How To Avoid Make Money Online Scams


Because of the current situation in the world, people are spending lots of time online. Some are looking for online opportunities to make money because Let’s face it, a lot of people have lost their jobs, and this means there are so many fraudulent websites that have cropped up, with the intent of scamming people online. Today I want to share with you how to avoid make money online scams.

This is what I always say, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true. One of the trends I have seen online and a lot on YouTube is people who are making big claims of made money online opportunities, some of these opportunities are just scams. And the sad part about this is that some of the people misleading others are actually made money online gurus.

It really makes me so mad seeing these people take advantage of people, especially during these difficult times.

How To Avoid Make Money Online Scams Be Skeptical Of Big Money Claims

I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel, where I covered this very topic. In the video, you can see that I was quite irritated, and actually, if I may be honest, I was angry. The video was as a result of a woman who contacted me via social media and accused all made money online people of being ” a bunch of scammers” I was very angry to hear this because I try my very best to share made money online methods that are legit, and some I have actually tried and made money online with.

So when that lady accused all make money online people of being scammers, I was very sad because there are truly some of us who are trying to be as honest as possible. First I told her that it’s not all made money online people that are scammers, there are some that are legit and honest, But I asked her why she said that.

There Are No Websites Or Apps That Are Giving Out Free Money Online


She told me that she had followed a link from a YouTube video, that led her to a scammy website, yet the person in the video claimed that the website was a legit website where you could get paid up to 20 dollars an hour to perform small tasks.

As I mentioned in my YouTube video, be very careful of people who are making claims of websites and apps that will pay you big money to do nothing. I mean how ridiculous is that? what company runs apps and websites for giving people free money online? Like, if that were true, I won’t be here writing this article, I would be sitting somewhere sipping margaritas with about 20 devices all running the made money for free doing nothing apps.

Look when you see claims like “this app will pay you $2,000 to do nothing”, just skip that video because they are just going to waste your time, you are going to make them Google Adsense money by watching their videos all the way through, so who is a fool? you waste your time, your internet, and if you go further and visit the site they are talking about, and sign up, you make them affiliate commission, plus the scammy site steals your information and sells it to other scammy sites.

If you would like to learn about your earning potential on those reward sites and reward apps, please read this article, the guy who wrote it spent time on many of the most popular apps and sites and he compiled a very detailed report on your earning potential, you will be amazed. The author of the article is my colleague at Wealthy Affiliate, and actually, he has many articles of this nature, that I think are very helpful

Another Very Common Make Money Online Scam Is Online jobs Scam


Most of the online jobs scams are easy to spot, I actually just got one on LinkedIn, you get contacted by someone you don’t know, someone who is not even on your network. They offer you an irresistible job offer, but you have to pay an application fee first. I told the person I was not interested, they also were pushing me to move our conversation from LinkedIn to Whatsapp.

They do that because WhatsApp messages are protected by end-to-end encryption, so it’s hard to collect evidence, actually, this is very common even on dating scams, they would want you to move your conversations out of the dating website where you met, as quickly as possible. Because some websites especially dating sites are designed to pick up certain keywords, and monitor the behavior of suspicious users.

The MLM Scams

MLM and Ponzi schemes have been around for a while, and lots of people have lost big money to these kinds of scams, I had covered this topic in another article, and I said it’s not all MLM Schemes are scams, I mean there are some really big MLM companies that run legit businesses.

But there are also some that are dodgy, the way MLM or Pyramid schemes work is you pay to join, and then you recruit other people to join under you, and then those people should also recruit others. As your team grows, you are supposed to make money from their earnings, but sometimes it doesn’t go that way and people put money into those kinds of schemes, and then the big guys take all the money and close the whole thing.

So My advice to you is, always practice lots of caution when venturing into an online money opportunity venture, and be very careful of any kind of program that requires your bank details and wants you to directly transfer money to them from your Bank account. Always speak to your bank about such issues, and also if you get into a situation where someone claims that they sent you excess money by mistake and they want you to transfer it back through your bank, don’t do it. Always speak to your Bank first.

The Wealthy Guy Who Needs Your Help To Move A Big Chunk Of Money


OK, should we be talking about this one? I mean it’s so obvious, ask yourself if someone has so much money, why does he/she need you to send them some money first before they can trust you. Let’s start from the beginning, you get an email from someone you don’t know, claiming that they need your help to move a large amount of money and to do so, they need to know that they can trust you.

In order for you to earn their trust, you need to transfer a small amount of money from your bank account into their Bank account. don’t do it, once they get your bank details you are done.

How To Avoid These Online Scams

First of all I want to say that if you have fallen victim to any of the scams I have mentioned or just any kind of online scam, I am sorry and just know that it’s not because you are stupid. You probably just got manipulated, and because you were looking for an opportunity to made money online, they took advantage of you.

One red flag that you need to look out for is the enticing amount if you see a big claim of making big money within a short amount of time, and with no effort at all. The next red flag to look out for is the urgency, grab it now before it’s gone forever. This is done so you don’t have time to think or do some research.

Always do your research.


Because of the times, we are living in, People are falling victim to online scams, and that is because we are spending lots of time online, either looking for online jobs or looking for investment opportunities. I have said many times on this website and on my YouTube channel.

My aim is to help people Yes I do have products that I promote like Wealthy Affiliate, But I never want to take advantage of people by sending them to websites that will generate me affiliate commissions, but the person I send there will get no value whatsoever or worse yet they will be scammed, that’s not how I operate, and I will never do that, I would rather quit blogging than scam people online because I know how it feels to be scammed.

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