how To Overcome The Writer's Block,

How To Overcome The Writer’s Block(Lets Unblock It)


Today I want us to talk about how To Overcome The Writer’s Block, but before we get into how, first let’s get into what it is, what is writer’s block and how can it affect your online business? writer’s block is a condition that affects authors, bloggers and content creators at large. The condition manifests itself as loss of motivation, to brain freeze, where you can’t seem to come up with anything to write.

In its serious manifestation, an author can go for years without releasing any new materials or books, in blogging, many bloggers do experience writers block at some point in their career, although, sometimes it’s just mild and it goes away very quickly and things get back to normal, if you are experiencing a writers block, the best thing is to take a break from trying to write.

I Know You Were Taught To Just Write But, That Could Make Things Worse

 how To Overcome The Writer's Block,

I know that in many content creation courses you are taught to just sit in front of your computer and just write nonstop, and actually some courses suggest that you just type even when it doesn’t make sense, that you should just keep going, I took a course a while back that covered content creation and the teacher said that you should sit and type for two to three hours straight.

I tried doing that a couple of times and it was a waste of time and energy, to be honest. Because I did not come up with any useful materials and I was exhausted. Just recently I had a case of writer’s block where I could not come up with any new ideas, I felt really bad because my websites needed new content and I was not creating any.

And the more I tried to research and to write, the worse it got, so I shut my computer down and went away for a while, I took a mini-vacation, although at the back of my mind I was feeling guilty for not producing new content, I found that by relaxing my mind and rebooting my system, gave me new and fresh ideas.

Taking A Break Will Help You Overcome Writer’s Block

 how To Overcome The Writer's Block,

If you find that you have no fresh ideas and you can’t find anything to write, I think taking a break will help, the problem with writers block, the more you try to push yourself to come up with new ideas, the worse it gets and the more stressed you get, so for the sake of your peace of mind, take a break.

And during your break don’t do anything that is related to your writing, just focus on other things so you can give your mind time to reset. Once the break is over, try writing about a new subject different to the one you were working on before the block hit you. The reason for doing this is so you don’t trigger the block with the idea you were working on.

For example, when I got the block, I was working on a review of a product for my skincare website, as I was writing, my mind suddenly went blank and I lost all interest in the article, I tried to research some more and I could not bring myself to write it. So I took a small break and then I came back to the same article again and for the second time, I was not able to add anything useful.

And then I tried moving to another topic but still I could not come up with ideas for that topic either, and that’s when I started researching what was happening to me, I went on google and typed, how to get new ideas for writing, and as I scrolled down I saw an article about writer’s block, and I knew that was what I was suffering from.

How To Avoid Writer’s Block

 how To Overcome The Writer's Block,

One of the things that could trigger a writer’s block attack, is being too critical of your work, many bloggers and book authors have piles upon piles of unpublished work because they are just too critical of their work, you write a nice blog post but when it comes to putting it out there for your audience, suddenly you start scanning it and you find one wrong thing after another and instead of hitting publish, you hit save as draft.

You are your worst critic

I remember once I wrote a blog post for a forum that I am a member and a contributor of it’s a forum made up of bloggers and affiliate marketers, they are always putting out creat content and here I was, with my 1k word post that I thought was useless, I actually contemplated deleting it, because it was specifically for that forum and I couldn’t use it for any of my websites.

But for some reason, I decided to just close one eye and hit publish, to my amazement, the post was received very well and I got a lot of positive feedback even from top bloggers.

The more you do this, the more you will become agitated and you start feeling like you are not creative at all. And then that’s when your creative side shuts down because you have told yourself that you are not a good writer and you are not creative and your work is no good.

Of course now you will not be able to come up with new ideas, the best way to avoid this kind of situation, is to publish your work, it’s the only way to avoid writer’s block, save to draft is your worst enemy unless you are saving because you need to add more material, but if the article is finished, stop scanning it for too long just hit publish.

The beauty of having your own website, or blog, or even writing your own book, it’s that it’s your own work and therefore, no one is telling you how to do it or how you should phrase things, and we are all different and we talk differently. So don’t compare your work to someone else, it’s your work,, it’s unique and that is that.

Other Recommendations To Help Overcome Writer’s Block

 how To Overcome The Writer's Block,

Baking, I actually find baking or just cooking can be very therapeutic, OK I know many people say that you should either take your dog for a walk or go cycling or go to the gym, I think all those are great suggestions, but for me, when I run out of ideas to write about, and if after trying to research I still don’t come up with fresh ideas, then it’s time to make something.

I put on some music and I start, either baking or cooking, one time I was able to unblock the Writers block while I was cooking spaghetti bolognese, I cooked and after finishing I was able to write an article from nowhere, so I say find something that will take your mind off writing even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

Most successful writers suggest that the way to unblock your creativity, and defeating the writer’s block is by just starting to write but honestly that does not work for me at all.

Another thing that can trigger an attack of writer’s block, is blank page, I think the best way to confront this issue is to create writing templates, for example, if you plan to write 5 articles in a week, do your research beforehand for those articles and create templates with headlines for the articles and some introductory words.

This will help you a lot because when you sit in front of your computer, you will not be met by a blank screen, the only thing I will not recommend is adding images because I tried that and it served as a distraction and I kept going back to my image library and changing the images, so that didn’t help my writing at all.


Writer’s block is a real condition, it’s not just something that authors and bloggers have come up with to excuse laziness, all through history authors have suffered from this condition and they did not even have a name for it. And as you can see, by my article, there is no one fits all method to deal with writer’s block.

So just find what works for you and what inspires you to be creative again after a writer’s block and just run with it, there is no right way or wrong way to deal with this condition, if watching TV helps you, go for it, if it’s walking or running, then, by all means, go for a run.

If playing video games is your way of unblocking your creativity, hey, whatever works for you, either way, we have to get our content out there so the sooner you unblock, the better.

OK, I am done, now it’s your turn to share your secret, how do you unblock? Do you have the secret to fight writer’s block, share with us in the comment section, you could actually help someone out there.

Thank you for your time


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