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OK, so today I want to share a very important article with you. I am sure you’ve heard of Squad help, it has been mentioned a lot in recent months, and all the articles you will read or the videos you will watch about this website on YouTube, they will tell you that you can make up to $200 per hour, but squadhelp sign up is not what it’s portrayed to be.

I will share with you in a second but first let me just mention that I had signed up for squadhelp because whenever I have time, I like checking these sites out before I can talk about them. The reason being, I have in the past been misled by YouTube videos and articles on Google that claim you can make big money on websites and then you get there and find out it’s not as easy as it was portrayed in videos and articles. Now, the squadhelp sign up was very interesting, to say the least.

The website is quite easy to navigate and there is a live chat where you can talk to the representatives. But there are two options of sign ups, you can sign up as a graphic designer and logo creator, this sign up is free. The second kind of sign up is not free, and that is the naming sign up. it’s the one where you will provide brand names and taglines.

So Is Squadhelp Sign Up Free? Well, No It’s Not Free For All

When I signed up, I was signing up as a brand and tagline naming creative, because obviously I am not a graphic designer or a logo creator. So as soon as I created the account I was sent a link to confirm my email address, then I could proceed to set up my profile, I was told as a naming creative, I had to pay a one-time processing fee of $10. I went ahead and paid because I really wanted to check out the site.

Then I was able to set up my profile, I added an image, added a few words for my bio, and then I was allowed to take part in a few contests. So far I have submitted a total of 26 entries And I have not won, I guess I am not that creative lol. I got many no thank you ratings, and some of my entries are still under review.

Low Rating Can Get You Banned From Taking Part In Contests

You really don’t want to get the no thank you rating, because your rank will drop to the bottom. And if you persist to get the low rating, you might even be forbidden from taking part in contests. At the rate I am going, it does not look very promising for me, poor me lol. I don’t even think I will be able to make my $10 back, but it’s OK, at least I got all the information I needed for this article.

The thing with Squadhelp is that you need to be super creative because there are people who have been on the website for a long time and they have earned a good reputation. I watched a video where someone said that even if you are a newcomer, you can make money by grabbing the contests before they get too many entries.

I don’t think that will help much because when the old creatives submit their entries, even if they submit after you, their entries will be rated high because their rank is higher than yours.

So you as a newcomer, you really have to work hard to make a name for yourself on the site. You will work for free for a long time unless of course, you are a graphic designer in which case you can purchase domains create logos and then sell them.

You Can’t Use Business Name Generators To Generate Names Or Taglines For Squadhelp


And remember business name generators are not allowed so, as I said you really have to be super creative, I guess you can take a look at the generators for inspiration but you cannot use the names you find there. Most of the contests will want a short name maybe two words, so you really have to dig deep to come up with a strong, yet memorable, and brandable name.

Luckily squad help offers lots of training on how to come up with a brandable name which will increase your chances of winning contests. In my opinion, spending time on squad help in hopes that you will win a naming and tagline contest, is not a very sustainable way of making money online. But if you can purchase domains and maybe get someone to create a logo for you and then list your domains on the squad help marketplace, then maybe you do stand a chance of making money on the website.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Before taking part in a contest, you will be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) Because if indeed the company picks your name, you cannot disclose that you are the one who came up with the name. So you will make your $100, or $300 and that’s it, you have no claim to the name afterward.

If you submit a name, and you haven’t purchased the domain associated with the name, there are chances that someone else could purchase the domain and submit it, which means you will lose your entry. So this means that you could have a winning name but if someone buys the domain, then you will of course not win.

Submitting your domain in the Premium marketplace is not free, it will cost you $1 for each submission. As I mentioned earlier, the people who could really make money on squad help as beginners are the people who have some money to invest in domains and logos. And also people who are so creative and able to come up with brandable names without using name generators.

You can also make money by referring businesses to squad help or referring creatives to join. In which you will earn $30 for every customer that launches a contest, and $35 for every customer who purchases a domain from the squad help marketplace. You will also earn points for every account created by people you refer to Squadhelp.

If you think you have what it takes, then create a squardhelp account here

Lets Now Go Over Squadhelp Pros And Cons



Easy to start taking part in contests

website is easy to navigate

There is a live chat so you can always ask questions if you need to

Many contests to take part in

There are other opportunities to make money.



It’s not free to join as a naming creative, it will cost you $10 to sign up

it’s not easy to win a contest as a beginner

you can’t use the business name generator to come up with names

Submitting a domain in the marketplace is not free

Who Will Benefit The Most By Joining Squadhelp?

Businesses that are getting ready to launch will benefit by creating contests on Squadhelp. Also, businesses that are starting to create an online presence ( launching a website) graphic designers, and logo creators. People who are very creative and are able to come up with unique and brandable names.

How do they pay?

The payment options are PayPal and Payoneer

Even though you can make some money on squad help, I don’t think it’s a very stable way of making money online. In my opinion, starting your own online business is the best way to generate revenue online. You can venture into places like Squadhelp while you are also building your own online business.

For example, if I was able to make some money on Squadhelp, that would be just some extra cash, while I am running my own blog. If you would like to do that then I highly recommend you check out this program, it’s where I learned everything I know about affiliate marketing and online business, Click Here to learn more.


Squadhelp is a great place for creatives and businesses to connect, the business owner starts a contest, and the creatives take part, and the person who comes up with the winning name gets the reward, the contests can have a high price, sometimes as high as $500 some of the contests are package contests which mean the business needs a name, a tagline, and a logo, so if you can provide them with something they like, then you will be smiling all the way to the bank ( or to your PayPal/Payoneer account lol)

As I mentioned earlier, I still have some pending entries so if I do win, I will come back and update you, fingers crossed lol. If you would like to learn a stable way of making money online, then Click Here. Anyway, I will leave it there for now. I would really love to hear your views on Squadhelp, have you tried them before, if so how was your experience? please leave your comments below.

Thank you so much for your time.


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