How To Create T-Shirts And Coffee Mugs In Canva

How to create T-shirts and coffee mugs in Canva. Hey guys, are you using Canva for your online business? or for your social media? If you’re not, you’re missing out. Today I want to show you how to create different things in Canva. You can create all kinds of things, but before we get into it, let me introduce myself. My name is Rose welcome to my website. It’s funny how we just jump into giving people information without first introducing ourselves, isn’t it?

OK, so Let’s get into how to create T-shirts and coffee mugs in Canva. I actually stumbled on this feature recently and I am loving it. I was able to design two t-shirts and a coffee mug. OK, Let’s assume you don’t even know what Canva is. Canva is an online tool that helps you design anything. All kinds of social media content, business cards, posters, resumes, wedding invitations, and all other kinds of cards.

And now you can design T-shirts and mugs like you can set up an online business and design your merchandise in Canva, how cool is that?

Before we get deep into it, I just want to mention that this post may contain affiliate links Which means I will earn a commission when you make a purchase. Please read my affiliate disclosure Here

How To Create T-shirts And Coffee Mugs In Canva

If you don’t have a Canva account, you first need to create a free account with your email address. then on the search bar, you need to type T-shirt or mug depending on what you want to create, and then you will come to a page that will have design suggestions.

You can use the suggested designs, or you can opt to start from scratch and just create your own design. If you decide to start from scratch, then you can use text if you want your design to have some text, or you can go to elements and use different stickers and graphics that are available for you.

Even with the free account, you have many graphics that you can use.

How To Print Your T-shirt Or Mug

Canva makes it so easy for you to print your T-shirt or Mug, all you have to do is click on the print T-shirt option and then you can see how your design looks like on a t-shirt, you can also select different colors, and once you are happy with everything, you can go ahead and print your T-shirt, Canva will print it for you and then send it to you.

And actually, it’s the same process for business cards or any other cards, they are able to print them for you and ship them, they also say it’s free shipping, so that is cool I think.

Now, Let’s say you don’t want them to print stuff for you. You can just download your design and use it on your t-shirts hoodies, mugs, hats bags, or whatever you like. Also, you can upload images to Canva and use them to create your design.

Simply click uploads then click upload media, and then you can either drag and drop your files into Canva, or you can just upload from your device.

Where To Find Free Images To Use

There are many websites where you can find free images to use. The best websites are, and There you can even find illustrations that are easier to use in designs than images in my opinion. Once you find an image that you would like to use, then go to and remove the background for free, that way you can put your own background.

Remember if you are using Canva Pro, then you don’t have to use any other website to remove backgrounds from images. You can easily use Canva’s background remover feature.

In my opinion, Canva is the best thing for content creators. The website is easy to navigate and you have so many templates at your disposal even with a free account. For me, Canva has become a part of my life.

Whether I am designing content for my social media, YouTube, TikTok, Or just an anniversary card for my husband, I am always using Canva.

How To Start A T-shirt Business Using Canva And Printfy


Simply create an account in printfy you can do that here, Then of course create an account on Canva. then all you have to do is create your design, download it to your device, and then use it to design T-shirts, hoodies, bags, or any other merch that you desire.

They are integrated with Etsy, Shopify, and Wix which means, you just need to connect your online store with Printfy. All your orders will be handled by Printfy, They will receive the orders, print them, and ship them for you. So, all you have to worry about is designing.

Once the order is fulfilled, then get paid. It’s that simple.

I think this makes things so easy for online business owners, to create and sell their merch.


There is no better time than now to set up your own online business. Things are so simpler than a few years back when it used to be so complicated to launch your online business. Now you can sell merch without handling any packages. With websites like Canva, and Printfy, you can create, and sell amazing stuff online.

Anyway, I really would like to hear your opinion on this, would you be interested in launching your own T-shirt business? what about hoodies, bags, or even phone cases?

Please tell me below what you think.

Thank you for your time.


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