Will be more than enough to let the search engines know what your content is about and rank you on that keyword.

Keyword stuffing is a bad idea

One mistake that some people make is using many keywords in a single article, this idea is a bad one because if you use let’s say 4 different keywords, you are going to try to target those 4 keywords all through your article, so Let’s say your article is 2k words, you are going to repeat your keywords many times in the article.

By doing that, your article will look strange to the readers and the search engines will not be happy with your article and they might flag it as spammy which is something you really don’t want, so I think focusing on one keyword and placing it in the right places is the best strategy.

See the thing you need to keep in mind is that search engines don’t like keyword stuffing, and what I mean by that is when you overuse your keyword, or as I mentioned using many keywords. The search engines see that as spamy and that will affect your content, so you need to make your audience happy by providing them with the information they need, and you want to make the search engines happy by using your keyword in a good way, that way, your content will rank and you will be very happy 🙂

Once you have placed your keyword, just relax and let the writing flow, speak to your audience in a natural manner and engage them in your content, but remember, you can even rank in are different keyword than the one you targeted I actually experienced this a while back, I had written an article targeting a particular keyword, and then when I went to check on my website performance, I found I had ranked in a different keyword, I was very pleasantly surprised.

So it really comes down to creating great content because as you communicate with your audience, you are using many words and you can rank on any phrase. Also, remember to use your keyword in images that you use in your blog post.

For example, when you place an image on your blog post, make sure to give it the title that contains your keyword, and remember you must give your image the alternate text, you will see when uploading your image to post on your blog, there is a place just above description box where it says alt text or alternate text, you must put your keyword there because the search engines will read this as a tag in your HTML and will pick up that keyword and rank your post.

And if you make a YouTube video for your blog post, you need to use the same keyword too, this will bring lots of traffic to your site. Of course, you should not forget to add tags, make sure to use your keyword in your tags.

There are billions of people online day and night searching for all kinds of things


I was talking to a friend the other day and she asked me, out of all the bloggers out there, how can one make sure that their content is being found and read, and my answer was very simple, keyword, if you use the best keyword within your niche, your content will rank no doubt about it. think about it, there are billions of people online day and night searching for something.

Or searching for a how-to, so if you utilize your keyword in the right way, your content will rank, the only thing I can say to someone who is just getting started, try not to go for high competition keyword because you will be competing with big websites which means your chances of ranking in that keyword are low.

For example, you could go for a keyword that gets 10k searches a month but you are competing with many websites all big names, the chances of ranking for you are very slim. But if you target a keyword that gets 500 searches a month and the competition is not so high, you will get ranked and get traffic to your site.

So again it depends on your content, the age of your website, the keyword research tool that you are using and your consistency in posting, I mean if you are not consistent, then your website will not gain authority. You have to be consistent with your posting, if it’s twice a week, then you have to follow that routine. If it’s once a week then you have to make sure you post each week.

Besides, your readers need to know when they can expect a new post from you, because once you build out your website, your email list will grow and your readers will be looking forward to reading your next post, it’s the same with YouTube, you have to establish a schedule, that way you can plan things.

For me planning is very important because, if you don’t have a plan, you could get overwhelmed, so you need to set aside, time to do your keyword research, time to write your articles and promote them on social media, and you need your special time, when you do your wellbeing things like exercise, and other things that require your attention.

Give your readers a pleasant experience when they visit your website

I think using the proper keyword in your blog posts and using that keyword the right way, gives you advantage with SEO the best way to make sure that you are using your keyword in a natural and proper manner, is to think about how you are going to incorporate it in your blog post, and then read your whole blog post after you finish writing and see if it sounds natural.

Remember you want to communicate with your readers and give them helpful and satisfying information, and you also want to give them a pleasant experience when they visit your website. I have come across some websites when I am searching for something on Google and I have left without reading the articles because of the way they are written.

I mean to me, especially since I am a blogger myself, I can spot keyword stuffing and it drives me crazy lol 🙂 but if I come across an article that is written in a natural way, I will read it until the end and I will probably leave a comment as well.

In conclusion

Find the perfect keyword, if your website is new and you are just starting, find a low competition keyword, incorporate your keyword in your articles in a natural and smooth manner, engage your audience in a good friendly conversational content. And have fun with your writing.

So those are just a few ideas that you can use to create great content on your website, I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have, please leave me a comment, or if you have a question about keywords, please ask and I will answer. I also would like to hear about your favorite keyword research tool do you think it’s better than mine? would you like to try mine? please let me know in the comment area.

Thank you for your time


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